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IRONMAN 70.3 Italy

    Pro Men:

    4 Lange Patrick GER (Germany)
    5 Thuerauer Roman AUT (Austria)
    6 Wielinga Remmert NLD (Netherlands)
    7 Nicholls Ritchie GBR (Great Britain)
    8 Steger Thomas AUT (Austria)
    10 Passuello Domenico ITA (Italy)
    11 Ciotti Emanuele ITA (Italy)
    12 Oriet Gilian SUI (Switzerland)
    13 De Paolis Luca ITA (Italy)
    14 Moldan Johannes GER (Germany)
    15 Fontana Matteo ITA (Italy)
    16 Rulevskii Evgenii RUS (Russian Federation)
    17 Mantolini Simone ITA (Italy)
    18 Reitmayr Paul AUT (Austria)
    19 Torrades Xavier ESP (Spain)
    20 Limousin Frederic FRA (France)
    21 Deisenhofer Roman GER (Germany)
    22 Risti Ivan ITA (Italy)
    23 Casadei Alberto ITA (Italy)
    24 Herlbauer Daniel AUT (Austria)
    25 Ciavattella Jonathan ITA (Italy)
    Pro Women:

    51 Schmitt Natascha GER (Germany)
    52 Klingler Nicole LIE (Liechtenstein)
    53 Zelinka Gabriella HUN (Hungary)
    54 Raw Vanessa GBR (Great Britain)
    56 Casiraghi Elena ITA (Italy)
    57 Huetthaler Lisa AUT (Austria)
    58 Mullan Eimear IRL (Ireland)
    59 Herlbauer Michaela AUT (Austria)
    60 Csomor Erika HUN (Hungary)
    The fifth edition of IRONMAN 70.3 Italy will be held on Sunday in Pescara at the Adriatic seaside. This race will be a sunny and a tough one not only due to high temperatures. There will be an open water swim, a hilly bike ride and a hot run course along the beach that guarantees a thrilling race. The field highlights this race in a beautiful touristic region thanks to athletes which will make the race fast from the get-go.

    Domenico Passuello and Alberto Casadei do have a "home-field advantage" and will likely be the first to exit the water with or at close the front of the race. Austrian Michi Weiss will be a bit behind in the water and will use his bike strength on the bike to bridge the gap. The best runner in the field by far should be Great Britain’s Ritchie Nicholls the IRONMAN 70.3 European champion in 2013.

    Nicholls keeps his fingers crossed for his partner Eimear Mullan (IRL) in the women’s race. IRONMAN 70.3 Pays d’Aix champion Gabriella Zelinka from Hungary, Natascha Schmitt from Germany and two Austrian should have strong races along with IRONMAN Lanzarote’s runner-up Michi Herlbauer and Lisa Huetthaler who makes her comeback after a long injury.

    Featured men: Ritchie Nicholls, Alberto Casadei, Michi Weiss and Domenico Passuello
    Featured women: Gabriella Zelinka, Natascha Schmitt, Lisa Huetthaler and Eimear Mullan.

    Follow the IRONMAN 70.3 Italy race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IM703Italy.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 14: Noon. WEDT

    Pro Press Conference in Pescara

    Iron Girls line up at the start

    1st IronKids wave is being lead to the start

    Welcome to the 5th edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Italy! Another 15 minutes until the race heads off! #IM703Italy
    The 5th edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Italy has started! Have a great race everybody! #IM703Italy
    Have a look at the male pros that just started their 1,9km swim in the Adriatic Sea:
    5 Thuerauer, Roman (AUT)
    6 Wielinga, Remmert (NED)
    7 Nicholls, Ritchie (GBR)
    8 Steger, Thomas (AUT)
    9 Weiss, Michael (AUT)
    10 Passuello, Domenico (ITA)
    11 Ciotti, Emanuele (ITA)
    12 Oriet, Gilian (SUI)
    13 De Paolis, Luca (ITA)
    14 Moldan, Johannes (GER)
    15 Fontana, Matteo (ITA)
    16 Rulevskii, Evgenii (RUS)
    17 Mantolini, Simone (ITA)
    18 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT)
    19 Torrades, Xavier (ESP)
    20 Limousin, Frederic (FRA)
    21 Deisenhofer, Roman (GER)
    22 Risti, Ivan (ITA)
    23 Casadei, Alberto (ITA)
    24 Herlbauer, Daniel (AUT)
    25 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA)
    The female pros are on their 1,9km swim as well:
    51 Schmitt, Natascha (GER)
    53 Zelinka, Gabriella (HUN)
    54 Raw, Vanessa (GBR)
    56 Casiraghi, Elena (ITA)
    57 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT)
    58 Mullan, Eimear (IRL)
    59 Herlbauer, Michaela (AUT)
    60 Csomor, Erika (HUN)
    A tough race expects the participants of the #IM703Italy. There's an open water swim and a hilly bike ride. The run course tends to be a hot one and looking at the temperatures it will be like that today.

