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IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona

    Welcome to IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona! What a thrilling field will be batlling for the crown on Sunday in Calella! Sylvain Sudrie (FRA) heads into the race with #1 as being the defending champion. It will be a tough one for him facing stars like Jan Frodeno (GER) or Frederic van Lierde (BEL) or Eneko Llanos (ESP). On the women's it's on Danish Camilla Pedersen to defend the crown. She faces a strong field including Eva Wutti from Austria, Germany's Ricarda Lisk and strong British like Lucy Gossage and Emma Pooley.
    PRO Startlist Men:

    1 Sudrie Sylvain MPRO FRA (France)
    2 Frodeno Jan MPRO GER (Germany)
    3 Van Lierde Frederik MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    4 Llanos Eneko MPRO ESP (Spain)
    6 Stein Boris MPRO GER (Germany)
    8 Angel Fidalgo Miguel MPRO ESP (Spain)
    9 Costes Antony MPRO FRA (France)
    10 Kriat Maxim MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    11 Moreno Molins Albert MPRO ESP (Spain)
    12 Lopez Carlos MPRO ESP (Spain)
    13 Faure Herve MPRO FRA (France)
    14 Rota Sylvain MPRO FRA (France)
    15 Lange Patrick MPRO GER (Germany)
    16 Marais Stuart MPRO ZAF (South Africa)
    17 Morel Jeremy MPRO FRA (France)
    18 Torrades Xavier MPRO ESP (Spain)
    19 Veith Sebastian MPRO GER (Germany)
    21 Zasypkin Valentin MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    22 Estrangeiro Jose MPRO PRT (Portugal)
    24 Rulevskii Evgenii MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    25 Nikitin Evgeniy MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    26 Niederreiter Daniel MPRO AUT (Austria)
    27 McNamee David MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    28 Linden Andreas MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    29 Le Guellec Ludovic MPRO FRA (France)
    30 Kastelein Nick MPRO AUS (Australia)
    31 Hawkins Travis MPRO USA (United States)
    32 Garcia Frederic MPRO FRA (France)
    33 Flagstad Frederik MPRO DNK (Denmark)
    35 Cottle David MPRO TTO (Trinidad and Tobago)
    36 Clavel Maurice MPRO GER (Germany)
    37 Cardona Garcia Antonio MPRO ESP (Spain)
    38 Boneta Herrera Xavier MPRO ESP (Spain)
    39 Breuer David MPRO GER (Germany)
    40 Candel Bart MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    41 Bigot Benoit MPRO FRA (France)
    42 Backstedt Magnus MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    43 Nunez Fauste Xavier MPRO ESP (Spain)
    44 Vila Aguilar Lluis MPRO ESP (Spain)
    45 Rojas Guillem MPRO ESP (Spain)
    46 Gili Rico Oriol MPRO ESP (Spain)
    47 Munro Casey MPRO AUS (Australia)
    49 Belaubre Frederic MPRO FRA (France)
    53 Vansteelant Joerie MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    55 Cabarrou Romain MPRO FRA (France)
    56 Espinar Rafael MPRO ESP (Spain)
    57 Robinson Alistar MPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    PRO Startlist Women:

    71 Pedersen Camilla WPRO DNK (Denmark)
    72 Wutti Eva WPRO AUT (Austria)
    73 Deckers Tine WPRO BEL (Belgium)
    74 Lisk Ricarda WPRO GER (Germany)
    75 Gossage Lucy WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    76 Weerd Mirjam WPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    77 Stage Nielsen Maja WPRO DNK (Denmark)
    78 Schmitt Natascha WPRO GER (Germany)
    80 Bilham Emma WPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    81 Edwards Parys WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    82 Gervais Annie WPRO CAN (Canada)
    83 Halasz Anna WPRO HUN (Hungary)
    84 King Kathryn WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    85 Maury Elise WPRO FRA (France)
    86 Reymond Stephanie WPRO FRA (France)
    87 Tondeur Alexandra WPRO BEL (Belgium)
    88 Morel Charlotte WPRO FRA (France)
    89 Corachan Judith WPRO ESP (Spain)
    90 Rovira Garrido Anna WPRO ESP (Spain)
    91 Pooley Emma WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    Good morning at IRONMAN 70.3 Barcelona. 15 minutes to the start!

    Guiellem Rojas led the race in the water.

