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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

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  • What a privilege. Enjoy #IMSA

  • Save the date! The IRONMAN African Championship in #SouthAfrica will be one to watch. The stacked pro field features past world champions. We will have live, hosted coverage like we had for Melbourne last weekend. See you on Sunday! #IMAfricanChamps #ironmantri #triathlon #swimbikerun

  • Champions Grace African Soil

    IRONMAN.comThe first IRONMAN African Championship features a stellar men's field.
  • African Champs: Swallow and Corbin Headline Women's Field

    IRONMAN.comThe Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship features an incredibly competitive women's field.
  • Chris Hitchcock captured the dramatic beauty of the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship course in pictures last year - click on the photo tab to see the photo gallery.

  • "I like hard races, I need big challenges" -- 2013 World Champion @fvanlierde on @IMSouthAfrica #IMAfricanChamps

  • "I flourish in a competitive field" -- 2010 IRONMAN 70.3 World Champ @jodieswallow on @IMSouthAfrica #IMAfricanChamps

  • Spur IronKids
    Photo: Craig Muller
    #spur #ironkids #algoafm #IMAfricanChamps

  • As the athletes begin their bike check in at Hobie Beach.
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  • Tough break: We have news that one of the women's pre race favorites, Linsey Corbin will be not starting tomorrow due to illness.
  • Race Day is here! Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship. We're expecting an exciting day of racing with the deepest PRO field ever assembled in Africa. Early forecasts show sunny skies with a high of around 24 degrees celsius but as always, the deciding factor is the wind.
  • An easterly is expected which could make things tough out there today. It's relatively calm right now but the wind speed should pick up during the day.
  • our PRO field is the strongest ever assembled here with so many IRONMAN champions in the field.
  • Pro men's field

    1 Cyril Viennot FRANCE
    2 Frederik Van Lierde BELGIUM
    3 Bart Aernouts BELGIUM
    4 Michael Weiss AUSTRIA
    5 Kyle Buckingham SOUTH AFRICA
    6 Bas Diederen NETHERLANDS
    7 Matt Trautman SOUTH AFRICA
    8 Johann Ackermann GERMANY
    9 Mike Aigroz SWITZERLAND
    10 Konstantin Bachor GERMANY
    11 Billard Bertrand FRANCE
    12 Gerhard Bruin SOUTH AFRICA
    13 Fraser Cartmell UNITED KINGDOM
    14 Alberto Casadei ITALY
    17 Greg Close UNITED STATES
    18 James Cunnama SOUTH AFRICA
    19 Karl-Johan Danielsson SWEDEN
    20 Michael Davidson SOUTH AFRICA
    21 Victor Del Corral Morales SPAIN
    22 Trevor Delsaut FRANCE
    23 Marc Dülsen GERMANY
    24 Karol Dzalaj SLOVAKIA
    25 Herve Faure FRANCE
    26 Frederik Flagstad GREENLAND
    27 Cool Hannes BELGIUM
    28 Kent Horner SOUTH AFRICA
    29 Allan Hovda NORWAY
    30 Martin Jensen DENMARK
    31 Kirill Kotsegarov ESTONIA
    32 Roman Krutina CZECH REPUBLIC
    33 Eneko Llanos SPAIN
    34 Carlos Lopez Diaz SPAIN
    35 Jim Lubinski UNITED STATES
    36 David Mcnamee UNITED KINGDOM
    37 Johannes Moldan GERMANY
    39 David Plese SLOVENIA
    40 Ivan Rana SPAIN
    41 Michael Ruenz GERMANY
    42 Till Schramm GERMANY
    43 Boris Stein GERMANY
    44 Swen Sundberg GERMANY
    45 Sudrie Sylvain FRANCE
    46 Tj Tollakson UNITED STATES
    47 Craig Twigg UNITED KINGDOM
    48 Müller Urs SWITZERLAND
    49 Hendrik-Jan Verhaegen BELGIUM
    50 Andrej Vistica CROATIA
  • Pro women's field

    51 Jodie Swallow UNITED KINGDOM
    54 Lucy Gossage UNITED KINGDOM
    55 Stefanie Adam BELGIUM
    56 Anne Basso FRANCE
    59 Susie Cheetham UNITED KINGDOM
    60 Tine Deckers BELGIUM
    61 Amber Ferreira UNITED STATES
    62 Amy Forshaw UNITED KINGDOM
    63 Astrid Ganzow GERMANY
    64 Alyssa Godesky UNITED STATES
    65 Eleanor Haresign UNITED KINGDOM
    66 Corina Hengartner SWITZERLAND
    67 Jessica Jones Meyers UNITED STATES
    69 Heather Leiggi UNITED STATES
    70 Maria Lemeseva RUSSIAN FEDERATION
    71 Caroline Livesey UNITED KINGDOM
    72 Britta Martin NEW ZEALAND
    38 Camilla Pedersen DENMARK
    73 Nina Pekerman ISRAEL
    74 Lucie Reed CZECH REPUBLIC
    75 Diana Riesler GERMANY
    76 Riana Robertson SOUTH AFRICA
    78 Caitlin Snow UNITED STATES
    79 Sonja Tajsich GERMANY
    81 Eva Wutti AUSTRIA
  • The big news out of the Pro Women's field is the withdrawal of Linsey Corbin after she did not recover from a viral infection. She announced yesterday that she would not start.
  • Spectators have gathered on the Nelson Mandela Bay beachfront in droves to watch the start of the swim. With only one hour to go, securing a prime spot to watch proceedings is the priority of many a spectator.
  • Sea temperature is at 19 degrees Celsius, swim will be wetsuit optional.
  • 15 minutes until the start of the race.
  • The South African national anthem is now being sung to commemorate the beginning of the inaugural Standard Bank Ironman African Championship.
  • The PRO men have entered the water
  • The PRO men are heading to the first buoy at 300m
  • The pro women have entered the swim.
  • Expected temperature today is approximately 19 degrees celcius
  • Kyle is 4th and Frederik Van Lierde is 5th in the swim
  • We're streaming LIVE with commentary from Paula Newby-Fraser, Gerald De Kock and Alec Riddle.
  • And everybody is in the water - the competition is on!
  • Jodie Swallow is in the lead 150m ahead of the rest.
  • Swallow swam the first kilometre in approximately 12 minutes
  • Swallow has caught up to the back end of the pro men.
  • Leading men are approaching the shore.
  • Van Lierde has overtaken Buckingham's third place in the swim.
  • All female athletes are now in the water.
  • A bit of a swell developing now.
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