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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

  • Leading men are approaching the beach.
  • Leading men are minutes from the shore.
  • Leading men are heading out the water.
  • Sylvain Sudrie was the first man out of the water.
  • 1. Sudrie SYLVAIN (#45) 00:49:04
  • Bikes - Sylvain Sudrie position 1
    Mike Aigroz 9 sec behind
    Greg Close in 3rd position
  • Jodie Swallow first female out the water in a time of 53:16
  • Trevor Delsaut passed Allan Hovda on the bike
  • Swallow on the bike. She has a huge lead on Camilla Pedersen and Lucie Reed has just come out of the water

    1. Sylvain SUDRIE (#45) 00:51:05
    2. Mike AIGROZ (#9) 00:51:09
    3. Johann ACKERMANN (#8) 00:51:15
    4. Alberto CASADEI (#14) 00:51:16
    5. Kyle BUCKINGHAM (#5) 00:51:19
    6. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 00:51:23
    7. Konstantin BACHOR (#10) 00:51:25
    8. Kent HORNER (#28) 00:51:28
    9. Bas DIEDEREN (#6) 00:51:30
    10. Ivan RANA (#40) 00:51:36
  • Swallow has a 2min lead, Lucie Reed has just headed out of transition
  • Swallow has just caught the men on the bike
  • Germany's Michael Ruenz and UK's Jodie Swallow are leading the course on the bike
  • Sudrie is looking strong on the bike as he powers ahead of the pack

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 00:55:22
    2. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 00:58:09
    3. Lucie REED (#74) 01:00:42
    4. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 01:00:51
    5. Diana RIESLER (#75) 01:01:01
  • 6th woman on the bike is Eva Wutti
  • First age groupers are out of the water.
  • In a group Anna Basso, Caitilin Snow, Eleanor Haresign and Nina Pekerman
  • South Africa's Riana Robertson catching up on the bike taking 9th position.
  • In a group together are Caroline Livesey, Corina Hengartner and Sonja Tajisch
  • Sudrie, Aigroz and Ackermann up front on the bike
  • Swallow catching with the top men in 15th position overall
  • Camila Pedersen is 4 minutes behind Swallow.
  • travelling at 21km/h are Van Lierde, Sudrie and Aigroz
  • Approximately 15 pro male athletes are up in the front in a group together
  • Pedersen is gaining on Swallow, closing in on her 2 minute lead.
  • Van Lierde is leading the male pack on the bike with Sudrie in hot pursuit, followed by Kyle Buckingham and Bart Aernouts
  • Conditions are optimal - 21 degrees Celsius with a light breeze.
  • Leaders are cruising at approximately 27km/h
  • Ivan Rana has made a break for it on the bike, taking leading position
  • German athlete Johann Ackermann struggling on the hilly course.
  • Van Lierde has reclaimed the leading position.
  • Swallow is still the leading female.
  • Swallow is closing a 10min gap behind the leading male athletes
  • Behind Swallow are Frenchman Delsaut, UK's Twigg and German Ruenz
  • Pedersen holding onto her second place position behind Swallow.
  • Swallow has overtaken Ackermann.
  • Male Athletes are approaching the 40km mark
  • Austrian athlete Eva Wutti is the third female pro followed by Germany's Diana Risler less than a minute behind.
  • Susie Cheetham in 5th position.
  • Swallow is at the 32 km mark, travelling at 40km/h, dropping to 20km/h as she climbs the hill
  • Cunnama is 3:36 behind the leading male pack
  • Top 4 men have passed the 42km mark with Van Lierde in the lead, followed by Sudrie, Buckingham and Bertrand Billard.
  • Team Garwood has just exited transition, inspirational effort by the father-son team as they hit the road to take on the bike course
  • Ivan Rana is the 5th male to pass the 42km mark.
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