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  • Pro List:
    1 Rapp Jordan MPRO USA
    2 Zyemtsev Viktor MPRO UKR
    3 O'Donnell Tim MPRO USA
    4 Twelsiek Maik MPRO DEU
    5 Buckingham Kyle MPRO ZAF
    6 Matthews Paul MPRO AUS
    7 McMahon Brent MPRO CAN
    8 Kahn David MPRO USA
    10 Umphenour Joe MPRO USA
    11 Gomes Pedro MPRO PRT
    12 Gerlach Thomas MPRO USA
    13 Bastie Christophe MPRO FRA
    14 Alonso McKernan Clemente MPRO ESP
    15 Arriola Randy MPRO USA
    16 Becker Blake MPRO USA
    17 Bless Patrick MPRO DEU
    18 Boudreaux Chris MPRO USA
    19 Caiazzo Mike MPRO USA
    20 DeFilippis Scott MPRO USA
    21 Depuiset Vincent MPRO FRA
    22 Duelsen Marc MPRO DEU
    23 Elliot Lewis MPRO USA
    24 Fachbach Markus MPRO DEU
    25 Garcia Derek MPRO USA
    26 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA
    27 LaMastra James MPRO USA
    28 Milam Jared MPRO USA
    29 Minnema Jimi MPRO USA
    30 Moran CW MPRO USA
    31 Nemcik Marek MPRO SVK
    32 Palmer Devon MPRO USA
    34 Racz Botond MPRO HUN
    35 Rau Ryan MPRO USA
    36 Reichel Horst MPRO DEU
    37 Reid Eric MPRO USA
    38 Rohan-Gates Dominic MPRO GBR
    39 Ruenz Michael MPRO DEU
    40 Russell Matt MPRO USA
    42 Schuster Patrick MPRO USA
    43 Shearon Jonathan MPRO USA
    44 Simon Oliver MPRO GBR
    45 Toth Anthony MPRO CAN
    46 Van der Meer Edo MPRO NLD
    48 Vondracek Jesse MPRO USA
    49 Vuckovic Stephan MPRO DEU
    50 Wade Robbie MPRO IRL
    51 Ward Munoz Nicholas MPRO GBR
    52 Wheeler Patrick MPRO USA
    53 Whitfield Richard MPRO GBR
    54 Wygand Richard MPRO BRA
    55 Young Dantley MPRO USA
    56 Zawaski Steven MPRO USA

    65 Kessler Meredith WPRO USA
    66 Bromme Uli WPRO USA
    67 Huetthaler Lisa WPRO AUT
    69 Jackson Heather WPRO USA
    70 Blakemore Katy WPRO USA
    71 Bruck Kate WPRO USA
    72 Calkins Kathleen WPRO USA
    74 Graves Sarah WPRO USA
    76 Homo Malaika WPRO USA
    77 Jackson Christina WPRO USA
    78 Jarvis Sarah WPRO USA
    79 Kehoe Danielle WPRO USA
    81 Kuehnlein Angela WPRO DEU
    82 Lehrieder Carolin WPRO DEU
    84 Lester Carrie WPRO AUS
    85 Madison Mackenzie WPRO USA
    87 Plane Jenni WPRO USA
    88 Prystayko Olesya WPRO UKR
    89 Rusch Maggie WPRO USA
    90 Siddall Laura WPRO GBR
    91 Smith Jessica WPRO USA
    92 Gordon Jacqui WPRO USA
    93 Stevens Amanda WPRO USA
  • This Sunday in Arizona, Team CHOCOLATE MILK will celebrate a successful race season through two of its most hard-working athletes.

    Meet Nick Roumanada and Mohamaed Lahna, two Team CHOCOLATE MILK and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) representatives who will be taking part in the last race of the 2014 North American race circuit.

    Read the inspiring story:

    Two Challenged Athletes Aim High in Arizona

    IRONMAN.comThis Sunday in Arizona, Team CHOCOLATE MILK will celebrate a successful race season through two of its most hard-working athletes.
  • A #FAST looking pro panel here at #IMAZ! Brent Mcmahon is up there and will be bringing short courseā€¦

  • #IMArizona- The ladies of Tri la Vie, here with their coach, are ready to kick it. All eleven of them.

  • IRONMAN world champion Mirinda Carfrae was on hand this morning to cheer on the kids in the UnitedHealthcare IRONKIDS Fun Run. Photo: Nils Nilsen.

  • Sprinting to the line at the UnitedHealthcare IRONKIDS Fun Run. Photo: Nils Nilsen

  • Another cute UnitedHealthcare IRONKID ... they start 'em young!

  • UnitedHealthcare made a $3,000 donation to the Viginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities.

  • Becca Lakes takes part in her first race at the UnitedHealthcare IRONKIDS Arizona Fun Run. Photo: Nils Nilsen.

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona- ready to rock!

  • Good morning from Tempe, Arizona! We're now about a half hour from the start of Ironman Arizona presented by Waste Management. It's a cool morning, but not as cool as they had originally called for - it's a very pleasant 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 C) right now, with an expected high of 72 F (22 C) with lots of sun. Right now the water is dead flat - there's next-to-no wind at this point. The transition area is packed 2,719 people picked up their registration packets for today's race.
  • The water temperature this morning is 66 degrees. Sunrise is at 7 AM this morning. The winds are only expected to get up to 6 mph (10 kph) - which will make for near perfect race conditions.
  • #IMArizona- Taylor Lajoie

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona- The ladies of Tri la Vie

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • The pros are just entering the water now and swimming up to the swim start just to the east of Mill Bridge.
  • There's some jockeying for a good start spot - the preferred spot seems to be around the middle of the huge start line area. (In 15 minutes there will be a huge age group start. The pro women will head off 5 minutes after the pro men.)
  • #IMArizona- Pro Amanda Stevens

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • The pro men head to the swim start.

  • #IMArizona- Pure freakin' guts

  • #IMArizona- Likewise

  • The pro men have started Ironman Arizona presented by Waste Management.
  • #IMArizona- "Thank God we're not racing!"

  • We're going to wait by the swim start to watch the pro women's start and then we'll catch up with the men's pro race. Dr. Amanda Stevens likely to be your women's swim leader today, although Meredith Kessler will likely be with her at the front.
  • #IMArizona- Amateurs awaitin'

  • #IMArizona-

  • #IMArizona-

  • The men's swim start.

  • #IMArizona The pro women are off at Ironman Arizona presented by Waste Management.
  • #IMArizona- Spectators on the bridge

  • Amanda Stevens has already started to pull clear - she's over on the left side of the swim course. Meredith Kessler seems to be over on the right hand side of the course. Both have a line of swimmers trying to hang on their feet.
  • #IMArizona- heading for the swim

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