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    4 weeks ago Marino Vanhoenacker won the IRONMAN Brazil, with a bike split of 4:11:23! Seems he is still in great shape today! #IMAustria
    Pro Male: 35.5K Bike
    1. Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) 01:37:24
    2.Rana, Ivan (ESP) +04:09
    3.Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT)+04:12
    4.Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP)+05:17
    5.Birngruber, Christian (AUT) +05:18
    6.Weiss, Michael (AUT)+05:57
    7.Plese, David (BRN)+06:27
    8.Niederreiter, Daniel (AUT)+06:33
    9.Patrcevic, Dejan (CRO)+09:30
    10.Modic, Matic (SLO)+10:07
    Pro Female: 35.5K Bike
    1.Jackson, Christina (USA) 01:48:43
    2.Wutti, Eva (AUT) +02:28
    3.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +02:32
    4.Herlbauer, Michaela (AUT) +06:02
    5.Dogana, Martina (ITA) +06:55
    6.Woysch, Nicole (GER) +06:57
    7.Piampiano, Sarah (USA)+07:54
    8.Steurer, Bianca (AUT) +07:56
    9.Csomor, Erika (HUN)+10:15
    10.Polak, Kamila (AUT)+10:20
    Michael Weiss (AUT) is riding really fast! Now in 2nd place! #IMAustria

    Marino Vanhoenacker alone in the lead - climbing up @ Rosegg #IMAustria

    2.813 athletes registered for the #IMAustria. 2.500 started this morning, 2.408 athletes are out of the water, still 92 are swimming.
    What's going on! Michael Weiss is flying... still in 2nd place... only about 2min behind Marino Vanhoenacker #IMAustria

    Little gap opened between the 2 Austrian athletes Eva Wutti and Lisa Hütthaler... #IMAustria

    Michael Weiss finished already 3 #IMAustria. In 2011 he placed 2nd with 7:57:39.

    Austrian Michael Weiss chases Marino Vanhoenacker #IMAustria

    Pro Male: 64.5K Bike
    1.Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL)02:19:11
    2.Weiss, Michael (AUT)+05:36
    3.Rana, Ivan (ESP) +07:13
    4.Birngruber, Christian (AUT) +07:15
    5.Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT) +07:16
    Leader Marino Vanhoenacker on his climb up to the highest point of the bike course, the Rupertiberg #IMAustria

    Bike course profile #IMAustria

    Pro Female: Only 50 seconds between Christina Jackson and her chaser Eva Wutti & Lisa Hütthalter! #IMAustria

    Great speculators support on the bike course #IMAustria

    Pro Female: Bike 64.5K
    1.Jackson, Christina (USA) 02:37:56
    2.Wutti, Eva (AUT) +00:32
    3.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +00:34
    Eva Wutti and Lisa Hütthaler just passed by the American Christina Jackson! 2 Austrian in the lead on the way up to the Rupertiberg #IMAustria

    Last swimmer out of the water #IMAustria

    The last female Austrian winner was Eva Dollinger in 2010. Her finishing time: 9:18:50 #IMAustria
    Perfect weather conditions for the marathon: currently 25° @ Klagenfurt. #IMAustria
    Marino started with a fast pace. Just passed 7.5K #IMAustria

    Great atmosphere on the bike course - up to the Rupertiberg #IMAustria

    Pro Male: Top 5 Bike
    1. Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) 05:01:00
    2. Weiss, Michael (AUT) +14:56
    3. Rana, Ivan (ESP)+21:11
    4. Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT) +21:56
    5. Plese, David (BRN) +27:53
    In a few minutes we are expecting the fastest pro female athlete in the transition area... #IMAustria
    Leader Marino Vanhoenacker passed 12.7K... still running an amazing pace of 3:47min/km! #IMAustria
    The female leaders Eva Wutti and Lisa Hütthaler arrived shoulder by shoulder the transition area! #IMAustria
    After 1.5K on the running course Eva Wutti gained a lead of 20sec to Lisa Hütthaler. #IMAustria
    Pro Male: Top 5 @ 7.5K run
    1.Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) 5:31:22
    2.Weiss, Michael (AUT) +16:45
    3.Rana, Ivan (ESP) +20:13
    4.Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT) +27:35
    5.Plese, David (BRN) +28:10
    Pro Female: American Sarah Piampiano finished the bike course. She is 11:28min behind the leader. #IMAustria
    "It's a bigger gap that I expected. I will try to run really hard." Sarah Piampiano in the transition area... #IMAustria
    Marino Vanhoenacker already passed Klagenfurt's landmark "Lindwurm" for the first time... 15K done! #IMAustria
    Michael Weiss lost further 60 seconds ground to Marino. @ 12.7K he is 17:34min behind... #IMAustria
    Pro female: Top 8 Bike
    1. Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) 05:49:12
    2. Wutti, Eva (AUT) +00:01
    3. Piampiano, Sarah (USA) +11:28
    4. Gruber, Elisabeth (AUT) +16:36
    5.Jackson, Christina (USA) +17:04
    6.Dogana, Martina (ITA) +18:47
    7.Polak, Kamila (AUT) +18:58
    8.Csomor, Erika (HUN) +19:04

    speculator's support for David Plese / Slovenia #IMAustria

    Leader Marino Vanhoenacker on his solo run... #IMAustria

    Marino Vanhoenacker's first half marathon: 1:21! If he can hold this pace he would be able to get close to his marathon PR (2:39:24)! #IMAustria
    About 4K left for Marino... running home his 7th win @ #IMAustria

    The finish line is waiting for winner of the 17th edition of the #IMAustria

    Marino is working 7 hours & 35 minutes today and still 3 kilometers left... he can already hear the cheering at the finish line #IMAustria
    Pro Female: Top 3 @ 21K Run
    1.Wutti, Eva (AUT) 07:15:52
    2.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +06:10
    3.Piampiano, Sarah (USA) +15:58
    "The atmosphere brings me home. I will enjoy the last 2Ks - I don't care about the time" Marino Vanhoenacker @ K40 #IMAustria

    Celebrating Marino #IMAustria

    Michael Weiss attacked Ivan Rana and is in 2nd place again! #IMAustria
    Big celebration! Marino on his last meters!!! #IMAustria

    Marino Vanhoenacker is home! 7:48! What a race! CONGRATS! #IMAustria

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