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IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg

    Pro men start list:

    1 Degasperi Alessandro MALE ITA (Italy)
    2 Diederen Bas MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    3 Lange Patrick MALE DEU (Germany)
    4 Breuer David MALE DEU (Germany)
    5 Brierley Simon MALE SYC (Seychelles)
    6 Claerebout David MALE LUX (Luxembourg)
    7 Godart Olivier MALE LUX (Luxembourg)
    8 Heemeryck Pieter MALE BEL (Belgium)
    9 Kaiser Thomas MALE DEU (Germany)
    10 Louys Michael MALE BEL (Belgium)
    11 Oriet Gilian MALE CHE (Switzerland)
    12 Thissen Andreas MALE DEU (Germany)
    13 Verstraete Maxime MALE BEL (Belgium)
    14 Candel Bart MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    15 Molins Albert MALE ESP (Spain)
    16 Cabarrou Romain MALE FRA (France)
    17 Garcia Frederic MALE FRA (France)
    18 Chevrot Denis MALE FRA (France)
    19 Scheltinga Evert MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    20 Dekker Martijn MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    21 Schifferle Mike MALE CHE (Switzerland)
    23 Rulevskii Evgenii MALE RUS (Russian Federation)
    24 Herbst Marcus MALE DEU (Germany)
    25 Kueng Manuel MALE CHE (Switzerland)
    26 Thomschke Markus MALE DEU (Germany)
    27 Nagel Mathias MALE DEU (Germany)
    28 Raelert Andreas MALE GER (Germany)
    29 Martin Charles MALE FRA (France)
    30 Jarrige Yvan MALE FRA (France)
    50 Verhaegen Hendrikjan MALE BEL (Belgium)
    51 Polan Lukas MALE CZE (Czech Republic)
    Pro women start list:

    31 Goos Sofie FEMALE BEL (Belgium)
    32 Goss Lauren FEMALE USA (United States)
    33 Schmitt Natascha FEMALE DEU (Germany)
    34 Woysch Nicole FEMALE DEU (Germany)
    35 Ganzow Astrid FEMALE DEU (Germany)
    36 Bellinga Rahel FEMALE NLD (Netherlands)
    37 Stevens Alena FEMALE SVK (Slovakia)
    38 Tondeur Alexandra FEMALE BEL (Belgium)
    39 van Rooijen Carla FEMALE NLD (Netherlands)
    40 Huetthaler Lisa FEMALE AUT (Austria)
    41 Klinger Nicole FEMALE LIE (Liechtenstein)
    43 Halasz Anna FEMALE HUN (Hungary)
    44 Gajer Julia FEMALE GER (Germany)
    The third edition of this race will feature Andreas Raelert and IRONMAN Lanzarote champion Alessandro Degasperi in the men’s race, while Lisa Huetthaler returns to Luxembourg to defend her title with a  strong group of talented women looking to deny her defense of the title.

    Featured men: Andreas Raelert, Alessandro Degasperi, Bas Diederen, Evert Scheltinga, and Manuel Kueng.
    Featured women:
    Lauren Goss, Julia Gajer, Sofie Goos, Lisa Huetthaler, and Natascha Schmitt.

    Full professional start list
    Event page

    Follow the IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IM703Luxembourg.

    Race start time: Saturday, June 20: 1:00 p.m. CEST

    Pro list men at #IM703Luxembourg:
    1 Degasperi Alessandro ITA
    2 Diederen Bas NLD
    3 Lange Patrick DEU
    4 Breuer David DEU
    5 Brierley Simon SYC
    6 Claerebout David LUX
    7 Godart Olivier LUX
    8 Heemeryck Pieter BEL
    9 Kaiser Thomas DEU
    10 Louys Michael BEL
    11 Oriet Gilian CHE
    12 Thissen Andreas DEU
    13 Verstraete Maxime BEL
    14 Candel Bart NLD
    15 Molins Albert ESP
    16 Cabarrou Romain FRA
    17 Garcia Frederic FRA
    18 Chevrot Denis FRA
    19 Scheltinga Evert NLD
    20 Dekker Martijn NLD
    21 Schifferle Mike CHE
    22 Meager Anthony GBR
    23 Rulevskii Evgenii RUS
    24 Herbst Marcus DEU
    25 Kueng Manuel CHE
    26 Thomschke Markus DEU
    27 Nagel Mathias DEU
    28 Raelert Andreas GER
    29 Martin Charles FRA
    30 Jarrige Yvan FRA
    50 Verhaegen Hendrikjan BEL
    51 Polan Lukas CZE
    Pro list women at #IM703Luxembourg:
    31 Goos Sofie BEL
    32 Goss Lauren USA
    33 Schmitt Natascha DEU
    34 Woysch Nicole DEU
    35 Ganzow Astrid DEU
    36 Bellinga Rahel NLD
    37 Stevens Alena SVK
    38 Tondeur Alexandra BEL
    39 van Rooijen Carla NLD
    40 Huetthaler Lisa AUT
    41 Klinger Nicole LIE
    42 Abraham Corinne GBR
    43 Halasz Anna HUN
    44 Gajer Julia GER
    Welcome to the #IM703Luxembourg! The race starts in a few minutes at 1p.m. The male pros are the first start wave.
    The start will be held in 10 start waves. The female pros will enter the race at 1.05 p.m. #IM703Luxembourg

    Sofie Goos

    The 3rd #IM703Luxembourg just has started!

