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    Pro Men Start List

    1 Vanhoenacker Marino MALE BEL (Belgium)
    2 Rana Ivan MALE ESP (Spain)
    3 Plese David MALE BHR (Bahrain)
    4 Giglmayr Andreas MALE AUT (Austria)
    5 Bayliss Stephen MALE GBR (United Kingdom)
    6 Cigana Massimo MALE ITA (Italy)
    7 Herlbauer Daniel MALE AUT (Austria)
    8 Patrcevic Dejan MALE HRV (Croatia)
    9 Souza Frank MALE BRA (Brazil)
    10 Weiss Michael MALE AUT (Austria)
    11 Birngruber Christian MALE AUT (Austria)
    12 Swoboda Georg MALE AUT (Austria)
    13 Mlinar Markus MALE AUT (Austria)
    14 Thuerauer Roman MALE AUT (Austria)
    15 Atzlinger Armin MALE AUT (Austria)
    16 Steiner Werner MPRO AUT (Austria)
    17 Angerer Thomas MPRO AUT (Austria)
    18 Pingitzer Robert MPRO AUT (Austria)
    19 Acevedo Rodrigo MPRO COL (Colombia)
    20 Jalovecky Michal MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    21 Nemcik Marek MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    22 Fidalgo Miguel Angel MPRO ESP (Spain)
    23 Oriet Gilian MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    24 Depuiset Vincent MPRO FRA (France)
    25 Marini Marco MPRO ITA (Italy)
    26 De Oliveira Reinaldo MPRO BRA (Brazil)
    27 Cozza Luca MPRO ITA (Italy)
    28 Polan Lukas MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    29 Smith Matthew MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    30 Brown James MPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    31 Beynon Daniel MPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    32 Vila Aguilar Lluis MPRO ESP (Spain)
    33 Zasypkin Valentin MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    34 Radevic Mario MPRO DEU (Germany)
    35 Svoboda Josef MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    36 Jilek David MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    37 Modic Matic MPRO SVN (Slovenia)
    39 Niederreiter Daniel MPRO AUT (Austria)
    Pro Women Start List

    50 Wutti Eva WPRO AUT (Austria)
    51 Herlbauer Michaela WPRO AUT (Austria)
    52 Piampiano Sarah WPRO USA (United States)
    53 Csomor Erika WPRO HUN (Hungary)
    54 Huetthaler Lisa WPRO AUT (Austria)
    55 Dogana Martina WPRO ITA (Italy)
    56 Rudolf Michaela WPRO AUT (Austria)
    57 Polak Kamila WPRO AUT (Austria)
    58 Steurer Bianca WPRO AUT (Austria)
    59 Jackson Christina WPRO USA (United States)
    60 Burnett Cori WPRO USA (United States)
    61 Lewis Cindy WPRO CAN (Canada)
    62 Zelinka Gabriella WPRO HUN (Hungary)
    63 Abraham Corinne WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    64 Gruber Elisabeth WPRO AUT (Austria)
    65 Woysch Nicole WPRO DEU (Germany)

    Pro Athletes Press Conference #IMAustria

    Ready to go: Female Top Athletes Erika Csomor, Michaela Herlbauer, Eva Wutti, Martina Dogana #IMAustria

    Welcome to Ironman Austria

    Marino Vanhoenacker captured six wins at the IRONMAN Austria from 2006 to 2011 and clocked the best IRONMAN time ever (7:45:58) in his last attempt. After an absence absent of four years from Klagenfurt, the Belgian star returns after a dominating win at the IRONMAN Latin-America championship Brazil in late May.

    The Austrian line-up for the women’s race is strong. Eva Wutti will be gunning to reclaim the title for Austria as well as 2014’s runner-up Lisa Huetthaler.

    Featured men: Marino Vanhoenacker, Ivan Rana, David Plese, Michi Weiss and Massimo Cigana.
    Featured women: Corinne Abraham, Sarah Piampiano, Eva Wutti, Lisa Huetthaler and Erika Csomor.

    Follow the IRONMAN Austria race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMAustria.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 28: 6:45 a.m. CEST
    We are expecting perfect weather conditions! In the morning 15°, in the afternoon up to 27°, no rain, low wind. #IMAustria
    Pro's and age groupers are allowed to use wetsuits. Water temperature of the Wörthersee: 21° # IMAustria
    Still 10 minutes: 34 Pro male athletes are preparing for their start. #IMAustria

    Impressions from the start area #IMAustria

    For the first time we are facing 9 start waves here in Klagenfurt. Pro Male athletes start @ 6:40 followed by the pro female athletes @ 6:42 #IMAustria
    THE GUN IS OFF! The pro athletes are on their long way! #Good luck! #IMAustria
    The pro female athletes just went off... #IMAustria
    Age grouper start waves: 6:50 Fast Wave, 6:55 M40-44, 7:00 M18-79; 7:05 M45-49; 7:10 M35-39, M55-59; 7:15 F18-64, 7:20 M50-54 #IMAustria

