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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

    Leading men have just completed the first bike lap with Van Lierde in the lead accompanied by Billard in 2nd, Sudrie in 3rd and Buckingham dropping to 4th.
    Swallow has 80km under her belt, only 10km away from completing her first bike lap.
    Athletes are enjoying perfect conditions after wind died down.
    South African contender, James Cunnama, is 13 minutes behind the leading pack.

    1. Bertrand BILLARD (#11) 03:07:01
    2. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 03:07:03
    3. Sylvain SUDRIE (#45) 03:07:04
    4. Kyle BUCKINGHAM (#5) 03:07:10
    5. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 03:12:17
    6. Bas DIEDEREN (#6) 03:12:18
    7. Cyril VIENNOT (#1) 03:12:21
    8. David MCNAMEE (#36) 03:12:24
    9. James CUNNAMA (#18) 03:12:26
    10. Ivan RANA (#40) 03:12:27
    The split between 1st and 2nd pro female is 3:51
    Swallow averaged 35km/h over the first 45km
    Pedersen is 2min 40 sec behind Swallow who still comfortably leads the female race. She looks uncontested at this stage.
    Eva Wutti is just over 8 minutes behind Pedersen.
    Swallow then averaged 34km/h over the next 45km. She is holding consistent speed and is looking strong.
    Riesler is in 4th position, 2:30 behind Wutti
    Wutti has just completed her first bike lap, firmly holding onto her 3rd place position.
    Riesler is now closing in on Wutti, reducing the gap to only 20 seconds.
    Pro females Lucy Gossage, Astrid Ganzow and Susie Cheetham are following in a pack approximately 2 minutes behind the top 4 females.

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 03:28:25
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 03:31:33
    3. Eva WUTTI (#81) 03:36:29
    4. Diana RIESLER (#75) 03:38:33
    5. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 03:40:44
    6. Astrid GANZOW (#63) 03:40:48
    7. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 03:40:51
    8. Tine DECKERS (#60) 03:46:18
    9. Britta MARTIN (#72) 03:46:22
    10. Amber FERREIRA (#61) 03:46:23
    Top 10 men:
    1st position (Van Lierde) - averaging 38.86km/h
    10th position (Bachor) - averaging 37.53km/h
    this is leading to a very tight race

    in the ladies race, Swallow is in 28th overall, averaging 33.99km/h
    Pedersen, 31st overall, averaging 34.25km/h
    Pedersen is set to catch Jodie with a slightly faster average speed
    Pedersen is out of the saddle, averaging at 20km/h as she pushes up the hills.
    Very hot on the course at the moment, athletes taking in a lot of water.
    Top 3 men have pushed past the 132km mark with Van Lierde increasing his lead between both Sudrie and Buckingham who trail 5 minutes behind.
    Pedersen is now only 00:01:27 behind Swallow.
    Windy conditions making a tougher ride for the athletes on the bike course.
    Pedersen 30 seconds behind Swallow ready for an overtake!
    Kyle Buckingham is pedaling at 100rpm
    Camilla Pedersen is making a push for the lead behind Swallow.

    1. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 04:07:04
    2. Sylvain SUDRIE (#45) 04:11:53
    3. Kyle BUCKINGHAM (#5) 04:12:01
    4. Ivan RANA (#40) 04:14:55
    5. Bart AERNOUTS (#3) 04:15:25
    6. Bertrand BILLARD (#11) 04:15:27
    7. Bas DIEDEREN (#6) 04:15:28
    8. Cyril VIENNOT (#1) 04:15:39
    9. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 04:15:42
    10. Matt TRAUTMAN (#7) 04:15:46
    Wutti holds 3rd place and Riesler is 4th
    Friedrik Van Lierde still sitting comfortably in first place at he races the last stretch of the bike course at 42km/h.
    Buckingham and Sudrie are both pushing for 2nd place
    Swallow and Pedersen are neck and neck as they cross the 132km mark.
    Riesler takes 3rd position at 25km/h
    Swallow has slowed down to 20km/h with Pedersen still hot on her heels.
    Live feed will be back up shortly as we solve technical glitch
    Third and fourth female athletes, Riesler and Wutti, are approximately 30km from the run-bike transition.
    Kyle Buckingham exits the transition as the second man on the run, pushing for a win this year in his home town.
    Buckingham needs to close a fourteen minute gap in order to steal the lead from Van Lierde.
    Van Lierde averaged 39.6km/h on the bike course.
    Bas Diederen is the fourth man to enter the run, while Van Lierde has already crossed the 4km mark.
    Swallow, followed by Pedersen, Riesler and Wutti, followed by Reed at the back end of the pack
    Diederen and Buckingham are neck and neck in the run. They will want to push to catch Van Lierde
    Van Lierde has developed at least a 4km lead in front of Diederen and Buckingham.
    In the women's race, Jodie is about 5km from T2 with Pedersen dropping behind her.
    Leading amateur age grouper, Sam Gyde from Belgium, is currently sitting in 29th place.
    Pedersen is now speeding up in an attempt to catch up to Swallow.
    Moldan, Cunnama and Mcnamee appear to be struggling in the heat as they begin to slow down in the run.
    Swallow is about 5km out of transition, heading towards the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
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