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IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire

    Pro Men:

    1 Gomez Javier MPRO ESP (Spain)
    3 Clarke Will MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    4 Cartmell Fraser MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    5 Fox Michael MPRO AUS (Australia)
    6 Fidalgo Miguel Angel MPRO ESP (Spain)
    8 Simon Oliver MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    10 Thomschke Markus MPRO GER (Germany)
    12 Twigg Craig MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    13 Sundberg Swen MPRO GER (Germany)
    14 Robinson Alistair MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    15 Lange Patrick MPRO GER (Germany)
    16 Kastelein Nick MPRO AUS (Australia)
    17 Harrison Stephen MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    18 Guillaume Romain MPRO FRA (France)
    19 Cseik Marton MPRO HUN (Hungary)
    20 Chevrot Denis MPRO FRA (France)
    21 Brierley Simon MPRO SYC (Seychelles)
    23 Williams Brad MPRO USA (United States)
    24 Niederreiter Daniel MPRO AUT (Austria)
    25 Schilling Alexander MPRO DEU (Germany)
    Pro Women:

    26 Warriner Sam WPRO NZL (New Zealand)
    29 Gossage Lucy WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    30 Pooley Emma WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    31 Tondeur Alexandra WPRO BEL (Belgium)
    32 Cheetham Susie WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    33 Carritt Joanna WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    34 Ganzow Astrid WPRO GER (Germany)
    35 Gill Vicky WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    36 Slack Jacqui WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    37 Forshaw Amy WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    38 King Kathryn WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    39 Hector Alice WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    40 Bartlett Nikki WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    41 Rutherford Georgie WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    IRONMAN 70.3 world champion Javier Gomez highlights the field at IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire on Sunday. The 32-year old Spaniard seems to be the perfect athlete to nail down a solid race on UK’s flattest and likely fastest course. A strong field that includes long-distance stars like 2014 IRONMAN Lanzarote champion Romain Guillaume (FRA) and Estonian Marko Albert. British Will Clarke and Fraser Cartmell will be contention for the podium placing.

    A strong line-up of British women will enter the race next to New Zealand’s most decorated female athlete Samantha Warriner and Austrian Eva Wutti. No less than a dozen women from Great Britain are on the pro start list. Susie Cheetham, Lucy Gossage and Amy Forshaw are only three of some well-known name.

    Featured men: Javier Gomez, Will Clarke, Fraser Cartmell, Romain Guillaume and Marko Albert.
    Featured women: Eva Wutti, Lucy Gosage, Susie Cheetham, Samantha Warriner and Amy Forshaw.

    Follow the IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IM703Staffs.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 14: 7:00 a.m. DST
    Good morning and welcome to Chasewater Country Park! It's a beautiful morning here in Staffordshire for the start of the very first IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire #IM703Staffs
    Welcome to the inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire! Another 10 minutes until the first start wave will take off.
    The pro field will be the first one to start for the 1.2 miles swim at 7 a.m. #IM703Staffs
    The race has started and the pro field has started its 1.2 miles swim at Chasewater. #IM703Staffs
    The swim course is a one lap swim - anti-clockwise - with start at Chasewater's Innovation Centre. #IM703Staffs
    The age group wave starts are being held between 7.10 and 8.30 a.m. #IM703Staffs

