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IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne

  • At 1.5km mark on the run and Frommhold has pushed out to a 2 minute lead over Bell.
  • The women through 150kms with Stteffen and Luxford together, Hauschildt now at 2:20, van Vlerken at 4:45, Lundstrom and Hufe at 10.00, and Emma Pooley at 14:30.
  • Frommhold is at 4:15 pace, some 30 secs per km faster than Bell in the opening two kms.
    Nils FROMMHOLD GER 5:06:58
    Luke BELL AUS +00:01:33
    Timothy VAN BERKEL AUS +00:10:50
    Jan VAN BERKEL AUS +00:11:38
    Christian KRAMER GER +00:11:46
    Callum MILLWARD NZL +00:11:52
    Brad KAHLEFELDT AUS +00:11:53
    Marko ALBERT EST +00:11:55
    Todd SKIPWORTH AUS +00:11:56
    Casey MUNRO AUS +00:12:00
  • Tim Berkel is 10:26 back through 1.6km - expect him to push hard.
  • Fastest male runner is Jan van Berkel and Marko Albert but they will have to ramp things up considerably to make any inroads into our leader.
  • Nils Frommhold ran 2:52 in Hawaii for his sixth place and so on his current pace then a course record is well on the cards.
  • At 5kms Frommhold is now 3min ahead of Bell.
  • Meanwhile Caroline Steffen and Annabel Luxford are heading back to transition in Frankston.
  • The leading two women are heading into Frankston - Caroline Steffen has snuck away through the traffic for a small lead as she and Annabel Luxford approach transition.
  • Through 5km on the run and Frommhold leads by 3:03 to Bell, Tim Berkel at 10:29, Albert at 10:51, Jan van Berkel at 11.27, Kahlefeldt at 11.37.
  • Callum Millward is at 12:07, Symonds12:12 all chasing Frommholdt.
  • Caroline Steffen unclips the shoes as she approaches transition.
  • Annabel Luxford is into transition also.
  • Luxford is 16 seconds down on Steffen into T2.
  • Luke Bell is looking laboured at present - now 4 minutes down at the 7.5km mark - right now Frommhold is the fastest runner on the course.
  • Steffen heads out on to the run - she has to run sub 2:54 to break her own course record.
  • Mel Hauschildt is into transition 4:13 behind Steffen in third place.
  • Our run leaders Nils Frommhold and Luke Bell.

  • Yvonne van Vlerken is off the bike in fourth at 5:51.
  • Nils Frommhold is through the 10kms mark averaging 3:50 pace.
  • Luke Bell has now dropped to nearly 5 mins behind after 10kms and will fall into the clutches of the chase pack coming behind.
  • Asa Lundstrom and Mareen Hufe in to transition off the bike in fifth and sixth together at 10.06 from the leader.
  • Annabel Luxford has bridged back to Caroline Steffen and running side-by-side at 1.6kms. Mel Hauschildt is now 3:37 back.
  • Runners are pushing into a head wind on the run and our spotter Toby Coote says it will provide challenging.
  • By the way we have just lost power here at St Kilda so our live cover has stopped but we will keep going ... while it is fixed.
    Caroline STEFFEN (31) 5:40:59
    Annabel LUXFORD (39) +00:00:16
    Mel HAUSCHILDT (34) +00:04:13
    Yvonne VAN VLERKEN (33) +00:05:51
    Asa LUNDSTROM (35) +00:10:06
    Mareen HUFE (38) +00:10:11
    Bree WEE (36) +00:14:17
    Emma POOLEY (47) +00:16:25
    Beth GERDES (37) +00:17:12
    Mirinda CARFRAE (32) +00:17:15
  • Asa Lundstrom has pushed into fifth placed at 1.6km on the run.
  • Through 5km on the run and Caroline Steffen has a 20 second lead over Annabel Luxford, with Mel Hauschildt pushing to 3 mins behind.
  • At 7.5km our spotter Toby Coote says that Tim BErkel looks the best of the chasers in the men's race with Brad Kahlefeldt is looking strong.
  • In the women spotter Amanda Balding believe Caroline Steffen is looking very strong and now has a 150m lead over Luxford.
  • At 10km on the run Frommhold leads with Bell at 5m, Tim Berkel at 10m, Albert at 10:31, Kahlefeldt at 11:14, Van Berkel at 11.15, Millward at 11.31 and Symonds at 11:41.
  • Hauschildt is the big move in the women's race moving faster than anyone over the last 2kms while Emma Pooley and Mirinda Carfrae are also on pace in the run.
  • At 15kms Tim Berkel is less than a minute behind L:uke Bell in second with Nils Frommhold now with an 8:42 lead - even at this early stage the race is his to lose.
  • The other big mover is Jeff Symonds from Canada who Jason Shortis says is possible the strongest runner over the back-end of this race.
  • At 17kms Tim Berkel is into second place with Luke Bell now walking. Brad Kahlefeldt is almost into third with Symonds at fourth.
  • Our spotter Amanda Balding says the heat is becoming a real factor and they are all looking for nutrition at every aid station.
  • Caroline Steffen is looking strong in the lead through 7.5km with Annabel Luxford running well at 35s down, Mel Hauschildt third at 2.40 with van Vlerken 6.10.
  • Leader Nils Frommhold is through the 20km mark in 6:29 - so he needs to run 1hr28s for the remaining 22kms to set a new course record.
  • Through 10kms on the run Steffen lead is now 1:18 from Luxford with Hauschildt at 2:42 in third and van Vlerken at 6:08 in fourth.
  • Jeff Symonds had gone past Kahlefeldt in to third and looking at the back of Tim Berkel.
  • Tom Berkel on the run.

  • Through 20kms Nils Frommhold has a lead of 7:05 on Tim Berkel, with Jeff Symonds at 7:38 and Brad Kahlefeldt at 7:58, Callum Millward at 8:35 with Jan van Berkel.
  • Mel Haushildt has moved into second place over Annabel Luxford and looking strong at the 14km mark.
    Caroline STEFFEN (31) 6:24:43
    Annabel LUXFORD (39) +00:01:18
    Mel HAUSCHILDT (34) +00:02:42
    Yvonne VAN VLERKEN (33) +00:06:08
    Asa LUNDSTROM (35) +00:10:46
    Mareen HUFE (38) +00:15:06
    Mirinda CARFRAE (32) +00:15:12
    Beth GERDES (37) +00:15:32
    Emma POOLEY (47) +00:16:18
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