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IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne

  • Out of the water it is Marko Albert in 45:18 from Todd Skipworth, Nils Frommold, Brad Kahlefeldt and Luke Bell in the lead group.
  • They are followed by Christian Kramer at 1:28 followed by Jan Raphael, Tim Berkel, Peter Robertson, Callum Millward.
  • Annabel Luxford is now out of the water in the lead of the women's race.
  • It looks like Laura Bennett is in trouble -0 walking out of the water. She has a leg injury so may be her day is done already?
  • Luxford takes 1:11 lead out of the water from Caroline Steffen and Bree Wee, with a further 20 seconds to Bennett.
  • The fast runners are out of the swim - Mirinda Carfrae and Mel Hauschildt with Kym Coogan at 3:17 down on Luxford.
    Marko ALBERT EST 0:45:18
    Todd SKIPWORTH AUS +00:00:01
    Nils FROMMHOLD GER +00:00:08
    Brad KAHLEFELDT AUS +00:00:09
    Luke BELL AUS +00:00:12
    Christian KRAMER GER +00:01:28
    Jan RAPHAEL GER +00:01:30
    Jan VAN BERKEL AUS +00:01:34
    Peter ROBERTSON AUS +00:01:36
    Callum MILLWARD NZL +00:01:38
    Casey MUNRO AUS +00:01:39
    Timothy VAN BERKEL AUS +00:02:47
    Lachlan KERIN AUS +00:04:18
    Jeffrey SYMONDS CAN +00:04:21
    Per BITTNER AUT +00:04:22
    Annabel LUXFORD AUS 0:51:20
    Caroline STEFFEN AUS +00:01:22
    Bree WEE USA +00:01:22
    Laura BENNETT USA +00:01:41
    Kym COOGAN AUS +00:03:17
    Mirinda CARFRAE USA +00:03:23
    Mel HAUSCHILDT AUS +00:03:23
    Ashley CLIFFORD USA +00:03:27
  • Todd Skipworth on the bike.

    Annabel LUXFORD AUS 0:51:20
    Caroline STEFFEN AUS +00:01:22
    Bree WEE USA +00:01:22
    Laura BENNETT USA +00:01:41
    Kym COOGAN AUS +00:03:17
    Mirinda CARFRAE USA +00:03:23
    Mel HAUSCHILDT AUS +00:03:23
    Ashley CLIFFORD USA +00:03:27
    Yvonne VAN VLERKEN AUT +00:08:30
    Asa LUNDSTROM SWE +00:08:59
    Beth GERDES USA +00:09:01
    Mareen HUFE GER +00:09:02
    Natasha VAN DER MERWE USA +00:09:05
    Jessica MITCHELL AUS +00:09:06
    Stephanie JONES USA +00:09:09
  • At the 12km mark on the bike there is a group of four in the lead with Albert, Kahlefeldt, Skipworth, Luke Bell and Nils Frommold. At 50 seconds is Christian Kramer. At 1.30 is Jan Raphael, Jan van Berkel, Casey Munro and Peter Robertson and Tim Berkely flying at 1.50.
  • It looks like Laura Bennett is out of the race. That injury has flared up and she has withdrawn.
  • Nils Frommhold has pushed into the lead and opened a 15 second lead in the front. And Tim Berkel has caught the third pack now.
  • Confirming that Marko Albert has broken the swim record 45:18 was four seconds inside the mark set by Benjamin Sanson last year.
  • Luke Bell has bridged up to Frommhold in the lead.
  • 15km mark in the women - Annabel Luxford lead by 1m30s from Caroline Steffen, with Bree We at 2:50, Mel Hauschildt at 3:20 and Mirinda Carfrae at 4:45 but our spotter Amanda Balding says she looks the smoothest of all.
  • Further back in eighth and 8m down is Yvonne van Vlerken - she and Carfrae are the only riders on the same pace as Luxford.
  • Annabel Luxford.

  • At 30km in the men Frommhold and Bell lead on the bike with Todd Skipworth at 10 secs, Marko Albert at 30sec with Kahldfeldt, Kramer at 1:20, and at 2:30 the group of Raphael, Jan van Berkel, Munro, Robertson and Tim Berkel. Our spotter says Bell looks best but it is gold out there on the bike.
  • Luke Bell.

