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IRONMAN Australia

  • Ambrose is in third 3.03 behind Jacobs and just over two minutes behind Bell.
  • Our spotter Toby Coote reports that a bit of cloud cover has rolled in and is making it quite humid.
  • Lisa Marangon has just gone through the half way point of the bike with a 54 second lead over Michelle Bremer. Out spotter reported that Marangon looked comfortable, and strong.

  • Bremer in second place.

  • Jacobs over shot the turnaround, it ended up costing him 30 seconds of his lead to Bell.

  • Jess Fleming has now moved into third she's 3.35 from the lead.
  • Christie Sym has served her drafting penalty and is now 6.40 behind the leaders.
  • At 110km Jacobs has extended his lead over Bell to 2.10, Ambrose is now only 20 seconds behind Bell who looks to be going through a bad patch. Robbo and Baldwin are just over 5 minutes behind the leaders.
  • 2012 champion Michelle Gailey is currently in 5th after period of illness and injury she's happy to just be back out there. She spoke to pre-race.

    Toyota IRONMAN Australia Inside Scoop With Michelle Gailey

    SoundCloudToyota IRONMAN Australia Inside Scoop With Michelle Gailey
  • Age grouper Sean Brunt (whose two sons are racing in the 18-24 age group for the first time) is not only showing his two boys what IRONMAN is all about, he's showing some of the pro men. He's charging on the bike and is in 8th place overall.

  • At 110km Marangon leads by 1.10 to Bremer with Fleming a further 4 min off the lead.

  • Bremer in 2nd

  • Fleming in 3rd.

  • At 128km Jacobs three minute lead has evaporated, he's now 37 seconds ahead of Ambrose and Bell.
  • Ambrose and Bell are now 43 seconds ahead of Jacobs at the 135km mark of the bike, Nick Baldwin is in 4th at 3.55 back and Robbo is in 5th 6 minutes back. The three time short course world champion has held the gap at 5 min for most of the bike. As is often the case at IRONMAN Australia it will be all about the run.
  • Lisa Marangon is crushing the back end of this bike leg, she's hoping to deliver a knockout blow ahead of the run.
  • Marangon's lead over Bremer at 130km is 2.33, with Fleming in third 4.23 from the lead.
  • At 145km on the bike Ambrose is leading Bell by 32 seconds, Baldwin in 3rd is 4.36 from the lead, Jacobs is now in 4th 4.56 back. Fuller is in 5th 7.55 from the lead, O'Grady is 6th 9.11 back and Robbo is back in 7th 9.49 back.
  • Check out today's swim highlights.
  • At 160km on the bike 2012 champion Ambrose is 2.50 ahead of Bell with Baldwin 5.55 back.
  • According to our spotter Toby Coote Ambrose looks the best of the top three men.
  • In 2012 Ambrose ran a 2:57 marathon to win IRONMAN Australia, in 2013 Bell ran a 2:53, those two look to be the form runners at the pointy end of the field. The 2015 title looks like it will come down to who has the freshest run legs.
  • At 146km on the bike Marangon has extended her lead to 3.24 over Jess Fleming who is in second place, Bremer is now in third a further 15 seconds behind.
  • Dave Ross the only man in the field do have done every IRONMAN Australia is 60km into the bike leg.

  • Ambrose is off the bike, and onto the run.
  • Marangon still leading at 170km, she's 3 minutes ahead of Fleming with Bremer 4.30 from the lead.

  • Top three are on the run, Ambrose with a 6.49 lead over Bell with Baldwin in third over 9 minutes off the lead.
  • Luke Bell in 2nd place looking comfortable.

  • Ambrose is still leading at the 5km mark and according to our spotter Toby Coote is moving well. His lead is 7.20 to Bell in 2nd and Baldwin a further minute back in third. According to Coote Bell looks the most comfortable.
    1 Paul AMBROSE  (#2) 5:28:57
    2 Luke BELL  (#3) 5:36:02 +07:04
    3 Nick BALDWIN  (#5) 5:37:19 +08:21
    4 Brian FULLER  (#13) 5:40:36 +11:38
    5 Pete JACOBS  (#1) 5:44:27 +15:29
    6 Graham O'GRADY  (#8) 5:45:59 +17:02
    7 Luke MARTIN  (#16) 5:46:56 +17:58
    8 Matt BURTON  (#7) 5:51:13 +22:15
    9 Dan MCGUIGAN  (#17) 5:53:19 +24:21
    10 Peter ROBERTSON  (#4) 5:56:15 +27:17
  • After a tough day Robbo has just withdrawn from the race.
  • Marangon hits T2 in the lead, with Fleming in 2nd 2.36 behind and Sym in 3rd at 4.12.

  • At the 9km mark Ambrose's lead was down from 7.22 over Bell to 6.50. The man on the move looks to be Fuller who has moved into 5th.
  • Jess Fleming has almost erased Marangon's lead, she's now 45 seconds behind just over 1km into the run.
  • Check out today's bike highlights.
    1 Lisa MARANGON AUS 6:07:47
    2 Jessica FLEMING AUS 6:10:24 2:36
    3 Christie SYM AUS 6:12:00 4:12
    4 Michelle BREMER NZL 6:13:17 5:30
    5 Jessica RICHARDS AUS 6:19:51 12:04
    6 Marie SORRELL AUS 6:23:02 15:15
  • We have a change in the women's lead Jess Fleming is our new leader. Our spotter reports that and I quote "Lisa looks in a world of hurt."
  • Fleming in the lead.

  • Lisa holding onto second.

  • At 14km Ambrose is 6.50 ahead of Bell, Fuller is in third 10 mins off the lead.
  • Christie Sym is now in second 35 seconds behind Fleming and Marangon in 3rd some 55 seconds back.
  • Lisa Marangon is sitting on the side of the road, and it looks like her day is done.
  • Ambrose's lead at 15km is now 6.38, he and Bell are currently both running 4.06 min/per/km
  • At 15km Brian Fuller is in third 11.32 back, and Nick Baldwin is in 4th 12.17 from the lead.
  • Fleming leads at the 8km mark by 20 seconds to Sym. We've just had official word Lisa Marangon is out of the race.
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