    Swim course #IMAustria

    The first 400 age groupers are on their way... #IMAustria
    After 1.300m: Christina Jackson(USA) in the lead... #IMAustria
    Pro Male @ second turn (1.700m): Andreas Giglmayr in the lead, followed by Ivan Rana, Miguel Fidalgo and Frank Souza #IMAustria
    Wetsuits can help to face fast swim times today... #IMAustria
    Pro male: 1. half of the swim distance is done, Austrian Giglmayr still in the lead #IMAustria

    1. woman... American Cori Burnett #IMAustria

    Pro Male: leader group arrives at the beginning of the Lendkanal - still 900m to swim. Giglmayr in the lead #IMAustria
    Pro Female: Christina Jackson already 400m ahead of the chasing group #IMAustria

    Amazing atmosphere on the Lendkanal! #IMAustria

    Pro male: still 200m to swim... Giglmayr in front of the leading group... #IMAustria
    Pro Male: 1. Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT) 00:46:29
    2. Rana, Ivan (ESP) +00:07 00:46:36
    3. Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) +00:10 00:46:39
    4. Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) +00:11 00:46:40 #IMAustria
    Marino Vanhoenacker swam this year faster than 2011 when he set the course record! #IMAustria
    Pro Female:
    1. Jackson, Christina (USA)00:48:33

    Pro Male: Leader group leaving the transition area #IMAustria

    Marino Vanhoenacker on the bike... and he is already in the lead! #IMAustria
    Eva Wutti (AUT) - 2nd woman! and she is already on the bike course #IMAustria
    Pro Female SWIM results
    1. Jackson, Christina (USA) 00:48:33
    2. Wutti, Eva (AUT) +04:06 00:52:39
    3. Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +4:12 00:52:45
    4. Herlbauer, Michaela (AUT) +04:14 00:52:47
    5. Burnett, Cori (USA) +05:19 00:53:52

    Bike Course #IMAustria

    Marino Vanhoenacker knows every meter of the bike course... his bike split in 2011 (when he set the course and IRONMAN world record) was 4:15:37 #IMAustria

    Austrian Andreas Giglmayr chases Marino Vanhoenacker #IMAustria

    Pro women: Christina Jackson is in the lead. Close behind - the 2 Austrian Eva Wutti and Lisa Hütthaler #IMAustria
    Pro Male: Marino Vanhoenacker just passed 22.9K. #IMAustria
    Pro Male: last year's winner Ivan Rana now on 2nd position followed by Andreas Giglmayr... #IMAustria
    Pro Male:
    Marino Vanhoenacker @ 22.9K: +2:49 in front of Ivan Rana and Andreas Giglmayr #IMAustria
    Pro Men: Top 10 SWIM
    1. Giglmayr, Andreas (AUT) 00:46:29
    2. Rana, Ivan (ESP) +00:07 00:46:36
    3. Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) +00:10 00:46:39
    4. Vanhoenacker, Marino (BEL) +00:11 00:46:40
    5. Souza, Frank (BRA) +01:08 00:47:37
    6. Niederreiter, Daniel (AUT) +03:01 00:49:30
    7. Birngruber, Christian (AUT) +3:03 00:49:32
    8. Herlbauer, Daniel (AUT) +03:51 00:50:20
    9. Beynon, Daniel (GBR) +03:52 00:50:21
    10. Plese, David (BRN) +03:55 00:50:24
    Pro Women: Top 10 SWIM
    1.Jackson, Christina (USA) 00:48:33
    2.Wutti, Eva (AUT) +04:06 00:52:39
    3.Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +04:12 00:52:45
    4.Herlbauer, Michaela (AUT) +04:14 00:52:47
    5.Burnett, Cori (USA) +05:19 00:53:52
    6.Dogana, Martina (ITA) +05:20 00:53:53
    7.Woysch, Nicole (GER) +05:23 00:53:56
    8.Steurer, Bianca (AUT) +05:24 00:53:57
    9.White, Teresa (GBR) +08:02 00:56:35
    10.Paige, Becky (USA) +08:09 00:56:42
    Pro Female: @ 22.9K on the bike: Christina Jackson is 2:30min in fornt - followed by Eva Wutti and Lisa Hütthaler #IMAustria

    Leading Austrian Pro Woman: Eva Wutti in front of Lisa Hütthaler #IMAustria

    Pro Men: @36K on the bike: Marino Vanhoenacker already 4min in front of his chasers! #IMAustria
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