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IRONMAN 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

  • 7 jours avant le grand jour! #ironman #immt #im703mt #triathlon #swim #bike #run #monttremblant #trainning #tri

  • #IM703MT How much time will you take to cross that finish line in @monttremblant ? #monttremblant #tremblant @ironmantri

  • #IM703MT #IMMT training!

  • So impressed with #IM703MT so far ...great location, well organised and free punnet of strawberries at check-in!

  • Remis à tous les athlètes participant au Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant... Way to go! #IM703MT

  • Pouvez-vous sauter plus haut? Can you jump higher than that? #IM703MT ;)

  • Best. Morning. Ever!!! Finally a good photo with @jessemthomas! And with @mbkessler and @mtisseyre as well!! I hope their speed rubbed off on my for #IM703MT tomorrow!

  • 20 min easy today with a few light builds. Next swim is a hard one! #IM703MT @rokasports

  • #IM703MT We love to see this! On aime voir ça!

  • All the bike are resting in preparation for tomorrow's IRONMAN 70.3 Mont-Tremblant race #triathlon #IM703MT #canada #mont-tremblant

  • A couple years ago, 8 weeks before Jenna's first Ironman she had a gnarly bike crash resulting in a pretty bad concussion and there was a lot of doubt as to whether she would be able to do the race. I reached out to @mbkessler who had gone through a similar experience and I was blown away at the response and support she gave to Jenna that summer. Was pretty awesome that Jenna finally got to meet her in person today and thank her. There is definitely no shortage of really amazing people in this sport. #IM703MT #triathlon #gumption

  • Last year’s men's champion Jesse Thomas will face furious competition coming from eight men who have a legitimate shot at taking win in  Quebec. No doubt Canadians Lionel Sanders and Cody Beals are consider  contenders along with Richie Cunningham, Tyler Butterfield Jimmy Seear,  Paul Ambrose and Andrew Yoder.

    Meredith Kessler is one of the winningest women in the sport right  now and poses a threat in any event she shows up to. French Canadian  Magali Tisseyre has not only the "home field advantage," but has the necessary talent to put up a fight for the win.

    Featured men: Jesse Thomas, Richie Cunningham, Lionel Sanders, Tyler Butterfield, Jimmy Seear, and Cody Beals.

    Featured women: Meredith Kessler,  Alica Kaye, Magali Tisseyre, and Jessie Donavan.

    Full professional start list
    Event page

    Follow the IRONMAN 70.3 Mont-Tremblant race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IM703MT.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 21: 8:00 a.m. EDT

  • A great morning for the 2300+ athletes racing IRONMAN 70.3 Mont Tremblant today. #IM703MT #triathlon

  • Les hommes professionnels plongent!

    Pros diving in! #IM703MT

  • The 2015 Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant men and women’s pro race has started. #IM703MT
  • Pro Women Start List

    36 Kessler Meredith WPRO USA
    37 Tisseyre Magali WPRO CAN
    38 Donavan Jessie WPRO USA
    42 Kaye Alicia WPRO USA
    45 Fletcher Christine WPRO CAN
    46 Gervais Annie WPRO CAN
    47 Gordon Jacqui WPRO USA
    49 Lawrence Holly WPRO GBR
    50 Martineau Caroline WPRO CAN
    51 McCracken Amelia WPRO USA
    53 Ohlson Danielle WPRO USA
    54 Orlovsky Cheryl WPRO CAN
    57 St-Pierre Caroline WPRO CAN
    58 Vial Marie-Renee WPRO CAN
    59 Wernick Charisa WPRO USA
  • Pro Men Start List

    1 Thomas Jesse MPRO USA
    5 Butterfield Tyler MPRO BMU
    6 Cunninghman Richie MPRO USA
    7 Sanders Lionel MPRO CAN
    8 Seear James MPRO AUS
    9 Yoder Andrew MPRO USA
    11 Ambrose Paul MPRO AUS
    12 Beals Cody MPRO CAN
    13 Boily Cedric MPRO CAN
    14 Bradley Scott MPRO USA
    15 Brisindi Patrice MPRO CAN
    16 Cain Ryan MPRO CAN
    17 Cavelier Sacha MPRO CAN
    20 Gerlach Thomas MPRO USA
    21 Gigou Pierre-Yves MPRO CAN
    22 Glavac Nick MPRO USA
    23 Gleeson Dylan MPRO CAN
    25 Jolicoeur Desroches Antoine MPRO CAN
    26 Lantz Derek MPRO CAN
    27 Manson Jeff MPRO CAN
    28 Monnink Jordan MPRO CAN
    29 Nathan Reeven MPRO USA
    30 Reid Taylor MPRO CAN
  • Athletes will start the 1.2-mile swim on the golden sands of the Beach & Tennis club, right beside the Tremblant pedestrian village. As you swim the 1.2-mile loop, you will enjoy the view of the sheltering mountains around this lovely, pristine lake. Lake Tremblant is a clean freshwater lake, with relatively calm waters at this time of the year; the average water temperature on race day should be a comfortable 65F/18C. The swim ends at Parc Plage, 300 meters from the transition point, at a small beach near the Quintessence, the region’s most luxurious hotels.

  • Les femmes professionnelles plongent!

