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IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman

    At mile one in the men's race Appleton holds a 2 min lead over Alexander and O'Donnell. Another 20 sec back is Collington. At 3 minutes we have Bowstead and Tollakson.
    We should be seeing the first two women at T2 in the next few minutes.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Alexander the great. Currently in second place.

    Kessler and Lawrence into T2 together.
    At mile 3 Appleton has a 1:55 lead over Alexander. O'Donnell is another 15 secs back.
    Tisseyre into T2 with Brandon 20 secs back.
    The second place woman, Holly Lawrence has pulled out of the race at mile 2. According to our bike escort she has an injury.
    At mile 7 in the men's race Appleton continues to hold the lead. Alexander is at 1:54, Collington at 2:24, O'Donnell at 3:04. There is another athlete behind O'Donnell but we can't read his number. We think it might be Tollakson.
    Bowstead also thru mile 7, 5:02 behind the leader.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Matty Reed, quite a ways behind.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton returning from the winery, just approaching Slusser. Will report size of lead in a minute. Or two.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Craig Alexander, 1:53 behind.

    Kessler is thru mile 4.25. She holds a 2:10 lead over Tisseyre.
    At mile 9 in the men's race, the gap between Appleton and Alexander is holding at 1:58. Collington is at 2:24 and O'Donnell is at 3:50.
    Lauren Brandon has gone thru 4.25 miles, 7:02 behind the leader, Meredith Kessler.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Meredith Kessler, heading for the winery, with a sizable lead over…

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) ...Tisseyre

    Appleton is thru mile 10 and his gap is ever so slowly opening up. His lead is now 2 minutes over Alexander.
    Collington is 3:05 behind the leader at mile 10.
    At mile 8.5 kessler contines to hold the lead and is 1:42 ahead of Tisseyre.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A courageous second for Craig.

    Kessler just passing thru mile 9. Will she keep her title here at IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman?

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Second, first and third.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A new course record!

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Aussie Jake Montgomery with a nice finish.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Don't ask, don't tell.

    Kessler continues to lead at mile 10.25 but her lead is down to 1:35 over Tisseyre.
    Carfrae has run her way into third place. She is 7 min back of the lead.

    Our first and third place men talking race tactics.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Women's record will not be broken today.
    Top 5 Pro Men:

    1 3:43:06 Sam Appleton
    2 3:45:24 Craig Alexander
    3 3:47:18 Kevin Collington
    4 3:49:16 Timothy O'Donnell
    5 3:49:51 Ben Collins
    At mile 12 Kessler is holding the same time gap over Tisseyre.
    The pro men continue to come across the finish line as we wait for our first woman. Looks like Kessler will be crowned the winner in just a few minutes. She's a half mile out from the finish line.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Ironman super-photographer Larry Rosa, doing his job as only he can

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Extraordinary! A fourth Vineman victory for Meredith Kessler.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) And she's back out to thank the fans.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A splendid second for Maggs Tisseyre

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A truly gutsy third from Rinny

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) "Res ipsa loquitur." Look it up.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Stay tuned for age group photos.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Diana Hassel from Fort Collins Colorado goes airborne!

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) I think I know this person...

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A helping hand at mile 4.3

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) If all that biking and running is making you delusional, this will certainly help.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Just when you thought you had this course knocked…

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Oh, how cruel: You run your guts out through a winery... and you get no wine.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) The blessed turnaround

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Mark Berryhill

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Again?

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Plenty of great races still going on.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Carrying Old Glory the whole distance

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Hardware awaits

    Thrilled to grab the win at @VinemanTri #IM703Vineman. Great event and course! I'll be back!

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