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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

    Van Lierde is 12km into the run and is looking strong
    Swallow is heading into transition now
    Pedersen has followed Swallow into transition.
    Swallow has entered the run maintaining her lead in the female race.
    Pedersen has hit the run course, followed by Diana Riesler
    Eva Wutti has just entered transition about 6-8mins behind Riesler
    Van Lierde is dominating the run, extending the gap between his nearest competitor to approximately 17 minutes.
    German male pro, Michael Ruenz, is slowing down to a walk due to painful cramping.
    Pedersen is still pushing to catch up on Swallow's 00:02:01 minute lead.
    Fourth and fifth female athletes are now out of transition.
    Rana is in 2nd position, 14:03 behind Van Lierde
    Buckingham is in 3rd, 32 seconds behind Rana
    Wind is light on the run course and athletes are contending with high temperatures as the race continues into the afternoon.
    Gossage is running at the fastest speed in her field, followed by Reisler. Can she close an almost 10 minute gap between leader, Swallow?
    Van Lierde has passed the 18km mark
    Rana is running at 3:42 pace and at the moment is the fastest among the leading 5, it is unsure as to whether he can make up enough time to catch Van Lierde
    TOP 10 WOMEN AT T2

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 06:15:59
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 06:18:01
    3. Diana RIESLER (#75) 06:19:17
    4. Eva WUTTI (#81) 06:24:57
    5. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 06:25:15
    6. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 06:29:23
    7. Astrid GANZOW (#63) 06:32:25
    8. Sonja TAJSICH (#79) 06:35:44
    9. Britta MARTIN (#72) 06:35:45
    10. Amber FERREIRA (#61) 06:35:59
    Jodie, Pedersen, Riesler all passed the 4km run mark
    Swallow running at 4:24 pace, with Pedersen running at 4:35 pace, and Riesler running at 4:34 pace
    3min gap between Swallow and Pedersen, and Wutti 3min behind Pedersen
    Jodie has picked up her speed on the run and looks like she's holding form.
    Aernouts has just hit the 18km mark
    Eneko Llanos has just hit the 18km mark, overtaking Buckingham for 4th spot.
    Swallow is 9km in, still holding strong as the leading lady.
    Pedersen is creeping up on Swallow, also having passed the 9km mark.
    Swallow turned onto Marine Drive at 13:27pm followed by Pedersen 1min behind, and Riesler is 2min behind 2nd
    Van Lierde is the first man to pass the 23km mark, proving his 2013 title of IRONMAN World Champ to be well deserved.
    Swallow is 4:15 ahead of Pedersen
    Van Lierde has just hit the 28km mark
    Van Lierde has just turned onto Marine drive
    Rana crosses the line
    His time is 8:29:12
    Bart Aernouts is currently in 3rd place, less than 2km from the finish line
    Aernouts approaches the red carpet
    Aernouts is about to claim the third spot on the podium
    He celebrates as he waves to the crowd before crossing the line
    Aernouts completes the race in 08 hours 36 mins
    Llanos crosses the finish line and waves to the crowd
    Jodie Swallow is less than 10km from possibly Ironman victory.

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 08:17:16
    2. Diana RIESLER (#75) 08:25:10
    3. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 08:26:45
    4. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 08:27:46
    5. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 08:30:38
    Matt Trautman has taken fourth place on home soil, closely followed by Eneko Llanos and Bas Diederen.
    Swallow has less than 8km left of the marathon.
    Lucy Gossage has stolen third position as Pedersen falls to fifth.
    Lucy Gossage has just passed Riesler and is now in second place, although she is still a considerable distance behind Swallow.
    Gossage is racing to catch up with Swallow, who is closing in on the final stretch.
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