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    2 wins within 5 weeks, 7 wins @ his 2nd home! #IMAustria
    7:48:45 - this means 4th faster time in IRONMAN history! only 3 minutes slower than his impressive record 4 years ago #IMAustria
    Pro Female: Eva Wutti still in an impressive lead with 8:29min @ K 27. #IMAustria
    2nd pro male - Michael Weiss - passed K 40... #IMAustria
    The Austrian Michael Weiss is on his last meters... he already finished 2nd in 2011... #IMAustria

    Michael Weiss for 08:06:59! #IMAustria

    3rd fastest man today: last years winner Ivan Rana, who finished in 08:08:25 #IMAustria

    Pro Female: Top 5 @ 27K run
    1.Wutti, Eva (AUT) 07:42:05
    2.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +08:29
    3.Piampiano, Sarah (USA) +16:00
    4.Gruber, Elisabeth (AUT) +22:10
    5. Dogana, Martina (ITA) +30:05
    David Plese from Slovenia finished 4th in 08:12:31. #IMAustria
    Pro Female @ 32,25K: During the last 5K Eva Wutti gained another 2:30min - she is 11min ahead of Lisa Hütthaler! #IMAustria
    About 1.840 athletes are now on the running course... #IMAustria
    Austrian Elisabeth Gruber shows a impressive performance. Now she is on 4th place 20minutes behind leader Eva Wutti @ K 32,25. #IMAustria
    Pro Female: Top 5 @ 32,25K Run
    1. Wutti, Eva (AUT) 08:04:03
    2.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +10:53
    3.Piampiano, Sarah (USA) +16:10
    4.Gruber, Elisabeth (AUT) +22:55
    5.Dogana, Martina +29:45
    Still 2K left for the leading woman - Eva Wutti!!! #IMAustria
    Eva Wutti will be the 3rd Austrian winning the #IMAustria

    Great win for Eva Wutti @ home in 8:45:37! #IMAustria

    8:45:37 means the 3rd fastest time @ #IMAustria - missing the course record only by 3min!
    With a 2:54:42 on the marathon Eva Wutti set a new marathon PR #IMAustria

    Lisa Hütthaler makes it a perfect Austrian day! 2nd place in 9:02:46 #IMAustria

    3rd place goes to the American Sarah Piampiano in 9:03:10. She run an impressive marathon with 3:00:13! #IMAustria
    TOP Pro Male #IMAustria
    1.Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) 07:48:45
    2.Weiss, Michael (AUT) 08:06:59
    3.Rana, Ivan (ESP) 08:08:25
    4.Plese, David (BRN) 08:17:54
    5.Cigana, Massimo (ITA) 8:25:20
    6.Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) 08:26:41
    7.Modic, Matic (SLO) 08:37:12
    8.Patrcevic, Dejan (CRO) 08:39:38
    9.Birngruber, Christian (AUT) 08:49:06
    10.Rattensberger, Christoph (AUT) 08:53:42
    Best Age Group - Christoph Rattensberger from Austria! He finished the race on 10th place in 8:53:42 #IMAustria
    TOP Pro Female #IMAustria
    1.Wutti, Eva (AUT) 08:45:37
    2.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) 09:02:46
    3.Piampiano, Sarah (USA) 09:03:10
    4.Gruber, Elisabeth (AUT) 09:10:10
    5.Dogana, Martina (ITA) 09:18:50
    6.Csomor, Erika (HUN) 09:24:38
    7.Polak, Kamila (AUT) 09:28:28
    8.Jackson, Christina (USA) 09:35:40
    9.Steurer, Bianca (AUT) 09:39:55
    10.Rudolf, Michaela (AUT) 09:45:43

    Marino Vanhoenacker showed a very impressive performance - winning the #IMAustria in 7:48:45!

    Austrian Eva Wutti won her first #IMAustria in 8:45:37

    "I enjoyed it so much" Winner Marino Vanhoenacker #IMAustria

    Female Pro Winner Eva Wutti - proud and happy! #IMAustria

    455 athletes already crossed the finish line! Congrats! #IMAustria
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