    Start of the #IM703Luxembourg

    1.9 km Swim

    The whole swim course is very spectators friendly and the 1.9 km are a one loop course.
    5 minutes after the male pros the pro women have started the race now at #IM703Luxembourg
    About 1,700 athletes from 30 nations will take part at the 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1 km run in the Région Moselle. #IM703Luxembourg
    Here are the top 10 men out of water at #IM703Luxembourg:
    1 Heemeryck, Pieter (BEL) +00:00 00:21:29
    2 Kueng, Manuel (SUI) +00:02 00:21:31
    3 Veith, Sebastian (GER) +00:19 00:21:48
    4 Lange, Patrick (GER) +00:24 00:21:53
    5 Raelert, Andreas (GER) +00:27 00:21:56
    6 Chevrot, Denis (FRA) +00:29 00:21:58
    7 Jarrige, Yvan (FRA) +00:30 00:21:59
    8 Verstraete, Maxime (BEL) +01:07 00:22:36
    9 Breuer, David (GER) +01:11 00:22:40
    10 Herbst, Marcus (GER) +01:12 00:22:41
    Top favourite Andreas Raelert came out 5th in 00:21:58. First on bike is Manuel Kueng (SUI).

    @m_kueng first on bike at #IM703Luxembourg

    Top 10 men on bike at #IM703Luxembourg:
    1 Kueng, Manuel (SUI) +00:00 00:23:00
    2 Heemeryck, Pieter (BEL) +00:08 00:23:08
    3 Raelert, Andreas (GER) +00:18 00:23:18
    4 Lange, Patrick (GER) +00:19 00:23:19
    5 Veith, Sebastian (GER) +00:28 00:23:28
    6 Jarrige, Yvan (FRA) +00:31 00:23:31
    7 Chevrot, Denis (FRA) +00:32 00:23:32
    8 Herbst, Marcus (GER) +01:06 00:24:06
    9 Verstraete, Maxime (BEL) +01:10 00:24:10
    10 Breuer, David (GER) +01:10 00:24:10
    First woman out of the water is Julia Gajer from Germany in 00:23:50 #IM703Luxembourg
    Julia Gajer is followed by Natascha Schmitt, also from Germany. Both are on the bike now. #IM703Luxembourg
    Julia Gajer already had a good start this season. She was on the podium with second places at IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca and IRONMAN 70.3 Kraichgau.
    Third on the bike is Sofie Goos from Belgium. Forth is Alexandra Tondeur (BEL) and fifth Nicole Woysch from Germany. #IM703Luxembourg
    There are some age group ladies getting into the act: Sophie Margue (LUX), Karljin Van der burg (NED) and Charlotte Verhaegen (BEL) are beyond the top ten. #IM703Luxembourg

    90 km bike

    The 90 km bike course leads across the scenic and beautiful Région Moselle with more than 800 meters of altitude difference. #IM703Luxembourg
    The first part of the #IM703Luxembourg bike course leads along the Mosel river. After this the beautiful hilly wine yards will be entered. At the end of the bike leg the athlete will pass the famous Schengen monument, where the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985. #IM703Luxembourg
    There are 59 athletes on the swim course still. 1381 are on the bike already. #IM703Luxembourg
    Andreas Raelert is 2nd after Manuel Kueng at km 66,5. #IM703Luxembourg
    As it seems Kueng rides very lonely! Raelert is 05:18 behind! #IM703Luxembourg
    Raelert forms a group with Patrick Lange and Marcus Herbst. #IM703Luxembourg
    Have a look at the top 10 men at km 66,5 #IM703Luxembourg:
    Have a look at the top 10 men at km 66,5 #IM703Luxembourg:
    1 Kueng, Manuel (SUI) +00:00 01:56:18
    2 Raelert, Andreas (GER) +05:18 02:01:36
    3 Lange, Patrick (GER) +05:19 02:01:37
    4 Herbst, Marcus (GER) +05:20 02:01:38
    5 Jarrige, Yvan (FRA) +05:23 02:01:41
    6 Heemeryck, Pieter (BEL) +05:24 02:01:42
    7 Breuer, David (GER) +05:25 02:01:43
    8 Chevrot, Denis (FRA) +05:26 02:01:44
    9 Verstraete, Maxime (BEL) +08:55 02:05:13
    10 Veith, Sebastian (GER) +08:57 02:05:15
    Another 23,5 km to go on the bike. Kueng shows his strong bike legs. So far there's no chance for anyone to keep up with him. #IM703Luxembourg
    Soon they will reach the short passage to France. From there the course leads back to Remich along the Mosel river. #IM703Luxembourg
    Julia Gajer is still in the lead! She is 2 minutes ahead of Natascha Schmitt. #IM703Luxembourg
    Gajer just passed the 66,5 km mark in 02:13:54. Schmitt comes 1:53 after her. Third on the bike is Sofie Goos, another 1,5 minute behind Schmitt. #IM703Luxembourg
    The leaders are awaited in bewteen the next minutes in transition 2. Is Kueng still in the lead?? #IM703Luxembourg
    Another 3 minutes later Alexandra Tondeur passes the 66,5 km mark. The ladies are riding all seperately as it seems. #IM703Luxembourg
    Fifth on the women's side is Rahel Bellinga (NED). She is 7:57 behind the leading Gajer. #IM703Luxembourg
    It's Manuel Kueng who is the first in T2! #IM703Luxembourg
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