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IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

    Let's see if someone can compete with Javier Gomez on the bike. #IM703Staffs
    There's some big hope for Will Clarke who is for sure after some good results as this season hasn't started so well at #IMLanzarote.
    But Clarke's strong side are 70.3s what he showed last year winning #IM703Lanzarote and #IM703UK.
    Another strong competitor is #IMLanzarote winner 2014 Romain Guillaume (FRA).
    Amongst 18 female pros are 13 Bristish ones taking the challenge today. But the international ladies won't make it easy for them. #IM703Staffs
    Gomez still leads on the bike. He just passed mark 37,1km in 1:24:20 #IM703Staffs
    But Romain Guillaume is only 37 seconds after him. #IM703Staffs
    Third at mark 37,1km is the German Markus Tomschke in 1:25:33 #IM703Staffs
    Will Clarke followes 4th (1:27:05) and Australian Michael Fox is 5th in 1:27:32 #IM703Staffs
    Top 10 bike splits at 37,1km:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) 01:24:20
    2 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) 01:24:57
    3 Thomschke, Markus (GER) 01:25:33
    4 Clarke, Will (GBR) 01:27:05
    5 Fox, Michael (AUS) 01:27:32
    6 Simon, Oliver (GBR) 01:29:07
    7 Schilling, Alexander (GER) 01:29:08
    8 Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) 01:29:12
    9 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) 01:30:25
    10 Williams, Brad (USA) 01:31:23
    All athletes have started the race now. 615 are still in the water, 1216 are already on the bike. #IM703Staffs
    The women have reached km37 now! #IM703Staffs
    British Lucy Gossage leads the group now (1:33:56)! #IM703Staffs
    Gossage already had two good results this sason with 2nd places at IRONMAN South Africa and IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona. #IM703Staffs
    She is followed on the bike now by the strong Austrian Eva Wutti who kind of shares the leading position with her right now. #IM703Staffs
    Wutti turned 6th in South Africa this April but had to go through some hard times after due to onychia and tonsillitis that forced her to have some breaks in training.
    Here are the top 10 women passing mark 37,1km:
    1 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) 01:33:56
    2 Wutti, Eva (AUT) 01:33:57
    3 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) 01:36:18
    4 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) 01:36:19
    5 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) 01:36:28
    6 Slack, Jacqui (GBR) 01:38:49
    7 Hector, Alice (GBR) 01:38:53
    8 Haresign, Eleanor (GBR) 01:40:54
    9 Bartlett, Nikki (GBR) 01:43:53
    10 Forshaw, Amy (GBR) 01:44:24
    The leading male group is at about Rugeley Trent Valley and has to pass the final hilly part afterwards. #IM703Staffs
    Besides the well known names on the pro list also some other names sound familiar at #IM703Staffs such as star cook Gordon Ramsay, Danny Mills and Charlie Webster.
    Ramsay finished the swim in 00:39:11 and entered the bike course in 00:48:41 - maybe he cooked something in T1? #IM703Staffs
    His wife Tana also is on the bike course now after 1:00:13. Keep going!! #IM703Staffs
    In the meantime 3 pros have already passed the next mark at km70,75. #IM703Staffs
    Gomez fell back to position 3, Markus Tomschke is leading in 2:13:05, 01:30 ahead of Romain Guillaume. #IM703Staffs
    It seems as if Gomez and Guillaume are riding shoulder on shoulder. #IM703Staffs
    Will Clarke and Michael Fox are over 6 minutes behind the leader. Exciting development out on the course. #IM703Staffs
    Have a look at the new top 10 splits at km70,75:
    1 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +00:00 02:13:05
    2 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +01:30 02:14:35
    3 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +01:31 02:14:36
    4 Clarke, Will (GBR) +06:31 02:19:36
    5 Fox, Michael (AUS) +06:46 02:19:51
    6 Williams, Brad (USA) +09:03 02:22:08
    7 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +09:04 02:22:09
    8 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +09:05 02:22:10
    9 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +10:10 02:23:15
    10 Cseik, Marton (HUN) +16:47 02:29:52
    Lucy Gossage is the first woman who passed the 70,75 mark! #Im703Staffs
    It seems like Gossage wants to know it! Where are the other girls? #IM703Staffs
    Tomschke keeps the lead on the bike! He is 2 minutes ahead of Guillaume and Gomez who still ride together. #IM703Staffs
    Another 5 ks to T2. This will be an exciting half marathon! #IM703Staffs
    Susie Cheetham passed km70,75 5 minutes after Gossage! #IM703Staffs
    Georgie Rutherford comes 3rd. As it seems there's no real group and everybody rides on its own out there. #IM703Staffs
    The top 3 male are riding alone towards the run course. #IM703Staffs
    Tomschke has started the run in 2:46:11 now! Let's see if he can keep the pace. But there are still two strong competitors behind him. #IM703Staffs
    Gomez and Guillaume started the run almost 3 minutes (!!) after Tomschke!! What's going on there? #IM703Staffs
    Look at this:
    1 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +00:00 02:46:11
    2 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +02:30 02:48:41
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +02:52 02:49:03
    Tomschke finished 2nd at the IRONMAN 70.3 UK in 2012 and 6th at IRONMAN UK in 2014 - so it seems like the British air is made for him. #IM703Staffs
    Here are the female top 10 at km70,75:
    1 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +00:00 02:27:50
    2 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +04:56 02:32:46
    3 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +05:28 02:33:18
    4 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) +07:48 02:35:38
    5 Hector, Alice (GBR) +09:09 02:36:59
    6 Slack, Jacqui (GBR) +11:09 02:38:59
    7 Haresign, Eleanor (GBR) +11:46 02:39:36
    8 Bartlett, Nikki (GBR) +15:36 02:43:26
    9 Gill, Vicky (GBR) +16:55 02:44:45
    10 King, Kathryn (GBR) +20:23 02:48:13
    In the meantime Gossage has reached the 84,22km mark. No one behind her... #IM703Staffs
    Will Clarke, who was 9:16 behind at the run start, leads the pro field now! Tomschke fell back. #IM703Staffs
    Michael Fox comes shortly after, third is Alexander Schilling (GER)
    Here are the top 5 on the run - what happened to Tomschke?
    1 Clarke, Will (GBR) +00:00 02:57:27
    2 Fox, Michael (AUS) +00:11 02:57:38
    3 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +02:03 02:59:30
    4 Williams, Brad (USA) +02:20 02:59:47
    5 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +02:43 03:00:10
    Susie Cheetham is now 7 minutes after Gossage, Georgie Rutherford follows 3rd in an 8 minutes distance. Gossage will reach T2 soon. #IM703Staffs
    Lucy Gossage started her lonely run after a bike split of 02:29:54! #IM703Staffs
    Looking at the top 10 it seems like Tomschke is back running together with Clarke:
    1 Clarke, Will (GBR) +00:00 02:57:27
    2 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +00:00 02:57:27
    3 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +00:11 02:57:38
    4 Fox, Michael (AUS) +00:11 02:57:38
    5 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:11 02:57:38
    6 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +02:03 02:59:30
    7 Williams, Brad (USA) +02:20 02:59:47
    8 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +02:43 03:00:10
    9 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +04:07 03:01:34
    10 Cseik, Marton (HUN) +11:15 03:08:42
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