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IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman

  • Kessler, Cocks, Brandon and Lawrence leading the women's race. #703vineman
  • Our pro men are about to hit shore!
  • Our pro men are about to hit shore!
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) First out of the water, but a very tightly clustered group right behind

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • All the contenders in the lead group and includes crowie, Bell, Appleton, Collington, O'Donnell, Collins, Bowstead, Tollakson, Dahlz, Montgomery, Rosas and Reed
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • Our first woman out of water and it's Lauren Brandon.
  • Our next women are out and the group includes Kessler, Lawrence, Cave and Cocks. Lawrence was out first with 50 seconds to Brandon.
  • Next out of the water is Kelsey Withrow, followed by Bree Wee and Tisseyre.
  • IRONMAN World Champion Mirinda Carfrae is out of the water with a three minute gap to the group and four minutes to Brandon.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Lauren Brandon, first out of the water, by a long shot.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • Swim end pro men:

    1 Montgomery, Jake 0:22:42
    2 Appleton, Sam 0:22:42
    3 O'Donnell, Timothy 0:22:44
    4 Collins, Ben 0:22:45
    5 Bowstead, Mark 0:22:46
    6 Collington, Kevin 0:22:47
    7 Rosas, Esteban 0:22:50
    8 Alexander, Craig 0:22:50
    9 Reed, Matt 0:22:52
    10 Tollakson, TJ 0:22:53
    11 Dahlz, John 0:22:53
    12 Bell, Luke 0:22:54
    13 Berg, Chris 0:24:11
    14 Williams, Benjamin 0:25:06
    15 Clarkson, Eric 0:25:14
    16 McDonald, Chris 0:25:18
    17 Bridges Oliva, Dylan 0:25:46
    18 Baird, Chris 0:26:54
    19 Hsiao, Yu 0:26:57
    20 Langfield, Andrew 0:26:58
    21 Rosinski, Steve 0:26:59
    22 Butsko, Keith 0:27:00
    23 Smith, Reilly 0:27:33
    24 Hrynkow, Brian 0:27:56
    25 Watson, Jason 0:29:15
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Leanda Cave

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Apologies for a little delay as we head out to the bike course to try to intercept the leaders
  • If you don't see a split for Kessler on the bike it's because her chip came off in T1. We'll get it back to her when she reaches T2.
  • We do have spotters on the course and will be able to get some updates on the front of the pro race. #703vineman
  • At mile 19 in the men's race we have a group that includes Collins, Bowstead, Appleton, Tollakson, O'Donnell, Bell, Alexander, Montgomery and Collington.
  • Then there is a gap of 5:10 to Dahlz and McDonald.
  • At mile 19 on the women's race, our leaders are Kessler, Lawrence and Brandon. Tisseyre sitting at 1:45, Cocks at 2:30, Cave at 2:43 and Carfrae and Siddall at 5 minutes. #703vineman
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Your leader at about the halfway point

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A very close second. By maybe two seconds.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) A little heads up: After the women pros finish, I'll be shooting age group photos out on the run course.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Not all is chaos out here in the wine country.

  • At mile 29 in the men's race we have Appleton,bowstead, Collins and Bell all together.
  • At mile 29 in the men's race we have Appleton,bowstead, Collins and Bell all together.
  • Appleton has taken a flyer and has opened up a 50 second gap as he reaches Chalk Hill Rd. #703vineman
  • Appleton has taken a flyer and has opened up a 50 second gap as he reaches Chalk Hill Rd. #703vineman
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Keepin' it safe while we're keepin' it real

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton has a 90-second lead at mile 52.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Waiting for the riders at the bike finish. There's a tightly clustered group of champions minutes away.

  • Appleton is 2 miles from T2. Chase group at 1:30 that includes Alexander Bell Collins Collington O'Donnell Tollakson Bowstead
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Appleton has a 1:50 lead coming into T2.

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld)

  • Lawrence and Kessler together at mile 50. Brandon in third, 30 secs back.
  • At mile one in the men's race Appleton holds a 2 min lead over Alexander and O'Donnell. Another 20 sec back is Collington. At 3 minutes we have Bowstead and Tollakson.
  • We should be seeing the first two women at T2 in the next few minutes.
  • #IM703VINEMAN (Lee Gruenfeld) Alexander the great. Currently in second place.

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