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IRONMAN 70.3 Puerto Rico

    Great staff excited to put on a great race here in Puerto Rico.

    Do you see your name? Come in the IRONMAN Store and check out the name shirt.

    Great view of the swim exit

    Nice wheel!

    Lots of tri clubs in Puerto Rico this week. Without Limits Tri Club.

    Sarah Haskins talks about her first IRONMAN 70.3

    Ready to go!

    Patrick Evoe is ready to go!

    Matt Russell is all set!

    Good luck to our women's pros today!

    Water looks good, light breeze. Water temp 80.

    Pro Women's Field

    30 Williamson Kelly WPRO USA
    31 Haskins Sarah WPRO USA
    32 Griesbauer Dede WPRO USA
    33 Bruck Kate WPRO USA
    34 Cameto Sarah WPRO USA
    35 Dimichele Miller Leslie WPRO USA
    36 Hering Jackie WPRO USA
    37 Maury Elise WPRO FRA
    38 Patterson Julie WPRO USA
    39 Ritchie Tami WPRO USA
    40 Stage Nielsen Maja WPRO DNK
    41 Tastets Pamela WPRO CHL
    42 Wassner Laurel WPRO USA
    Pro Men's Field

    1 Velez Edgardo MPRO PRT
    2 Daerr Justin MPRO USA
    3 Russell Matthew MPRO USA
    4 Amorelli Igor MPRO BRA
    5 Evoe Patrick MPRO USA
    6 Kahn David MPRO USA
    7 Acevedo Rodrigo MPRO COL
    8 Aldy Aubrey MPRO USA
    9 Baucco AJ MPRO USA
    10 Becker Blake MPRO USA
    11 Boily Cedric MPRO CAN
    12 Bradley Scott MPRO USA
    13 Fast Andrew MPRO USA
    14 Furtado Raul MPRO BRA
    15 Hermanson Mike MPRO USA
    16 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA
    17 Leiferman Chris MPRO USA
    18 Limousin Frederic MPRO FRA
    19 Marais Stuart MPRO ZAF
    20 Metzler Justin MPRO USA
    21 Morel Jeremy MPRO FRA
    22 Oriol Gili MPRO ESP
    23 Pawlaczyk Kyle MPRO USA
    24 Silvestrin Souza Frank MPRO AUS

    More from Sarah Haskins on competing at her first IRONMAN 70.3

    2 time IRONMAN 70.3 Puerto Rico Champion Kelly Williamson

    Dede Griesbauer talks about 10 years in the sport.

    Frankie from IRONMAN is racing here in Puerto Rico today! Go go!

    Swim end #IM703PuertoRico @Drkahntris followed by @igoramorelli +0:40 , Elgardo Velez +1:10, Silvestrin Sousa +1:12 and Justin Metzler+2:10

    All athletes are in the water

    Pro men swim splits

    1 Kahn, David 0:23:44
    2 Silvestrin Souza, Frank 0:24:35
    3 Amorelli, Igor 0:24:53
    4 Metzler, Justin 0:25:56
    5 Hermanson, Mike 0:25:59
    6 Boily, Cedric 0:26:00
    7 Daerr, Justin 0:26:04
    8 Leiferman, Chris 0:26:17
    9 Limousin, Frederic 0:26:19
    10 Pawlaczyk, Kyle 0:28:02
    11 Morel, Jeremy 0:28:10
    12 Acevedo, Rodrigo 0:28:11
    13 Evoe, Patrick 0:28:15
    14 Furtado, Raul 0:28:16
    15 Fast, Andrew 0:28:51
    16 Russell, Matthew 0:29:39
    17 Oriol, Gili 0:29:49
    18 Aldy, Aubrey 0:32:14
    Pro women swim splits

    1 Haskins, Sarah 0:25:44
    2 Wassner, Laurel 0:26:19
    3 Griesbauer, Dede 0:26:33
    4 Williamson, Kelly 0:27:40
    5 Hering, Jackie 0:27:55
    6 Stage Nielsen, Maja 0:30:29
    7 Bruck, Kate 0:32:34
    Sarah Haskins 1:30 over Dede Griesbauer at the run start.
    Amorelli was in the lead coming out of T2 and his chip isn't registering. Chris Leiferman, Patrick Evoe, Frank Sousa, Pawlaczyk. Justin Metzier, Justin Daerr and Jeremy Morel were chasing the leader two to four minutes down to the leader.

    Firs AG coming off the bike

    Laurel Wasnner in 7th

    Amorelli in 1st at the run turn.
    Sarah Haskins was first off the bike, with Griesbauer +1:30 and Julie Patterson starting third.

    Edgardo Valez in 5. Hands down the local favorite!

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