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IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    Our first woman out of water and it's Lauren Brandon.
    Our next women are out and the group includes Kessler, Lawrence, Cave and Cocks. Lawrence was out first with 50 seconds to Brandon.
    Next out of the water is Kelsey Withrow, followed by Bree Wee and Tisseyre.
    IRONMAN World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is out of the water with a three minute gap to the group and four minutes to Brandon.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Lauren Brandon, first out of the water, by a long shot.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    Swim end pro men:

    1 Montgomery, Jake 0:22:42
    2 Appleton, Sam 0:22:42
    3 O'Donnell, Timothy 0:22:44
    4 Collins, Ben 0:22:45
    5 Bowstead, Mark 0:22:46
    6 Collington, Kevin 0:22:47
    7 Rosas, Esteban 0:22:50
    8 Alexander, Craig 0:22:50
    9 Reed, Matt 0:22:52
    10 Tollakson, TJ 0:22:53
    11 Dahlz, John 0:22:53
    12 Bell, Luke 0:22:54
    13 Berg, Chris 0:24:11
    14 Williams, Benjamin 0:25:06
    15 Clarkson, Eric 0:25:14
    16 McDonald, Chris 0:25:18
    17 Bridges Oliva, Dylan 0:25:46
    18 Baird, Chris 0:26:54
    19 Hsiao, Yu 0:26:57
    20 Langfield, Andrew 0:26:58
    21 Rosinski, Steve 0:26:59
    22 Butsko, Keith 0:27:00
    23 Smith, Reilly 0:27:33
    24 Hrynkow, Brian 0:27:56
    25 Watson, Jason 0:29:15

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Leanda Cave

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Apologies for a little delay as we head out to the bike course to try to intercept the leaders
    If you don't see a split for Kessler on the bike it's because her chip came off in T1. We'll get it back to her when she reaches T2.
    We do have spotters on the course and will be able to get some updates on the front of the pro race. #703vineman
    At mile 19 in the men's race we have a group that includes Collins, Bowstead, Appleton, Tollakson, O'Donnell, Bell, Alexander, Montgomery and Collington.
    Then there is a gap of 5:10 to Dahlz and McDonald.
    At mile 19 on the women's race, our leaders are Kessler, Lawrence and Brandon. Tisseyre sitting at 1:45, Cocks at 2:30, Cave at 2:43 and Carfrae and Siddall at 5 minutes. #703vineman

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Your leader at about the halfway point

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A very close second. By maybe two seconds.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A little heads up: After the women pros finish, I'll be shooting age group photos out on the run course.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Not all is chaos out here in the wine country.

    At mile 29 in the men's race we have Appleton,bowstead, Collins and Bell all together.
    At mile 29 in the men's race we have Appleton,bowstead, Collins and Bell all together.
    Appleton has taken a flyer and has opened up a 50 second gap as he reaches Chalk Hill Rd. #703vineman
    Appleton has taken a flyer and has opened up a 50 second gap as he reaches Chalk Hill Rd. #703vineman

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Keepin' it safe while we're keepin' it real

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton has a 90-second lead at mile 52.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Waiting for the riders at the bike finish. There's a tightly clustered group of champions minutes away.

    Appleton is 2 miles from T2. Chase group at 1:30 that includes Alexander Bell Collins Collington O'Donnell Tollakson Bowstead

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton has a 1:50 lead coming into T2.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

    Lawrence and Kessler together at mile 50. Brandon in third, 30 secs back.
    At mile one in the men's race Appleton holds a 2 min lead over Alexander and O'Donnell. Another 20 sec back is Collington. At 3 minutes we have Bowstead and Tollakson.
    We should be seeing the first two women at T2 in the next few minutes.

    #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Alexander the great. Currently in second place.

    Kessler and Lawrence into T2 together.
    At mile 3 Appleton has a 1:55 lead over Alexander. O'Donnell is another 15 secs back.
    Tisseyre into T2 with Brandon 20 secs back.
    The second place woman, Holly Lawrence has pulled out of the race at mile 2. According to our bike escort she has an injury.
    At mile 7 in the men's race Appleton continues to hold the lead. Alexander is at 1:54, Collington at 2:24, O'Donnell at 3:04. There is another athlete behind O'Donnell but we can't read his number. We think it might be Tollakson.
    Bowstead also thru mile 7, 5:02 behind the leader.
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