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IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

    Georgie Rutherford has now finished the bike with a 02:41:19-split. #IM703Staffs
    Gomez is back! He took the lead on the run now - still followed by Tomschke who showed an awesome race so far! #IM703Staffs
    Guillaume follows more than 3 minutes after Gomez. #IM703Staffs
    Here are the top 5 women on the first running km:
    1 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +00:00 03:06:44
    2 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +09:29 03:16:13
    3 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +12:07 03:18:51
    4 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) +12:18 03:19:02
    5 Hector, Alice (GBR) +12:18 03:19:02
    Run splits at km 7,3:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:00 03:13:31
    2 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +00:51 03:14:22
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +03:33 03:17:04
    4 Clarke, Will (GBR) +08:07 03:21:38
    5 Fox, Michael (AUS) +10:08 03:23:39
    6 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +12:34 03:26:05
    7 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +12:34 03:26:05
    8 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +13:35 03:27:06
    9 Williams, Brad (USA) +13:37 03:27:08
    Some great race day pictures on the Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire facebook page at
    Only another 5 km to run and Gomez is still in the lead. #IM703Staffs
    Have a look at the top3 at km14:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:00 03:37:26
    2 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +03:21 03:40:47
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +05:05 03:42:31
    Lucy Gossage won't give up the spectacular leading position. She just passed km 7,3. #IM703Staffs
    Women splits at km7,3 with a far far leading Gossage:
    1 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +00:00 03:34:45
    2 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +10:18 03:45:03
    3 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +10:59 03:45:44
    70.3 World Champion Javier Gomez just won the Inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire in 04:02:14! Congrats!! #IM703Staffs
    Gossage just crossed the 14km mark and is on heir way to the finish line as well. #IM703Staffs
    Markus Tomschke finished 2nd in 04:07:33 after an incredible race!! Many congrats to this performance! #IM703Staffs
    Romain Guillaume finished third in 04:09:07! #IM703Staffs
    Have a look at the top 3 finishers at #IM703Staffs:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:00 04:02:13
    2 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +05:20 04:07:33
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +06:54 04:09:07
    Will Clarke came in 4th in 04:11:10 #IM703Staffs
    Lucy Gossage is still in first place and not far from finishing.... can she hold on?
    The #IM703Staffs top 10 men:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:00 04:02:13
    2 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +05:20 04:07:33
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +06:54 04:09:07
    4 Clarke, Will (GBR) +08:57 04:11:10
    5 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +15:26 04:17:39
    6 Fox, Michael (AUS) +16:42 04:18:55
    7 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +17:53 04:20:06
    8 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +20:13 04:22:26
    9 Williams, Brad (USA) +21:06 04:23:19
    10 Cseik, Marton (HUN) +28:00 04:30:13
    After an incredible race and very strong performance Lucy Gossage won the #IM703Staffs in 04:31:09! Congratulations!
    Susie Cheetham came in second in 04:41:28! #IM703Staffs
    Samantha Warriner takes 3rd place in 4:46:36 #IM703Staffs
    Here are the top 5 ladies at #IM703Staffs:
    1 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +00:00 04:31:09
    2 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +10:19 04:41:28
    3 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) +15:27 04:46:36
    4 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +17:06 04:48:15
    5 Haresign, Eleanor (GBR) +22:09 04:53:18
    Looking at mister @GordonRamsay: he is already close to the finish. Just passed km 14! Go go go! #IM703Staff
    Lots of age groups competing and some amazing spectator support #IM703Staffs
    #116th age group rank for @GordonRamsay: he finished the #IM703Staffs in 05:53:49. Congrats!
    1214 athletes have already finished, 734 are still out on the run. Keep going, guys!! #IM703Staffs
    Thought for the day - You NEVER turn your cards over in this aint over till you cross the line #IM703Staffs
    Big thanks to all the marshals, volunteers and people who made it happen @IM703STAFFS Cracking day #IM703Staffs Now eating ALL the food!
    Let's hope the good weather holds for the thousands of spectators watching the age groupers on the run course here at Shugborough Hall
    Just over an hour left for this year's Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire and we are cheering on our age groupers
    Chap on the finish line wearing blue gloves deserves a medal.. he has been so encouraging to all the finishers ! Well done Mr #IM703Staffs
    Great to see so many people here in person cheering on their friends and family, or sending their support on social meda #IM703Staffs
    Finishers surprised at @IM703STAFFS with hilly bike and run course. Good hard training race and happy to get 3rd in AG today :) #3outof4
    1863 finishers at the #IM703Staffs! Congrats to all of you!
    Check all your #im703Staffs results here:
    Fabulous day @IM703STAFFS @shugborough -the most amazing atmosphere as the athletes all cross the line #huge commitment /effort #inspiring!

    Nice swim start impression at the #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    photo: Getty

    Photo: Getty

    #IM703Staffs run course / Photo: Getty

    Looks like @IM703STAFFS is one for the bucket list in 2016

    Gomez heads towards the finish line at #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    Javier Gomez wins the #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    Gomez enjoys the finish line at #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    Lucy Gossage wins the #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    A happy Gordon Ramsay #IM703Staffs / photo: Getty

    There are still a few athletes on the run course, let's cheer them home!
    We've just had our final finisher run down the finish chute. Well done to everyone today: athletes, spectators and volunteers #IM703Staffs
    Thanks to everyone who supported Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire this year, we hope to see you all next year for another action packed event
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