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IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman

  • Kessler and Lawrence into T2 together.
  • At mile 3 Appleton has a 1:55 lead over Alexander. O'Donnell is another 15 secs back.
  • Tisseyre into T2 with Brandon 20 secs back.
  • The second place woman, Holly Lawrence has pulled out of the race at mile 2. According to our bike escort she has an injury.
  • At mile 7 in the men's race Appleton continues to hold the lead. Alexander is at 1:54, Collington at 2:24, O'Donnell at 3:04. There is another athlete behind O'Donnell but we can't read his number. We think it might be Tollakson.
  • Bowstead also thru mile 7, 5:02 behind the leader.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Matty Reed, quite a ways behind.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton returning from the winery, just approaching Slusser. Will report size of lead in a minute. Or two.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Craig Alexander, 1:53 behind.

  • Kessler is thru mile 4.25. She holds a 2:10 lead over Tisseyre.
  • At mile 9 in the men's race, the gap between Appleton and Alexander is holding at 1:58. Collington is at 2:24 and O'Donnell is at 3:50.
  • Lauren Brandon has gone thru 4.25 miles, 7:02 behind the leader, Meredith Kessler.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Meredith Kessler, heading for the winery, with a sizable lead over…

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) ...Tisseyre

  • Appleton is thru mile 10 and his gap is ever so slowly opening up. His lead is now 2 minutes over Alexander.
  • Collington is 3:05 behind the leader at mile 10.
  • At mile 8.5 kessler contines to hold the lead and is 1:42 ahead of Tisseyre.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A courageous second for Craig.

  • Kessler just passing thru mile 9. Will she keep her title here at IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman?
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Second, first and third.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A new course record!

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Aussie Jake Montgomery with a nice finish.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Don't ask, don't tell.

  • Kessler continues to lead at mile 10.25 but her lead is down to 1:35 over Tisseyre.
  • Carfrae has run her way into third place. She is 7 min back of the lead.
  • Our first and third place men talking race tactics.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Women's record will not be broken today.
  • Top 5 Pro Men:

    1 3:43:06 Sam Appleton
    2 3:45:24 Craig Alexander
    3 3:47:18 Kevin Collington
    4 3:49:16 Timothy O'Donnell
    5 3:49:51 Ben Collins
  • At mile 12 Kessler is holding the same time gap over Tisseyre.
  • The pro men continue to come across the finish line as we wait for our first woman. Looks like Kessler will be crowned the winner in just a few minutes. She's a half mile out from the finish line.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Ironman super-photographer Larry Rosa, doing his job as only he can

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Extraordinary! A fourth Vineman victory for Meredith Kessler.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) And she's back out to thank the fans.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A splendid second for Maggs Tisseyre

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A truly gutsy third from Rinny

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) "Res ipsa loquitur." Look it up.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Stay tuned for age group photos.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Diana Hassel from Fort Collins Colorado goes airborne!

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) I think I know this person...

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A helping hand at mile 4.3

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) If all that biking and running is making you delusional, this will certainly help.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Just when you thought you had this course knocked…

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Oh, how cruel: You run your guts out through a winery... and you get no wine.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) The blessed turnaround

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Mark Berryhill

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Again?

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Plenty of great races still going on.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Carrying Old Glory the whole distance

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Hardware awaits

  • Thrilled to grab the win at @VinemanTri #IM703Vineman. Great event and course! I'll be back!

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