    Women pros diving in! #IM703MT

  • 2014 Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant champions Jesse Thomas and Meredith Kessler are both racing to defend their titles.
  • #IM703MT @jamesseear is first out of the water with a 23:14 swim. Antoine Desroches was next, +0:19
  • TOP 12 Pro Men - Out Of Swim

    1 23:14 8 MPRO James Seear AUS
    2 23:32 0:19 25 MPRO Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches CAN
    3 24:20 1:07 11 MPRO Paul Ambrose AUS
    4 24:20 1:07 6 MPRO Richie Cunninghman USA
    5 24:26 1:13 5 MPRO Tyler Butterfield BEL
    6 24:28 1:15 30 MPRO Taylor Reid CAN
    7 24:43 1:30 12 MPRO Cody Beals CAN
    8 24:45 1:32 1 MPRO Jesse Thomas USA
    9 25:02 1:49 13 MPRO Cedric Boily CAN
    10 25:04 1:51 20 MPRO Thomas Gerlach USA
    11 25:05 1:52 29 MPRO Reeven Nathan USA
    12 26:04 2:51 28 MPRO Jordan Monnink CAN
  • #IM703MT @mbkessler 1st out of the water in 26:05, Holly Lawrence & @AliciaKayeTri right on Kesslers heels.

  • TOP 11 Pro Women - Out Of Swim

    1 24:34 50 FPRO Meredith Kessler USA
    2 24:35 0:01 63 FPRO Holly Lawrence GBR
    3 24:35 0:02 56 FPRO Alicia Kaye USA
    4 25:54 1:20 51 FPRO Magali Tisseyre CAN
    5 28:10 3:37 59 FPRO Christine Fletcher CAN
    6 28:11 3:38 71 FPRO Caroline St-Pierre CAN
    7 28:28 3:55 72 FPRO Marie-Renee Vial CAN
    8 30:04 5:30 73 FPRO Charisa Wernick USA
    9 31:05 6:32 60 FPRO Annie Gervais CAN
    10 32:19 7:46 68 FPRO Cheryl Orlovsky CAN
    11 33:17 8:44 65 FPRO Amelia McCracken USA
  • First pro man out on the bike @jimmy.seear Premier homme professionnel sur le vélo! #IM703MT

  • All eyes will be on Lionel Sanders who has a knockout bike and run in his arsenal. The Canadian will need it again today as he was four minutes back getting out of Tremblant Lake.
  • First pros women out on the bike #IM703MT

  • Bike

    Nature lovers will be amazed by the beauty of the original IRONMAN bike course, which runs largely through forests and mountains. The ride features gorgeous natural landscapes with two beautiful rivers that will let you fully enjoy this beautiful part of the province! Cyclists will begin their journey on Montée Ryan to reach Route 117, and, after entering downtown Ville de Mont-Tremblant for a turn-around, they will find themselves back on Montée Ryan and Chemin des Voyageurs, passing the Tremblant Resort and going towards the Municipality of Lac Supérieur on Chemin Duplessis. Here, you’ll notice that the landscape becomes wilder alongside the river. Before long you will face the most challenging elevation change of the circuit with a maximum grade or 8% and beautiful descents on the way back where they can reach speeds of 60 km per hour, a little rest on the legs before reaching transition for the run course.

  • Alicia Kaye is racing today fresh off her stellar win at Ironman 70.3 Boulder last weekend. She will likely be able be in the mix up front with Kessler during the bike, however she will have to have some snap in her legs to match the ever-steady Kessler on the run.
  • Such a great venue #IM703MT had to post another pic w @mbkessler comfortably on @ISMsaddles - enjoys this course!

  • Dernier moment de calme avant l'action.
    #IM703MT #suersavie @immonttremblant

  • Beals leads the men through 33 km's. Thomas is second, +0:05, Ambrose +0:14, Butterfield +0:17, Reid +0:19, Cunningham +0:21.
  • Biggest mover so far is Sanders, who has reduced his deficit to 52 seconds after starting the bike four minutes down.
  • Kessler, Kaye and Lawrence all within three seconds of each other as the women storm through 33 km's.

  • TOP 19 Pro Men - Thru Bike Split 1 - 33.0 km

    1 1:13:41 12 MPRO Cody Beals CAN
    2 1:13:46 0:05 1 MPRO Jesse Thomas USA
    3 1:13:55 0:14 11 MPRO Paul Ambrose AUS
    4 1:13:58 0:17 5 MPRO Tyler Butterfield BEL
    5 1:14:00 0:19 30 MPRO Taylor Reid CAN
    6 1:14:02 0:21 6 MPRO Richie Cunninghman USA
    7 1:14:33 0:52 7 MPRO Lionel Sanders CAN
    8 1:15:49 2:09 13 MPRO Cedric Boily CAN
    9 1:15:52 2:11 20 MPRO Thomas Gerlach USA
    10 1:16:38 2:57 25 MPRO Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches CAN
    11 1:17:26 3:46 23 MPRO Dylan Gleeson CAN
    12 1:19:04 5:23 8 MPRO James Seear AUS
    13 1:19:22 5:41 29 MPRO Reeven Nathan USA
    14 1:19:38 5:57 28 MPRO Jordan Monnink CAN
    15 1:19:45 6:04 21 MPRO Pierre-Yves Gigou CAN
    16 1:20:26 6:45 17 MPRO Sacha Cavelier CAN
    17 1:20:53 7:12 14 MPRO Scott Bradley USA
    18 1:20:54 7:14 27 MPRO Jeff Manson CAN
    19 1:21:15 7:34 16 MPRO Ryan Cain CAN
  • Local favorite, Quebec's Magali Tisseyre has just gone through 33 km's in fourth, +3:32
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