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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

  • There is a battle for 3rd position between Aernouts and Llanos - it is close in the run right now
  • Women's race at the 14km mark

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 07:14:56
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 07:19:44 +04:47
    3. Diana RIESLER (#75) 07:20:24 +05:27
    4. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 07:25:23 +10:26
    5. Eva WUTTI (#81) 07:28:31 +13:35
  • Athletes are running into the wind on the second half of the loop in temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Billard is in pain, holding his left quadricep muscle
  • Jodie Swallow has just crossed the 18km mark
  • Pedersen is 7min behind Swallow with Riesler close behind
  • Riesler has taken 2nd place
  • Rana is catching up to Van Lierde, who has just crossed the 32km mark, being only 9 minutes behind.
  • Horner started walking and is looking as though he's struggling
  • Van Lierde has 5km to go of the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship
  • It looks like Van Lierde is close to the end. He's closing in on the finish line with less than 30mins to go
  • Van Lierde has had a strong race the whole way through. He's coming up to Pine Lodge with 4km to go.
  • Billard has slowed down to a walk, knocking him out of the top ten.
  • Kyle Buckingham has fallen out of the top ten, dropping to the eleventh spot.
  • Approximately 3km to go for the 2013 Ironman World Champion. Spectators ready themselves for the arrival of Van Lierde.
  • Swallow has hit the 23km mark, increasing her lead to 6 minutes and 3 seconds. It seems South Africa's hot conditions don't bother the athlete, having set the course record earlier this year at the IRONMAN 70.3 in East London.
  • As he approaches the last stretch, Van Lierde is keeping his pace consistent. He has approximately 2km left to run.
  • Diana Riesler has passed Pedersen 23km into the marathon.
  • Van Lierde is passing the Radisson Hotel on Marine Drive
  • Riesler is picking up her pace as she enters the second half of the run, while Swallow remains 7 minutes ahead.
  • Pedersen is less than a minute behind second position, having also crossed the 23km mark.
  • Van Lierde is passing aid station 6, approximately 1.5km away from the finish line. It is certain that he can taste victory.
  • He waves to the crowds and celebrates his considerable lead in this, the inaugural Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship
  • Van Lierde is less than 1km away from the finish line
  • Van Lierde is meters away from the finish line
  • Ivan Rana is approximately 4km from the finish as Van Lierde approaches the finish
  • He waves to the crowd as he is only minutes away from the finish
  • Van Lierde is about to cross the finish line.
  • Van Lierde is on the red carpet
  • Van Lierde is mere minutes away from his first continental IRONMAN win
  • Van Lierde breaks the tape
  • Van Lierde's time is 08:16
  • He waves to the crowd and celebrates his win at the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship
  • Frederik van Lierde is the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship 2015 winner, securing a spot at the World Championship later this year
  • Riesler is 7.45 behind Swallow
  • The women's race remains consistent, with Swallow starting her final lap approximately 7 minutes ahead of Riesler
  • Pedersen remains approximately 2 minutes behind Riesler.
  • Rana is approaching the finish line to claim 2nd place in the men's race
  • Rana will be pleased with his performance today as he approaches that red carpet
  • Rana is approaching the finish line to claim 2nd place
  • Rana crosses the line
  • His time is 8:29:12
  • Bart Aernouts is currently in 3rd place, less than 2km from the finish line
  • Aernouts approaches the red carpet
  • Aernouts is about to claim the third spot on the podium
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