    Swim course #IM703Italy

    Here are the first 5 men out of the water:
    1 Risti, Ivan (ITA) +00:00 00:24:46
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +00:05 00:24:51
    3 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:39 00:25:25
    4 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +01:47 00:26:33
    5 Nicholls, Ritchie (GBR) +01:50 00:26:36
    The Italian Ivan Risti finished the 1,9km in 00:42:46 #IM703Italy
    The first woman out of the water is the British Vanessa Raw in 00:28:08! #IM703Italy
    She is followed by Austrian Lisa Huetthaler and Gabriella Zelinka (HUN). #IM703Italy
    Here are the female top 3:
    1 Raw, Vanessa (GBR) +01:00 00:28:08
    2 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +01:21 00:28:29
    3 Zelinka, Gabriella (HUN) +01:49 00:28:57
    Huetthaler is already first on the bike! #IM703Italy
    Top 10 men heading out on the 90km bike:
    1 Risti, Ivan (ITA) +00:00 00:27:46
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +00:09 00:27:55
    3 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:24 00:28:10
    4 Nicholls, Ritchie (GBR) +01:33 00:29:19
    5 Torrades, Xavier (ESP) +01:34 00:29:20
    6 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +01:43 00:29:29
    7 Deisenhofer, Roman (GER) +02:16 00:30:02
    8 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +03:55 00:31:41
    9 Ciotti, Emanuele (ITA) +04:45 00:32:31
    10 Thuerauer, Roman (AUT) +06:22 00:34:08
    The bike course leads up north along the coast before the first climb has to be made. The scenic route has some nice spots and outlooks. It's just the question if athletes can focus on that. #IM703Italy

    Bike course 90km #IM703Italy

    There are 1354 athletes on the course now. 584 of them are still swimming, the rest already headed out on the bike course. #IM703Italy
    There are some strong athletes in the race such as the Italian Alberto Casadei who finished 2nd at IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest and IRONMAN 70.3 Zell last year. He is in the need for some good results in season though. #IM703Italy
    British Ritchie Nicholls had a strong season 2 years ago with 2 victories at the IRONMAN 70.3 Germany and the IRONMAN 70.3 UK. #IM703Italy
    Domenico Passuello has a very strong season which he showed when winning the IRONMAN Taiwan and IRONMAN 70.3 Putrajaya this year. #IM703Italy
    Looking at the female pros Lisa Huetthaler is a very strong biker. She won the IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg, IRONMAN 70.3 Austria and IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca last year - so she is definitely a candidate for the podium. #IM703Italy
    The Hungarian Gabriella Zelinka just celebrated her 1st IRONMAN 70.3 victory in Pays d'Aix - so she will be some competition for Huetthaler. #IM703Italy
    We are excitedly waiting for some new splits at km 56! #IM703Italy
    Only 14 swimmers left - then all are on their 2nd discipline. #IM703Italy
    Here we go with some update: Jonathan Ciavatella (ITA) and Alberto Casadei are in the lead at km 56! #IM703Italy
    Austrian Paul Reitmayr and Domenico Passuello are following 1 minute behind. #IM703Italy
    Here are the top 5 men at km 56 at #IM703Italy:
    1 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +00:00 02:01:32
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +00:02 02:01:34
    3 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:38 02:02:10
    4 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +00:47 02:02:19
    5 Nicholls, Ritchie (GBR) +04:33 02:06:05
    That's what we've expected: Lisa Huetthaler leads the women's field at km 56. #IM703Italy
    She is 4 minutes ahead of Vanessa Raw. #IM703Italy
    Erika Csomor (HUN) is 3rd female pro with 13 minutes behind at km56. #IM703Italy
    The male #IM703Italy field is heading towards the end of the bike course. Here's what it looks like right now:
    1 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) +00:00 02:01:32
    2 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) +00:02 02:01:34
    3 Reitmayr, Paul (AUT) +00:38 02:02:10
    4 Passuello, Domenico (ITA) +00:47 02:02:19
    5 Nicholls, Ritchie (GBR) +04:33 02:06:05
    6 Deisenhofer, Roman (GER) +05:02 02:06:34
    7 Dalla Venezia, Marco (ITA) +06:41 02:08:13
    8 Herzig, David (SUI) +08:32 02:10:04
    9 Mattoccia, Mirko (ITA) +09:30 02:11:02
    10 Sluckis, Rinalds (LAT) +09:42 02:11:14
    This is the top 10 women's field on the bike at #IM703Italy:

    1 Huetthaler, Lisa (AUT) +00:00 02:14:24
    2 Raw, Vanessa (GBR) +03:41 02:18:05
    3 Menegon, Michela (ITA) +12:10 02:26:34
    4 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +13:35 02:27:59
    5 Beck, Rachel (SUI) +17:09 02:31:33
    6 Tibaldi, Francesca (ITA) +17:50 02:32:14
    7 Hansom, Jane (GBR) +19:31 02:33:55
    8 Tessaro, Michela (ITA) +20:04 02:34:28
    9 Davolio, Barbara (ITA) +20:26 02:34:50
    10 Gordon, Rachael (NZL) +22:48 02:37:12
    First out on the run is now Alberto Casadei! He just took over Jonathan Ciavattella who is now on 4th position! #IM703Italy
    Paul Reitmayr is on a strong second position. #IM703Italy
    Domenico Passuello comes right after Reitmayr. #IM703Italy
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