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IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya

    Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya 2015 triathlon returns - Community | The Star Online

    Annual event will see appearances by pro-athletes from around the world.

    Good morning Putrajaya! Here's to 2015 TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya. Good luck athletes! #im703putrajaya

    Athletes coming into transition area for last minute checks. The quiet morning is slowly coming to life. #im703putrajaya

    Pro athletes Craig Alexander (AUS) & Josh Amberger (AUS) prepping & checking their bikes. #im703putrajaya

    The Pro Female athletes are doing their bike checks as well. The transition area is getting more crowded and you could feel the excitement around. #im703putrajaya

    Pro athletes are at the swim warm up. A few more minutes before the male pro flag off. #im703putrajaya

    And the pros are flagged off! The pro males first, followed by the pro females. #im703putrajaya

    Age groupers heading for the swim flag off. You are on fire! #im703putrajaya

    First out of the swim; or rather 3 out of the swim! Its a tight one. First Amberger, then Watson and Crowie. Just a few steps away from each other. Its heart pounding! #im703putrajaya
    First out for the bike is Amberger, followed by Crowie & Watson. Another tight one with the 3 of them close to each other again.
    Earlier on, the pro female athletes are out from the swim to the bike. Leading out first on bike is Rebekah Keat. #im703putrajaya
    Female pro leading out on bike transition 2nd Emma Bilham followed by Amelia Watkins on 3rd. #im703putrajaya
    All pros are out from the bike transition and they are on the road! Age groupers are slowly trickling into the bike transition from the swim now. The morning sun is coming this Easter Sunday. You guys are doing great! #im703putrajaya

    Age groupers are slowly coming into the bike transition. Weather is looking great! #im703putrajaya

    Recap. Craig Alexander (AUS) out from the swim following Amberger & Watson VERY closely behind. #im703putrajaya

    Age groupers making their way for the bike course. Its a 90km journey. Keep going athletes! #im703putrajaya

    Josh AMBERGER  (#2) 0:23:57
    Eric WATSON  (#11) 0:23:58 +00:01
    Craig ALEXANDER  (#1) 0:24:01 +00:04
    Tim GREEN  (#8) 0:25:13 +01:16
    Fredrik CRONEBORG  (#3) 0:25:42 +01:45
    Viktor ZYEMTSEV  (#5) 0:27:05 +03:08
    Derek CROSS  (#10) 0:27:20 +03:23
    @joshamberger led the swim at IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya from Eric Watson and @CrowieAlexander for an Aussie dominated swim.
    Rebekah KEAT  (#21) 0:26:37
    Emma BILHAM  (#29) 0:26:53 +00:16
    Amelia WATKINSON  (#22) 0:26:55 +00:17
    Chong IRENE, SEE WIN  (#31) 0:28:26 +01:48
    Kathryn HAESNER  (#27) 0:28:34 +01:56
    Lynette VAN DER MERWE  (#26) 0:29:25 +02:47
    Katja RABE  (#28) 0:29:52 +03:15
    Katy DUFFIELD  (#25) 0:30:39 +04:01
    Parys EDWARDS  (#23) 0:33:26 +06:49
    Ange CASTLE  (#24) 0:34:42 +08:04
    @rebekahkeat had 16 sec lead over @emmabilham and rising New Zealand talent Amelia Watkinson as the trio were nearly 2 mins clear out of the swim.

    This just in. Leading on the bike course and spotted at the half way point is Josh Amberger! #im703putrajaya

    Craig" Crowie" Alexander closely trailing behind in less than 2 mins at the bike u-turn point. #im703putrajaya

    Spotted at the bike u-turn : Leading in the female pros is Emma Bilham. She is fast! #im703putrajaya

    Not far behind, in 2nd is Rebekah Keat at the bike u-turn point. She speeding up to make up for time. #im703putrajaya

    Cheering on for the athletes at the 2015 TIME IRONMAN Putrajaya are the TIME cheer team. Well done! #im703putrajaya

    Josh Amberger first back from the bike course and he's heading straight to the run! #im703putrajaya

    Trailing behind at 2nd overall is Italy's Domenico Passuello and heading for the run. #im703putrajaya

    Craig "Crowie" Alexander is coming up quickly from behind at 3rd overall heading towards the run. #im703putrajaya

    @Joshamberger is first out on to the run at #IM703putrjaya from @domeracingtri and @crowiealexander.

    Emma Bilham just mounted her bike and is currently leading in as the 1st female overall. She's off to her run! #im703putrajaya

    @emmabilham storms away in the women's pro race, with an 8:53 lead off the bike from @parysedwardstri and @katyduffield with @rebekahkeat 12 mins back in 4th.

    Currently at the run half way point, leading male Italy's Domenico Passuello storming through. #im703putrajaya

    Craig "Crowie" Alexander is now coming 2nd on the run (half way point). He's giving a good chase! #im703putrajaya

    Not far behind, Frederik Croneborg is tailing Crowie's trail at the half way mark. #im703putrajaya

    And it's Emma Bilham currently taking the female lead on the run. Half way through and going strong! #im703putrajaya

    Payrs Edwards coming in 2nd female overall on the run at the moment. #im703putrajaya

    Katy Duffield not far behind as 3rd female overall currently. Its heating up here at Putrajaya! #im703putrajaya

    The 2015 TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya Male Winner is Italy's Domenico Passuello! Congratulations! #im703putrajaya

    Italy's @domeracingtri is the runaway winner of the TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya in Malaysia today in 3:58:16. #im703putrajaya

    Craig "Crowie" Alexander coming 2nd male in 2015 TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya. Congratulations! #im703putrajaya

    Coming 3rd is Frederik Croneborg for 2015 TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya. Congratulations! #im703putrajaya

    Here you are folks! The Top 3 Male Champions of 2015 TIME IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya. Congratulations! #im703putrajaya

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