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IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa

  • Conditions out there are not easy, around 29 degrees celsius out on the bike course right now.
  • #IMI703SA Leading men now approaching the 45km turnaround point.
  • #IM703SA Matt Trautman leading at the 45km turnaround with Buckingham and Marais. Cyril Viennot and Bart Aernouts a further 33 seconds back.
  • It's going to be tight, Viennot and Aernouts coming from behind.
  • #IM703SA Stuart Marias has now moved into second place, but only a few seconds now separate the top five.
  • Swim Splits Top 5:

    1.) Matt Trautman 24:37
    2.) Kyle Buckingham 24:37
    3.) Stuart Marais 24:37
    4.) Bart Aernouts 26:21
    5.) Gerhard De Bruin 26:30

    PRO Ladies

    1.) Jodie Swallow 24:40
    2.) Emma Bilham 26:40
    3.) Lucie Reed 26:49
    4.) Susie Cheetham 28:50
    5.) Lynette Van Der Merwe 28:58
  • #IM703SA Leading lady, Jodie Swallow has now passed the 45km turnaround and is heading back towards East London.
  • #IM703SA second and third women now past the 45km turnaround point, Emma Bilham followed by Susie Cheetham. 8 minutes behind Swallow.
  • The leading men are now at 72km, they'll be coming into T2 shortly. Matt Trautman still in front with Marais in second, Buckingham in third.
  • #IM703SA Stuart Marais has now taken the lead and is 3km from transition.
  • #IM703SA Matt Trautman has now taken the lead and is 2km from transition.
  • #IM703SA Jody Swallow is 5minutes away from transition.
  • An exciting run finish is on the cards here. Stuart Marais and Matt Trautman are running neck and neck. Kyle Buckingham not far back.
  • Conditions are hot out there, little wind and humid. It will be interesting to see watch
    pace the leaders keep.
  • #IM703SA Trautman is now in the lead and looking strong, with Marais following in second place and Aernouts in third place.
  • It's so close! Matt Trautman and Stuart Marais are shoulder to shoulder onto lap two now. Bart Aerounts has run into 3rd some way behind.
  • #IM703SA Susie Cheetham has started the run and is the second lady.
  • First lady Jody Swallow has just come past station 5 and is heading towards her second lap. There are now seven ladies on the run.
  • Trautman and Marais have now turned at station 7.
  • Jodie Swallow heading towards the Pier now, just over 10km to go for Swallow. No competition in sight.
  • Trautman is now 36 seconds ahead and still in the lead!
  • Marais and Trautman still together with 6 km to go. Photo finish here?
  • Bart Aernouts seems to have slowed down and has not yet reached the 16km mark.
  • Aernouts just reached the 16km mark and is 6 minutes behind the leading men.
  • Trautman is in the lead and just past station 6. 5km to go!
  • The 6th lady, Andrea Steyn is struggling with bad cramps.
  • The second male, Stuart Marais just past station 5.
  • We're around 10 minutes from welcoming the winner. It's still too close to call.
  • The second lady, Susie Cheetham has just past station 4 and is half way up the hill.
  • Matt Trautman is the #IM703SA CHAMPION!
  • Fantastic race from Trautman
  • Stuart Marais finishes second
  • A South African one-two
  • What a battle between Trautman and Marais. Exciting throughout and only just decided in the end.
  • Bart Aernouts finishes third. Good comeback from the Belgian.
  • Jodie Swallow now around 2km to go
  • Swallow will take her fifth consecutive #IM703SA title. A legend on this course.
  • Jodie Swallow is only 5 minutes away!
  • Jodie Swallow is the #IM703SA champion for the 5th time!
  • FIVE time champion, Swallow absolutely dominated. There'll be a wait for the second placed lady.
  • The second lady, Susie Cheetham is 2km away from the finish!
  • Susie Cheetham has finished in second place.
  • Parys Edwards has finished in third place.
  • Top 5 Men: Matt Trautman- 04:04:34, Stuart Marais- 04:06:03, Bart Aernouts- 04:11:36, Cyril Viennot- 04:14:28 and Johannes Moldan- 04:15:57.
  • Top 3 ladies: Jodie Swallow- 04:30:53, Susie Cheetham- 04:41:48 and Parys Edwards- 04:47:44.
  • Emma Bilham has taken fourth place and Jeani Seymour is in fifth place.
  • Sarah Piampiano is in sixth place.
  • @JodieSwallow reckons of the five times she has won, this was the toughest. Not an easy swim, hot on the bike, headwind on the run. #IM703SA
  • @MattyTrautman's victory today is his first ever IRONMAN 70.3 win. Big difference a year makes. He was 11th at #IM703SA in 2014.
  • Men’s Provisional Top 10
    1. Matt Trautman- 04:04:34 (RSA)
    2. Stuart Marais- 04:06:03 (RSA)
    3. Bart Aernouts- 04:11:36 (Belgium)
    4. Cyril Viennot- 04:14:28 (France)
    5. Johannes Moldan- 04:15:57 (Germany)
    6. Kyle Buckingham- 04:16:04 (RSA)
    7. Karol Dzalaj- 04:24:12 (Slovakia)
    8. Cool Hannes- 04:28:55 (Belgium)
    9. Swen Sundberg- 04:30:57 (Germany)
    10. Jeremy Morel- 04:38:18 (France)
  • Women’s Provisional Top 10
    1. Jody Swallow- 04:30:53 (UK)
    2. Susie Cheetham- 04:41:48 (UK)
    3. Parys Edwards- 04:47:44 (UK)
    4. Emma Bilham- 04:55:30 (Switzerland)
    5. Jeani Seymour 05:02:02 (RSA)
    6. Sarah Piampiano- 05:08:54 (USA)
    7. Andrea Steyn- 05:20:03 (RSA)
    8. Amy Forshaw- 05:24:42 (UK)
    9. Lynette Van der Merwe- 05:28:03 (RSA)
    10. Linda Scattolin- 05:36:23 (Italy)
  • The last athlete has now finished, that marks the end of #IM703SA. Thanks for following the coverage with us today!
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