    1.2 mi swim #IM703Staffs

    The temperatures are perfect for a race day. Right now it's about 11°C/51°F, slightly cloudy. #IM703Staffs
    The water temperature is 15.8°C/64.4°F for the swim
    We are waiting for the first ones to exit the water. After finishing the swim there is a short passage to be run to T1. #IM703Staffs
    Have another look at the male pros here at #IM703Staffs:
    1 Gomez Javier ESP
    3 Clarke Will GBR
    4 Cartmell Fraser GBR
    5 Fox Michael AUS
    6 Fidalgo Miguel Angel ESP
    7 Albert Marko EST
    8 Simon Oliver GBR
    10 Thomschke Markus GER
    12 Twigg Craig GBR
    13 Sundberg Swen GER
    14 Robinson Alistair GBR
    15 Lange Patrick GER
    16 Kastelein Nick AUS
    17 Harrison Stephen GBR
    18 Guillaume Romain FRA
    19 Cseik Marton HUN
    20 Chevrot Denis FRA
    21 Brierley Simon SYC
    23 Williams Brad USA
    24 Niederreiter Daniel AUT
    25 Schilling Alexander GER
    Female pros at #IM703Staffs:
    35 Gill Vicky GBR
    36 Slack Jacqui GBR
    37 Forshaw Amy GBR
    38 King Kathryn GBR
    39 Hector Alice GBR
    40 Bartlett Nikki GBR
    41 Rutherford Georgie GBR
    42 Wutti Eva AUT
    43 Edwards Parys GBR
    44 Haresign Eleanor GBR
    46 Abraham Corinne GBR
    47 Mullan Eimear IRL
    The first ones are out of the water - we are still waiting for some updates to let you know who is already heading towards the bike course.
    First one out of water was Nick Kastelein in 00:23:33 #IM703Staffs
    Followed by Javier Gomez who was only one second behind. #IM703Staffs
    The local hero Will Clarke was third in 00:24:12 #IM703Staffs
    On the women's side it was Georgie Rutherford in 00:26:40 who exited the water first. #IM703Staffs
    Second was Jacqui Slack (GBR) in 00:27:23 #IM703Staffs
    Samantha Warriner came out 3rd in 00:27:29 #IM703Staffs
    Top 10 male Pro swim split:
    1 Kastelein, Nick (AUS) 00:23:33
    2 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:01 00:23:34
    3 Clarke, Will (GBR) +00:39 00:24:12
    4 Fox, Michael (AUS) +00:42 00:24:15
    5 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +00:46 00:24:19
    6 Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) +00:46 00:24:19
    7 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +00:47 00:24:20
    8 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +01:22 00:24:55
    9 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +03:13 00:26:46
    10 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +03:14 00:26:47
    Javier Gomez, the Spanish favourite and leading 70.3 World Champion already leads on the bike. #IM703Staffs
    Top 10 women out of water:
    1 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +00:00 00:26:40
    2 Slack, Jacqui (GBR) +00:43 00:27:23
    3 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) +00:49 00:27:29
    4 Wutti, Eva (AUT) +01:41 00:28:21
    5 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +01:42 00:28:22
    6 Hector, Alice (GBR) +01:43 00:28:23
    7 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +02:53 00:29:33
    8 Haresign, Eleanor (GBR) +03:03 00:29:43
    9 Bartlett, Nikki (GBR) +04:08 00:30:48
    10 Forshaw, Amy (GBR) +04:13 00:30:53
    This is how the male pros headed out on the bike course:
    1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) +00:00 00:26:10
    2 Kastelein, Nick (AUS) +00:03 00:26:13
    3 Fox, Michael (AUS) +00:45 00:26:55
    4 Clarke, Will (GBR) +00:46 00:26:56
    5 Guillaume, Romain (FRA) +00:57 00:27:07
    6 Fidalgo, Miguel Angel (ESP) +00:59 00:27:09
    7 Simon, Oliver (GBR) +01:13 00:27:23
    8 Schilling, Alexander (GER) +01:46 00:27:56
    9 Thomschke, Markus (GER) +03:30 00:29:40
    10 Harrison, Stephen (GBR) +03:34 00:29:44
    Here are the top 10 women out on the bike:
    1 Rutherford, Georgie (GBR) +00:00 00:30:25
    2 Slack, Jacqui (GBR) +00:05 00:30:30
    3 Warriner, Samantha Jane (NZL) +00:22 00:30:47
    4 Hector, Alice (GBR) +00:45 00:31:10
    5 Wutti, Eva (AUT) +00:52 00:31:17
    6 Cheetham, Susie (GBR) +01:12 00:31:37
    7 Gossage, Lucy (GBR) +01:54 00:32:19
    8 Haresign, Eleanor (GBR) +02:26 00:32:51
    9 Forshaw, Amy (GBR) +03:29 00:33:54
    10 Bartlett, Nikki (GBR) +04:11 00:34:36
    The bike course is partly winded and narrow - but it's said to be a fast one with some spectacular scenery leading from Chasewater to Shugborough. #IM703Staffs
    The bike course covers +2944 ft / -3166 ft #IM703Staffs
    There are already 385 athletes out of the water. 42,3% haven't started the race at all yet. #IM703Staffs
    The female age groupers are about to enter the water
    In total 1569 have started the race yet. 2333 have registered for this 1st edition in Staffordshire. #IM703Staffs

    Age groupers entering the water #IM703Staffs

    The last wave of swimmers which includes the relay teams are about to enter the water #IM703Staffs
    Find the interactive bike map here:

    IRONMAN Staffordshire 70.3

    The bike course route for the IRONMAN Staffordshire 70.3 event. -- 56.5 mi, +2944 ft. Starts in Lichfield, England
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