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IRONMAN 70.3 Italy

    So right now this race can go into any direction - let's see if Passuello keeps up his successful so-far season. #IM703Italy
    The first 3 ks on the run Casadei is still leading. The group of four (Casdei, Reitmayr, Passuello and Ciavattella) runs with only some seconds between them. #IM703Italy
    Vanessa Raw is the first woman out on the half marathon. #IM703Italy
    Paul Reitmayr took the lead again and the 3 Italians Casadei, Passuello and Ciavattella are on positions 2, 3 and 4 now. #IM703Italy
    The four of them are still running very close but Reitmayr works on increasing the gap between him and the chasing group. #IM703Italy
    Vanessa Raw is still alone on the run course. #IM703Italy
    Reitmayr had his debut on the middle distance one year ago at the IRONMAN 70.3 Austria where he finished 5th. This year he got 8th at the same race. #IM703Italy
    Lisa Huetthaler started the run almost 10 minutes after Raw. #IM703Italy
    Reitmayr just passes the 10k mark, Casadei gets closer now. #IM703Italy
    The group of four keeps its formation at km 12. The Austrian is still chased by 3 Italians:
    1 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:00 03:29:41
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +00:22 03:30:03
    3 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +01:36 03:31:17
    4 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +02:55 03:32:36
    The top 3 females are still dominated by Raw:
    1 Raw, Vanessa (GBR) +00:00 03:18:00
    2 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +09:37 03:27:37
    3 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +12:49 03:30:49
    Reitmayr seems to fly towards the finish but Casadei keeps up with only 30 seconds behind him. #IM703Italy
    Reitmayr has just passed km 17, only 4 more to go. Will he keep his leading position? Casadei is 37 seconds behind. #IM703Italy
    There is a gap of 10 minutes between Vanessa Raw and Huetthaler. She is at k10 - so another half on the course to go. #IM703Italy

    Run course #IM703Italy

    Reitmayr increased his gap. It seems like the Austrian will win his first #IM703 race! Only 2 ks to go! #IM703Italy
    Huetthaler seems to get faster now. Will she be able to close this immense gap? #IM703Italy
    Paul Reitmayr won his first ever IRONMAN 70.3 race in Pescara! He just crossed the finish line in 04:05:08 after a strong performance! Congrats! #IM703Italy
    Second came in chaser Alberto Casadei in 04:06:38. #IM703Italy
    Third is Domenico Passuello in 04:09:55 #IM703Italy
    Jonathan Ciavattella came in 4th in 04:12:40. #IM703Italy
    Have a look at the top 5 at #IM703Italy:
    1 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:00 04:05:08
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +01:30 04:06:38
    3 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +04:47 04:09:55
    4 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +07:32 04:12:40
    5 Torrades, Xavier (ESP) +17:27 04:22:35
    Another 4 km to go for Vanessa Raw, but Lisa Huetthaler closes up steadily. If her pace it will be enough to reach her? #IM703Italy
    And Huetthaler keeps coming closer. 05:52 behind - but only 2 ks to go for Vanessa Raw. #IM703Italy
    Vanessa Raw just won her first ever IRONMAN race. She finished her debut with an incredible performance in the time of 04:38:13! Congrats! #IM703Italy

    Paul Reitmayr winning the #IM703Italy

    Lisa Huetthaler finished 2nd in 04:42:42 at #IM703Italy
    Here are the top 10 men at #IM703Italy:
    1 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:00 04:05:08
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +01:30 04:06:38
    3 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +04:47 04:09:55
    4 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +07:32 04:12:40
    5 Torrades, Xavier (ESP) +17:27 04:22:35
    6 Dalla Venezia, Marco (ITA) +20:26 04:25:34
    7 Bertaccini, Luca (ITA) +20:37 04:25:45
    8 De Paolis, Luca (ITA) +22:24 04:27:32
    9 Recagno, Andrea (ITA) +25:40 04:30:48
    10 Mantolini, Simone (ITA) +26:17 04:31:25
    Erika Csomor just came in 3rd in 04:44:46. #IM703Italy
    The top 3 women at #IM703Italy:
    1 Raw, Vanessa (GBR) PRO +00:00 04:38:13
    2 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) PRO +04:29 04:42:42
    3 Csomor, Erika (HUN) PRO +06:33 04:44:46

    Top 3 female podium at #IM703Italy

    Top 10 women at the #IM703Italy:
    1 Raw, Vanessa (GBR) +00:00 04:38:13
    2 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +04:29 04:42:42
    3 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +06:33 04:44:46
    4 Menegon, Michela (ITA) +20:03 04:58:16
    5 Tibaldi, Francesca (ITA) +22:23 05:00:36
    6 Hansom, Jane (GBR) +24:42 05:02:55
    7 Beck, Rachel (SUI) +31:04 05:09:17
    8 Larizza, Tamara (SUI) +31:58 05:10:11
    9 Villa, Elisabetta (ITA) +32:29 05:10:42
    10 De Nicola, Federica (ITA) +34:13 05:12:26

    #IM703Staffs male podium

    Vanessa Raw wins her first IRONMAN 70.3 race #IM703Italy

    177 athletes have finished already whilst 1152 are still on the track. #IM703Italy
    Keep on cheering! There are still 900 athletes on the course! #IM703Italy

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    Find all #IM703Italy results here:
    Thanks to all volunteers, spectators, partners, sponsors and to all athletes for this great race day! See you next year at #IM703Italy!
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