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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

  • Leading group is led by Van Lierde, followed by Sudrie, Buckingham takes 3rd and Billard takes 4th
  • Portuguese amateur athlete, race number 540, Paulo Artunes, is in the group of female athletes, Deckers, Ferreira, Adam and Haresign

    1. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 01:52:46
    2. Sylvain SUDRIE (#45) 01:52:48
    3. Kyle BUCKINGHAM (#5) 01:52:52
    4. Bertrand BILLARD (#11) 01:52:54
    5. Ivan RANA (#40) 01:55:43
    6. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 01:55:46
    7. Alberto CASADEI (#14) 01:55:48
    8. Mike AIGROZ (#9) 01:55:50
    9. David MCNAMEE (#36) 01:55:52
    10. Konstantin BACHOR (#10) 01:55:54
  • The wind is picking up
  • Headwind picking up, 22 degrees Celsius outside, leading positions are Buckingham, Van Lierde, Sudrie and Billard
  • Buckingham breaks into the lead - a strong position for the South African
  • Swallow has passed the 42km mark.
  • South African Gerard de Bruin is a mere 10 minutes and 54 seconds behind the leading pack, still headed by Van Lierde.
  • Leading four men going strong, steadily increasing their gap.
  • Camila Pedersen has crossed the 42km mark in a time of 02:07:28 - just under 4 minutes behind Swallow.
  • Top group of males is travelling at 42 km/h, speeding ahead of the pack
  • Maria Lemeseva seems to have taken the 3rd position - more info to follow.
  • Ackermann has dramatically lost speed, coming to a complete stop. More info to follow. Could this signal a change in the leading pack?
  • Diana Riesler is in fact the third female, coming up steadily behind Pedersen. Eva Wutti is in fourth.
  • Swallow is travelling at an average speed of 25km/h but flew down a hill at between 60 and 70km/h
  • Ganzow is in 4th position in the ladies' race - the German looks strong today.
  • Mike Aigroz has stolen the lead from Van Lierde - the competition is tight!
  • New Zealand born Britta Martin is moving fast uphill, claiming 8th position.
  • Ackermann had trouble with his timing device. He should be back on the road shortly.
  • Norwegian Allan Hovda is chasing to get into the lead.
  • Van Lierde has now dropped to 6th position.
  • Belgian Deckers has taken 4th, US Ferreira takes 5th position
  • Swallow is looking comfortable in her leading position.
  • Ackermann is back on the road. He will have to make up time to regain his position
  • Belgian athlete Adam, is hotly pursued by French athlete Basso with a 1 second time difference
  • Grueling bike course is taking its toll on Israeli athlete, Nina Peckerman, who is looking tired.
  • Livesey followed by Jones Meyes with a 3 second time difference

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 02:03:41
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 02:07:28
    3. Eva WUTTI (#81) 02:11:42
    4. Diana RIESLER (#75) 02:13:04
    5. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 02:14:10
    6. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 02:15:15
    7. Astrid GANZOW (#63) 02:15:53
    8. Britta MARTIN (#72) 02:16:30
    9. Lucie REED (#74) 02:17:39
    10. Konstantin BACHOR (#10) 01:55:54
  • Kyle Buckingham has taken the lead, followed by Van Lierde, Sundrie and Billard.
  • Camilla Pedersen looking fantastic on the ride, smiling all the way.
  • Pedersen is travelling at 40km/hour
  • Athletes are contending with a steadily increasing wind speed.
  • Jodie Swallow earlier this morning entering transition

  • Buckingham and Van Lierde are looking strong, firmly holding onto their lead.
  • The leaders are a mere 20km from completing the first lap.
  • France's Billard is taking in a lot of water. Important to keep hydrated as the weather conditions heat up this Sunday morning.
  • Eneko Llanas, David Mcnamee and Ivan Rana are closely following the leaders, trying to close a 2 minute gap.
  • Between Swallow and Pedersen there is a 4min gap. Pedersen will be wanting to push to close the lead. They are at the 60km mark
  • Average speed of the athletes is approximately 30km/h
  • 3rd position is Eva Wutti - 10 minutes behind leader Swallow
  • Riesler is 4th, Cheetham is 5th. The ladies are looking strong and will want to chase Swallow down
  • Ackermann is taking it slowly, on the course on his own.
  • First position is held by Van Lierde, followed by Buckingham and Billard in 3rd. There is a small gap and Sudrie takes 4th position.
  • Swallow continues to dominate the women's race, having passed the 72km mark traveling at 42km/h.
  • Portuguese amateur Carlo Artunes passed 60km mark at 9:30
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