  • At 30km on the bike Annabel Luxford's lead is now just 1 minute from Caroline Steffen, with Hauschildt third at 3m and Bree Wee at 3:50.
  • Caroline Steffen the only one of the leading pro women to wear a thermal today in this cool morning.
  • Mirinda Carfrae is now 5:35 down on the lead and looking strong.
  • Next in the women at 30km is Kym Coogan at 7.10 while the big mover is still Yvonne van Vlerken at 7.30 down.
  • Nils Frommhold turns at 45km with Luke Bell at 1:56:50.
  • Third around is Marko Albert at 1:08, Kahlefeldt at 1:13, Skipworth at 1:15.
  • Sixth is Christian Kramer at 1:43 with Jan van Berkel at 3:12. Tim Berkel at 3:13 and Jan Raphael at 3:16, Callum Millward at 3:20, Peter Robertson at 3:23, Casey Munrro at 3:24.
    Nils FROMMHOLD GER 1:56:50
    Luke BELL AUS +00:00:02
    Marko ALBERT EST +00:01:08
    Brad KAHLEFELDT AUS +00:01:13
    Todd SKIPWORTH AUS +00:01:15
    Christian KRAMER GER +00:01:43
    Jan VAN BERKEL AUS +00:03:12
    Timothy VAN BERKEL AUS +00:03:13
    Jan RAPHAEL GER +00:03:16
    Callum MILLWARD NZL +00:03:20
    Peter ROBERTSON AUS +00:03:23
    Casey MUNRO AUS +00:03:24
    Lachlan KERIN AUS +00:05:37
    Jeffrey SYMONDS CAN +00:05:38
    Per BITTNER AUT +00:05:43
  • The women are nearing the bike turn for the first time at 45km - will Steffen have eaten more out of the lead of our IRONMAN debutante Annabel Luxford?
  • The answer is quick to come - Luxford turns with Steffen just 17 seconds behind - the catch is imminent.
  • Melissa Hauschildt is around in third at 2:26 and closing ....
  • Bree Wee is through in 4th at 45kms at 4:38 down on the lead.
  • Three time world champion Mirinda Carfrae is 6:21 down and not making any gains at the 45km mark but Yvonne van Vlerken is next at 6:45 and moving forward.
    Annabel LUXFORD AUS 2:09:12
    Caroline STEFFEN AUS +00:00:17
    Mel HAUSCHILDT AUS +00:02:26
    Bree WEE USA +00:04:38
    Mirinda CARFRAE USA +00:06:21
    Yvonne VAN VLERKEN AUT +00:06:45
    Ashley CLIFFORD USA +00:08:01
    Kym COOGAN AUS +00:09:13
    Asa LUNDSTROM SWE +00:10:53
    Mareen HUFE GER +00:10:58
    Beth GERDES USA +00:11:15
  • The men are through 60kms on the bike with Nils Frommhold and Luke Bell together, Their lead is now 2 mins from Marko Albert, Todd Skipworth and Brad Kahlefeldt. The group at 3.50 is Tim Berkel, Jan Raphael, Casey Munro, and Peter Robertson.
  • Jeff Symonds and Per Bittner are at 5:30 and Lachlan Kerin at 5:45.
  • There's a change in the lead - Caroline Steffen now leads from Annabel Luxford.
  • Our men's leaders are the fastest on the bike at over 39kph average - the only other rider close to them is German Christian Kramer.
  • In the women the fastest right now is Yvonne van Vlerken at 36.70kph with Caroline Steffen and Mel Hauschildt also over the 36kph average and Luxford at 35.94kph.
  • Caroline Steffen is through the 60km mark on the bike with a 5 sec lead over Annabel Luxford.
  • Our age groupers are flying - the best of the men out of the swim were Damien Bulters (3034) in 47.35, Sam Hume (4044) in 48.31 and Paul O'Brien (3539) in 48.51.
  • The fastest female swimmer today - pro or otherwise - provisionally is Singapore's Claire Davis (2529) in 51.12. Other age group women of note were Australian Hannah Hogen (3539) in 54.19 and GBR's Alex Rudge (3034) in 54.31.
  • News from our spotter Amanda Balding - Mirinda Carfre is dropping back a little. Amanda has spoken to her coach Siri Lindley - who says Mirinda has been a little off colour this week and not feeling that well. But she expects Mirinda to push hard on the run but did not expect a big bike.
  • At 60kms the women on the bike: Steffen and Luxford lead and at 3min is Hauschildt, Bree Wee at 6.05, a strong Van Vlerken at 6.35, Carfrae at 7.45 and Clifford at 9.05.
  • In the men at 75km Frommhold and Bell in the lead and at 3mins is Albert, Kahlefeldt, Skipworth and Kramer. At 4.30 is Tim Berkel, Jan van Berkel, Raphael, Millward, Robertson and Munro.
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