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IRONMAN 70.3 Latin American Championship Brazil

    At 6.5 km in the women's race, Frederiksen's lead is now sitting at +9:42 over Goos, while Chura is running +10:37 off the leaders pace.
    Lead change in the men's race: Don has run past O'Donnell and has a slim 10 second lead at 17 km's.

    Sofie Goos running in second

    Haley Chura grinding it out in third

    Make sure you check out  Ironman Brasil FaceBook page They have been helping us all day with the coverage.
    Tim Don is your Ironman 70.3 Latin American Championship winner with a 3:41:48 clocking.
    Tim O'Donnell is second, 3:42:41
    Tyler Butterfield finishes of the podium with a 3:45:49
    Men's top 5:

    1 Tim Don 3:41:47.59 Gbr 1 +0:00.0
    2 Timothy Odonnell 3:42:40.22 Usa 2 +0:52.7
    3 Tyler Butterfield 3:45:48.10 Bmu 3 +4:00.6
    4 Igor Amorelli 3:47:53.05 Bra 4 +6:05.5
    5 Santiago Ascenço 3:48:11.64 Bra 5 +6:24.1
    In the women's race, Frederkiksen is in her own time zone today. She has +11:11 lead on Goos and a+13:49 lead on Chura at the 14 km's.

    This is how you do it with a champagne! :) #top3 #IM703BRASILIA

    Helle Frederiksen is your IRONMAN 70.3 Latin American Championship winner: 4:04:17!
    Sofie Goos has a solid performance today comes across the finish line in second with a time of 4:17:16
    Ruth Brennan Morrey has run her way to a third place finish with 4:18:17 clocking.
    Helle Frederiksen winning margins of +13:00 and +14:00 over second and third proves what a dominating day she had today in Brasilia.

    Helle Frederiksen, your 2015 Ironman 70.3 Latin American Championship champion.

    Top 5 Women:

    1 Helle Frederiksen 4:04:16.99 Dnk 1
    2 Sofie Goos 4:17:15.51 Bel 2
    3 Ruth Brennan Morrey 4:18:16.34 Usa 3
    4 Haley Chura 4:21:20.13 Usa 4
    5 Kristin Moeller 4:22:47.90 Deu 5

    The girls also have their champagne time!! #IM703BRASILIA

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