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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

  • Riesler remains in third with Pedersen in fourth and Cheetham still in fifth.
  • Jodie Swallow is pushing hard to maintain her lead with only 6km to go.
  • Pedersen is now approximately 10 minutes behind Swallow.
  • Gossage remains in second with Riesler seconds behind.

    1. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 08:16:34
    2. Ivan RANA (#40) 08:30:44
    3. Bart AERNOUTS (#3) 08:35:58
    4. Matt TRAUTMAN (#7) 08:37:20
    5. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 08:37:49
    6. Bas DIEDEREN (#6) 08:38:13
    7. David MCNAMEE (#36) 08:43:34
    8. Cyril VIENNOT (#1) 08:45:54
    9. Victor Manuel DEL CORRAL MORALES (#21) 08:47:09
    10. James CUNNAMA (#18) 08:47:44
  • Jodie Swallow has a 1.4km lead
  • Gossage is closing in on Swallow, decreasing the gap to approximately 6 and a half minutes.
  • Gossage is determined to improve her second place finish she managed to secure at IRONMAN South Africa last year.
  • Gossage has crossed the 37km mark as she hunts down Swallow at an increasing pace.
  • Susie Cheetham has stolen third place, followed by Riesler and Pedersen who remains in fifth.
  • Swallow has passed the 40km mark and is minutes from certain victory
  • This will be Swallow's first full IRONMAN win on African soil
  • The crowd is eagerly awaiting the first female
  • Cheetham has fallen back to third position as Gossage fights to maintain her second place
  • Jodie is closing in on the finish line
  • Gossage is 5 and a half minutes behind Swallow, it looks at though she will have to settle for second place.
  • Gossage and Swallow are both picking up in speed
  • Gossage has the finish in sight, but it looks like Swallow has this in the bag
  • Cheetham remains in third position
  • Pedersen and Riesler remain behind
  • Jodie is approaching the red carpet
  • The crowd is cheering as the 2015 winner, Jodie Swallow, nears the tape
  • Jodie Swallow is the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship 2015 female winner!
  • She dominated the swim, she held the top position throughout the bike ride and, now in tears, she has completed the 42km run in first place.
  • "Iron Couple" Jodie Swallow and James Cunnama embrace under the finishing arch after her breathtaking win
  • Lucy approaches the finish line and the red carpet
  • Lucy Gossage has crossed the finish line in second place
  • Gossage finishes with a time of is 09:08:52
  • Susie Cheetham approaches the finish line to claim 3rd position
  • Susie Cheetham takes the final podium position at the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship 2015.
  • All 3 female podium positions have been taken by British athletes.
  • Riesler has taken 4th position
  • Pedersen took 5th position with a time of 9:12:10
  • Pedersen's 5th place comes after a near-fatal accident in 2013 where she was told she could never walk again - proving ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
  • The last few ladies in the top 10 are Ganzow, Snow and Tajsich and we are waiting for them to cross the finish line
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