    Sylvain Sudrie in T1.

    Camilla Pedersen meets the crowd.

    Ready to rock it on the bike: Camilla Pedersen

    Get out on the course: Great perspective.

    Sylvain Sudrie exactly knows this course. He's heading into the first longer climb and expanding his lead as far as we can hear.

    One of the most crowded places in Calella at the moment: T1.

    Sylvain Sudrie leading.

    Want to ride as fast as these guys?
    What a chase group: Jan Frodeno sets the pace ahead of Frederik van Lierde and Antony Costes.
    Great race of Frederik van Lierde so far - he was 1:52 behind in the water and has closed the gap to Jan Frodeno on the first 20 kms.
    Sylvain Sudrie is on the way down the hill from Montseny - super fast.
    Seems to be the right place to open up the gap for Sylvain Sudrie. He has an extremely talented runner behind.

    Livecoverage @IRONMANLive thankx to @Ignasidc @marcelzamoratri @paulanewbyfrase

    Jan Frodeno and Frederik van Lierde work together in a hard way to keep the gap as little as possible for a running battle.
    Camilla Pedersen has made her break away. She is leading the race by four minutes, that's what we hear from our spotters.
    Ricarda Lisk is 4 minutes behind Camilla Pedersen, in third is Tine Deckers at 6 minutes.
    Sylvain Sudrie is in the town and on his way to T2.
    Sensational panorama view for Sylvain Sudrie - if he has any time to watch the beauty (little beasts are behind, ready to run).
    Last few meters for Sylvain Sudrie on the bike.
    We hear, the gap is about 4 minutes to Frodeno, Van Lierde and Belaubre.
    Sylvain Sudrie is off the bike after 2:48:36
    Ouch, that's getting close - the pursuers are much closer than we have

    51 seconds, that's the gap - and it's not Belaubre in 4th, it's Maurice Clavel from Germany.

    Sudrie getting off the bike.

    Great shot and a hard run coming up.

    Fast one behind: Frodeno is at 27 seconds.

    Sylvain Sudrie

    Jan Frodeno

    Boris Stein is in fifth - he is 4:39 behind.
    Top 10 Men Run Km 1.2:

    1 Sylvain Sudrie FRA 2:56:06
    2 Jan Frodeno GER 2:56:32 +00:27
    36 Maurice Clavel GER 2:56:36 +00:31
    3 Frederik Van Lierde BEL 2:56:55 +00:50
    6 Boris Stein GER 3:00:44 +04:39
    27 David McNamee GBR 3:01:50 +05:44
    15 Patrick Lange GER 3:01:57 +05:51
    8 Miguel Angel Fidalgo ESP 3:02:10 +06:04
    12 Carlos Lopez ESP 3:02:56 +06:50
    4 Eneko Llanos ESP 3:03:30 +07:25
    Jan Frodeno took over the lead.
    Camilla Pedersen is off the bike - 3:08:13.
    Update Men Km 6: Frodeno is leading, 24 seconds behind is now Clavel, 28 behind is Sudrie, at 1:45 is Van Lierde.
    Top 5 Women T2:

    1 C. Pedersen (DEN) 3:08:58
    2 T. Deckers (BEL) +4:56
    3 P. Edwards (GBR) +5:03
    4 L. Gossage (GBR) +5:22
    5 C. Morel (FRA) +5:33
    Top 10 Men Run Km 6:

    1 J. Frodeno (GER) 3:11:56
    2 M. Clavel (GER) +0:24
    3 S. Sudrie (FRA) +0:28
    4 F. Van Lierde (BEL) +1:45
    5 D. McNamee (GBR) +5:35
    6 M. Angel Fidalgo (ESP) +5:50
    7 P. Lange (GER) +5:51
    8 B. Stein (GER) +6:02
    9 E. Llanos (ESP) +7:31
    10 C. Lopez (ESP) +8:36

    Camilla Pedersen in the lead

    In 2nd: Parys Edwards

    Currently in third: Tine Deckers

    Top 5 Women Run Km 1.2:

    1 C. Pedersen (DEN) 3:16:01
    2 P. Edwards (GBR) +5:14
    3 T. Deckers (BEL) +5:20
    4 L. Gossage (GBR) +5:48
    5 C. Morel (FRA) +6:04
    Through half way of the run Frodeno is 59 seconds ahead of Maurice Clavel.
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