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IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat

  • Steve Moneghetti calling a Rubber Duck race. Now I've seen it all. #im703ballarat

  • And they're off! Good luck to all our mini triathletes in the #IRONKIDS events in #ballarat this morning! Head to #lakewendouree to see! #im703ballarat

  • Good Morning IRONKIDS Ballarat! On the start line ready to race at #IM703Ballarat #futurepros

  • The 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat is about 25 minutes away from swim start from the Olympic Rings at Lake Wendouree.
  • Our Media Manager Daniel Hoy getting ready for a dip with his GoPro to film the swim start.
  • Councillor Samantha McIntosh City of Ballarat with the Read Coats ready for the inaugural start of IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat. Great atmosphere down here.
  • The race officially started by The Red Coat gun fire for the Female and Male Pro Athletes.
  • Red Coat gun fire start

  • Male Pro Swim Start

  • Red Coat Gun Fire Start

  • Our male pros are about to exit the water. Our media manager is just back from getting some GoPro footage in the water and reports the water is clear and perfect for a fast swim.
  • #IM703Ballarat Listen to some of @raelertbrothers thoughts before the race

    IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat Inside Scoop With Michael Raelert

    SoundCloudIRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat Inside Scoop With Michael Raelert
  • Michael Raelert and Luke Bell look set to continue the freindship they kicked off at IRONMAN 70.3 Mandurah. They swam together there, then rode together before Raelert proved too strong on the run. Both have exited the water with Matt Bailey, and Josh Rix a minute back.
    1 Michael RAELERT  (#1) 0:23:57
    2 Luke BELL  (#4) 0:24:08 +00:10
    3 Matt BAILEY  (#8) 0:24:10 +00:12
    4 Josh RIX  (#7) 0:25:05 +01:07
    5 Benjamin HUGGETT  (#10) 0:25:12 +01:14
    6 Jamie HUGGETT  (#9) 0:25:32 +01:34
    7 Luke WHITMORE  (#6) 0:29:15 +05:17
  • Germany's Madeleine Oldfield and Canadian Melanie McQuaid both out of the water together with German Mareen Hufe over a minute back.
  • First age grouper out of the swim is Hayden Armstrong in 28:10 just ahead of Colin O'Shea - both in the 35-39 years age group.
    1 Melanie MCQUAID  (#22) 0:28:51
    2 Madeleine OLDFIELD  (#21) 0:28:52 +00:00
    3 Mareen HUFE  (#23) 0:30:21 +01:30
    4 Jessica MITCHELL  (#25) 0:31:36 +02:44
    5 Kristy HALLETT  (#24) 0:32:16 +03:24
    6 Tracy DOUGLAS  (#26) 0:35:12 +06:20
  • Michael Raelert leading the swim.

  • First female age grouper out of the 1.9km swim is Canberra's Ntasha Gerebtzoff in 31:58 which is sixth fastest overall. She is in the women's 40-44 age group.
  • Early into the bike and Michael Raelert and Luke Bell are out on their own with over a minute ahead of Victorian Matt Bailey.
  • At the 5km mark of the bike Madeleine Oldfield and Melanie McQuaid have extended their lead over Mareen Hufe by over 2 mins.
  • Madeleine Oldfield is still leading, here's what she had to say before the gun went off.
  • Michael Raelert and Luke Bell continue to extend their lead, both are world class athletes and racing like it. Their lead over former ITU turned 70.3 athlete Jamie Huggett is over 3 minutes.
  • In his first IRONMAN 70.3 Jamie Huggett is in third place on the bike.

  • Luke Bell has the hammer down on the bike.

  • At 28km on the bike Melanie McQuaid has taken the lead from Madeleine Oldfield. Oldfield race last weekend and may be feeling the pinch. The lead is over 1 min.
  • Michael Raelert continues to lead the bike, with Luke Bell close behind.

  • At the half way point of the bike Michael Raelert and Luke Bell continue to lead from local boy Jamie Huggett in third.
  • At the 45km turnaround Melanie McQuaid leads the female field by over two minutes back to Maddie Oldfield.
  • Ballarat Ironman Group (BIG)

  • Age Groupers coming up to the 45km turnaround point, and will head out for their 2nd and final loop on the bike.
  • Luke Bell is right in this race, here's what he had to say before the gun went off.
  • Michael Raelert and Luke Bell are making this race a one on one battle. Their lead over Jamie Huggett in third at the 73km mark is over 6mins.
  • Great #BattleofBallarat going today between the Tri Clubs, Melbourne Triathlon Club (MTC) and Ballarat Ironman Group (BIG), CBD Cycles to name a few.
  • Damien 'Danger' Angus from CBD Cycles

  • MTC Age Grouper

  • Michael Raelert hit the run leg with a 1:45 lead over Luke Bell, Raelert looked the fresher heading out of transition.
  • Jamie Huggett is over 7 mins down in third.
  • At the 73km of the bike Melanie McQuaid leads by 4 mins from Madeleine Oldfield in second and Mareen Hufe a further 1:38 back.
  • Through the first 2km of the run Michael Raelert was running at 3:38 per km, while Luke Bell was running 3:52 per km.
    1 Michael RAELERT  (#1) 2:33:37
    2 Luke BELL  (#4) 2:35:23 +01:46
    3 Jamie HUGGETT  (#9) 2:40:50 +07:12
    4 Josh RIX  (#7) 2:44:48 +11:11
    5 Matt BAILEY  (#8) 2:48:20 +14:43
    6 Luke WHITMORE  (#6) 2:49:21 +15:44
    7 Benjamin HUGGETT  (#10) 2:51:08 +17:31
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