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IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne

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  • Caroline Steffen is through the 15kms mark - but watch out because Mel Hauschildt is coming. She is running at 4:10 pace and Steffen at 4:30.
  • At 15kms Hauschildt is not just 1:15 behind Steffen for the lead with Luxford at 2:00.
  • Nils Frommhold through the 25ks on the run - his last km at 4:28 so he is falling back slowly as the charge comes from Berkel, Symonds and Kahlefeldt.
  • Jeff Symonds has pushed past Tim Berkel into second and with Frommhold slowing the gap to the lead is now 5m.
  • Our spotter Toby Coote says that Nils Frommhold is in a bad way - his pace has dropped and shoulders dropped.
  • On the charge is Yvonne van Vlerken - remember she ran her way into second two years ago here.
    Nils FROMMHOLD (1) 6:51:38
    Timothy VAN BERKEL (2) +00:05:19
    Jeffrey SYMONDS (8) +00:05:22
    Brad KAHLEFELDT (12) +00:06:26
    Callum MILLWARD (16) +00:07:06
    Jan VAN BERKEL (21) +00:07:47
  • Melissa Hauschildt is moving fast now and will have Caroline Steffen in her sights now.
  • Men's leader Nils Frommhold is struggling as the chasers charge on behind led by Tim Berkel.
  • Melissa Hauschildt is the new leader in the women's race while Caroline Steffen makes an unscheduled stop at the bathroom.
  • Hauschildt is through the 20kms mark in the lead - remember she has only complete one IRONMAN before, winning in Port Macquarie last year but she did struggle over the last 10kms.
  • Caroline Steffen is through in second by 1:08.
  • Annabel Luxford is also through 20kms in third place at2:56 down.
  • Watch out because there is going to be a change in the men's race. Aussie Tm Berkel and Canadian Jeff Symonds are zooming in on Nils Frommhold - through 30kms just 21 seconds back.
  • Symonds has forced his way passed Berkel into second and both are going to pass Frommhold ...
  • At 31kms we have a new leader with Jeff Symonds and Tim Berkel passing Frommhold. Now it's a two-horse race.
  • Here's our interview with Mel Hauschildt pre-race
  • Jeff Symonds is pushing hard there's 10m back to Berkel.... the Aussie digs in.
  • Symonds pushes ahead and now it is 15 metres....
  • Caroline Steffen is walking through the aid station and running again.
  • Symonds has put the hammer down and the bungy cord is stretched to max at 50m
  • Caroline Steffen is struggling - and will soon come into the rips of Annabel Luxford.
  • Up front Melissa Hauschildt looks like she is out for a 10km track race ... out front and looking quite incredible.
  • It is plenty hot out on the run but the athletes are cooled a little with the head wind.
  • Steffen is now 2:45 back from Hauschildt.
  • Yvonne van Vlerken is now inside 2 min down on Annabel Luxford who in turn is closing on Caroline Steffen.
  • Caroline Steffen seems to be much stronger again now ...
  • Reports are that Brad Kahlefeldt has move to third going past the tiring Nils Frommhold.
  • Jeff Symonds is chasing down his first IRONMAN win. He comes from Penticton - and grew up watching IRONMAN. He has a second placing at IRONMAN Canada and was third at the IRONMAN 70.3 Worlds in 2011. This will be a huge breakthrough.
  • At 35kms Symonds lead is 1:15 over Tim Berkel with Kahlefeldt at 2:54 and Nils Frommhold at 4:04.
  • At 25km in the women Hauschildt leads by 3:41 from Steffen with Luxford at 5:40 in third but coming bast is Van Vlerken, Beth Gerdes and world champion Mirinda Carfrae ....
    Jeffrey SYMONDS (8) 7:36:46
    Timothy VAN BERKEL (2) +00:01:15
    Brad KAHLEFELDT (12) +00:02:54
    Nils FROMMHOLD (1) +00:04:04
    Christian KRAMER (13) +00:04:44
    Callum MILLWARD (16) +00:05:49
  • It is hot for sure - Jeff Symonds stops at the aid station to grab as many drinks as possible. he has less than 5km to run.
  • Melissa Hauschildt has started to cramp at the 28km mark. She is walking and cannot get running again yet.
  • There's still 14 kms to go so there's a lot of story left in the women's race.
  • MEN AT 35KMS
    Jeffrey SYMONDS (8) 7:36:46
    Timothy VAN BERKEL (2) +00:01:15
    Brad KAHLEFELDT (12) +00:02:54
    Nils FROMMHOLD (1) +00:04:04
    Christian KRAMER (13) +00:04:44
    Callum MILLWARD (16) +00:05:49
    Jan VAN BERKEL (21) +00:08:51
    Marko ALBERT (4) +00:13:54
  • Caroline Steffen is 3:30 down on the leader who is still walking - Zena is digging deep to get back into stride.
  • Melissa Hauschildt is jogging only right now and still cramping/ it does not look good. Annabel Luxford is at 5:40 down but our spotter Amanda Balding says she looks the strongest of the three.
  • Hauschildt is running again and trying to run out the cramp. Drama in Melbourne.
  • Jeff Symonds is through 40kms - now he can dare to dream. His first IRONMAN victory beckons.
  • He looks behind him - Jeff there's no-one in sight.
  • he runs along the board walk through the throngs of people on the beach.
  • Meanwhile Hauschildt has stopped for medical intervention for some cream on her feet to help the cramp. She has lost a minute at least but running more freely.
  • meanwhile the focus is on this remarkable finish line at St Kilda in Melbourne - and Jeff Symonds looks to the finish line. He has nearly three minutes lead on Tim Berkel.
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