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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

  • Buckingham needs to close a fourteen minute gap in order to steal the lead from Van Lierde.
  • Van Lierde averaged 39.6km/h on the bike course.
  • Bas Diederen is the fourth man to enter the run, while Van Lierde has already crossed the 4km mark.
  • Swallow, followed by Pedersen, Riesler and Wutti, followed by Reed at the back end of the pack
  • Diederen and Buckingham are neck and neck in the run. They will want to push to catch Van Lierde
  • Van Lierde has developed at least a 4km lead in front of Diederen and Buckingham.
  • In the women's race, Jodie is about 5km from T2 with Pedersen dropping behind her.
  • Leading amateur age grouper, Sam Gyde from Belgium, is currently sitting in 29th place.
  • Pedersen is now speeding up in an attempt to catch up to Swallow.
  • Moldan, Cunnama and Mcnamee appear to be struggling in the heat as they begin to slow down in the run.
  • Swallow is about 5km out of transition, heading towards the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Van Lierde is 12km into the run and is looking strong
  • Swallow is heading into transition now
  • Pedersen has followed Swallow into transition.
  • Swallow has entered the run maintaining her lead in the female race.
  • Pedersen has hit the run course, followed by Diana Riesler
  • Eva Wutti has just entered transition about 6-8mins behind Riesler
  • Van Lierde is dominating the run, extending the gap between his nearest competitor to approximately 17 minutes.
  • German male pro, Michael Ruenz, is slowing down to a walk due to painful cramping.
  • Pedersen is still pushing to catch up on Swallow's 00:02:01 minute lead.
  • Fourth and fifth female athletes are now out of transition.
  • Rana is in 2nd position, 14:03 behind Van Lierde
  • Buckingham is in 3rd, 32 seconds behind Rana
  • Wind is light on the run course and athletes are contending with high temperatures as the race continues into the afternoon.
  • Gossage is running at the fastest speed in her field, followed by Reisler. Can she close an almost 10 minute gap between leader, Swallow?
  • Van Lierde has passed the 18km mark
  • Rana is running at 3:42 pace and at the moment is the fastest among the leading 5, it is unsure as to whether he can make up enough time to catch Van Lierde
  • TOP 10 WOMEN AT T2

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 06:15:59
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 06:18:01
    3. Diana RIESLER (#75) 06:19:17
    4. Eva WUTTI (#81) 06:24:57
    5. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 06:25:15
    6. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 06:29:23
    7. Astrid GANZOW (#63) 06:32:25
    8. Sonja TAJSICH (#79) 06:35:44
    9. Britta MARTIN (#72) 06:35:45
    10. Amber FERREIRA (#61) 06:35:59
  • Jodie, Pedersen, Riesler all passed the 4km run mark
  • Swallow running at 4:24 pace, with Pedersen running at 4:35 pace, and Riesler running at 4:34 pace
  • 3min gap between Swallow and Pedersen, and Wutti 3min behind Pedersen
  • Jodie has picked up her speed on the run and looks like she's holding form.
  • Aernouts has just hit the 18km mark
  • Eneko Llanos has just hit the 18km mark, overtaking Buckingham for 4th spot.
  • Swallow is 9km in, still holding strong as the leading lady.
  • Pedersen is creeping up on Swallow, also having passed the 9km mark.
  • Swallow turned onto Marine Drive at 13:27pm followed by Pedersen 1min behind, and Riesler is 2min behind 2nd
  • Van Lierde is the first man to pass the 23km mark, proving his 2013 title of IRONMAN World Champ to be well deserved.
  • Swallow is 4:15 ahead of Pedersen
  • Van Lierde has just hit the 28km mark
  • Van Lierde has just turned onto Marine drive

    1. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 06:57:09
    2. Ivan RANA (#40) 07:11:00
    3. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 07:13:23
    4. Bart AERNOUTS (#3) 07:14:03
    5. Matt TRAUTMAN (#7) 07:16:02
  • There is still a 14min lead in the men's race between 1st and 2nd place.
  • Tine Deckers has pulled out of the race
  • Swallow, Pedersen and Riesler are all past the 14km mark, all within 5 minutes of each other.
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