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  • At the half way mark of the run Bell's patience looks to be paying off as he is continuing to chip away at Ambrose's lead. The lead is now down to 5 mins. Toby Coote reports that both athletes are running at a stride rate of 87 strides per 60 seconds, with Bell looking the most comfortable.
  • Christie Sym in 2nd place is just 19 seconds back from Fleming with Bremer 2.29 back in third.

  • At the 25km mark Ambrose's lead is down to 3.26 over Bell. Two former champs chasng their second IRONMAN Australia title.
  • At the 15km mark Fleming still leads from Sym 1.13 behind with with Bremer hot on her heels just 13 seconds back.

  • Sym in 2nd

  • Bremer in 3rd.

  • At the 27km mark Bell is just 2.52 behind Ambrose. He's taking almost 30 seconds out of the lead every 1.5kms.
  • At the 31km mark Bell is just 2.52 behind Ambrose. He's taking almost 30 seconds out of the lead every 1.5kms.

  • Brian Fuller is in 3rd over 12 minutes behind.

  • Kiwi Michelle Bremer is closing in on first place, at half way she was just 17 seconds behind Fleming.
  • 2012 Champion Michele Gailey is in third, nine minutes behind.

  • The pass has been made, Michelle Bremer is now in the lead. Fleming 2nd, and Gailey 3rd.
  • At 35km Ambrose is holding on, his lead is 45 seconds.

  • Bremer overtaking Fleming to also take the lead in the women's race.

  • It doesn't get much closer than this - it's a 2 man race at the 38km mark with just one minute between Paul Ambrose in 1st & Luke Bell in 2nd.
  • Chasing our men's leaders are Brian Fuller (+12.43), Nick Baldwin (+18.29) and Luke Martin (+19.37)
  • Paul Ambrose has held on and is our 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Champion in a time of 8:35:52!
  • Luke Bell has put up an amazing fight to the end and has crossed the finish line in 2nd, 2:40 behind Ambrose in 8:38:33.

  • At the 31km mark in the women's race Michelle Bremer has extended her lead out and is 1 min 44 secs ahead of Jess Fleming
  • Our men's podium is now complete with Brian Fuller home in 3rd

  • Rounding out the Top 3 with 10k to go in the women's race is Michelle Gailey - 10 mins behind race leader Michelle Bremer.
  • Our 2015 champ Paul Ambrose captured through the lens of Delly Carr.

  • Through 35km Michelle Bremer is holding onto her lead and is 2:38 ahead of Jess Fleming with Michelle Gailey another 9 mins behind in 3rd.
  • Ben Bell is our first Age Group Athlete through in 9:09:26

  • With 2km to go Michelle Bremer has extended her lead to 3:05 ahead of Jess Fleming
  • Michelle Bremer has crossed the line and is our 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Female Champion! Home in 9:38:23.
  • 2nd place female Jess Fleming put up a solid fight all day finishing in a time of 9:42:17

  • 3rd place Michelle Gailey home in 9:50:50

  • The 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia women's podium
    1. Michelle Bremer (NZL)
    2. Jess Fleming (AUS)
    3. Michelle Gailey (AUS)

  • Paul Ambrose, 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Champion - Photo Credit Delly Carr

  • Michelle Bremer, 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australian Champion - Photo Credit Delly Carr

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