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IRONMAN 70.3 Durban

    Our pro mens chase group has had some movement with Michael now leading Travis, both over 7 minutes behind the leader, Stuart
    Stuart has gone passed the 87Km mark, and will soon be on the run course
    Parys is fighting back, taking the lead back from Andrea
    The chase group of men have entered transitions consisting of Michael, Gerhard, Travis & Rudolf
    Stuart has reached the second aid station on the run, as the chasing group exit transition.
    Top 6 Pro men Bike Finish:

    1 MARAIS, Stuart RSA -- -- 00:26:06 02:10:18
    2 DE BRUIN, Gerhard RSA -- -- 00:26:57 02:19:28
    3 JOHNSTON, Travis RSA -- -- 00:27:02 02:19:26
    4 DAVIDSON, Michael RSA -- -- 00:27:04 02:19:26
    5 NAUDE, Rudolf RSA -- -- 00:25:04 02:21:20
    6 LAMPRET, Freddy RSA -- -- 00:25:46 02:21:55

    Stuart flying on the run

    Our leading pro women are nearing the transitions area, still only seconds apart.
    Travis is second on the run 10 minutes behind Stuart
    Andrea and Parys are on the run, as Lucie enters transitions.

    The leading pro women, only 10 meters apart

    Stuart Marais, has passed 7km mark still looking very strong
    Stuart managed an average pace of over 41 km/h on the bike.
    In our pro mens race, Michael Davidson has moved into second place with Travis Johnston in third.
    Rudolf and Freddy are in 4th and 5th respectively chasing down Michael and Travis ahead of them.
    Top 4 Pro women Bike Finish:

    1 EDWARDS, Parys UNI -- -- 00:30:29 02:26:45
    2 STEYN, Andrea RSA -- -- 00:29:29 02:27:36
    3 ZELENKOVA, Lucie CZE -- -- 00:27:15 02:33:29
    4 GOFFREDO, Kendra USA -- -- 00:37:52 02:35:16
    Andrea and Parys are still neck in neck almost a third of the way into the run.
    Stuart is half way with the run, and still going strong.
    Stuart has less than 5 km to go running at a pace of 3:29 / km
    Our leading women are really fighting it out, with Parys now in the lead, followed closely by Andrea
    Stuart is nearing the finish line, set to finish under 4 hours!

    The red carpet getting ready to welcome Stuart Marais

    Parys has opened a small lead over Andrea, both ladies running strong.

    Andrea Steyn chasing down Parys Edwards

    Less than 2km left for the leader of our pro mens race Stuart Marais
    Stuart is heading into the finish, will he break 4 hours?

    Congratulation to Stuart Marais winning the Standard Bank Ironman 70,3 Durban. Will have to check his official time to see if he broke 4 hours

    The order of the men still on the run:

    2'nd - DAVIDSON, Michael RSA
    3'rd - NAUDE, Rudolf RSA
    4'th - JOHNSTON, Travis RSA

    Michael Davidson finished in second, having a great run!

    Lucie is in third, as she heads into the final kilometers of the run.
    Rudolf Naude has finished in third position, followed Freddy Lampret in fourth.
    Parys Edwards is still comfortably in first as she begins the last 5km of the run.

    The race between our top age groupers still underway, as the run course fills up

    Travis limping badly, but pushing through

    Congratulation to Parys Edwards winning the Standard Bank Ironman 70,3 Durban.
    Top 5 Pro men Finish:

    1 MARAIS, Stuart RSA 1 1 00:26:06 02:10:18 01:18:38 04:00:07
    2 DAVIDSON, Michael RSA 2 2 00:27:04 02:19:26 01:18:54 04:10:20
    3 NAUDE, Rudolf RSA 3 3 00:25:04 02:21:20 01:22:22 04:14:24
    4 LAMPRET, Freddy RSA 4 4 00:25:46 02:21:55 01:21:52 04:14:41
    5 DE BRUIN, Gerhard RSA 5 7 00:26:57 02:19:28 01:29:57 04:21:46
    Lucie has finished in third position, crossing the line with a big smile on her face.

    Our top 3 pro women at the Standard Bank Ironman 70.3 Durban

    Top 3 Pro Women:

    EDWARDS, Parys UNI - 00:30:29 - 02:26:45 - 01:25:55 - 04:28:41
    STEYN, Andrea RSA - 00:29:29 - 02:27:36 - 01:29:54 - 04:32:40
    ZELENKOVA, Lucie CZE - 00:27:15 - 02:33:29 - 01:31:28 - 04:38:00
    The run course is packed with our amazing age groupers all hoping to complete the race, and hopefully set personal bests.
    Local rugby legend John Smit had an amazing bike, completing the 90km course in 2:46:59 at an average pace of 32.34 km/h.
    The finish line party is in full swing, as we welcome home athletes of all age and shape.

    The spectators enjoying the race

    Well done John Smit, local rugby legend racing in the colours of Ironman 4 the kidz charity.

    Thousands of spectators still lining the route & cheering on the remaining age group athletes

    We've entered the final hour of racing, waiting for the tail end of our age groupers to come home.
    We've reached the end of the Standard Bank Ironman 70.3 Durban. A few unlucky athletes missed the cut off, but that's not going to stop them from crossing the line. Ironman anything is possible!
    Thank you for following our coverage.
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