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IRONMAN 70.3 Auckland

  • Male Professional Athletes

    1 MPRO A BOZZONE Terenzo
    2 MPRO A REED Tim
    3 MPRO A BROWN Cameron
    7 MPRO A SEEAR James
    10 MPRO A LAMPE Joe
    12 MPRO A BOWSTEAD James
    14 MPRO A COCHRANE Simon
    15 MPRO A ELLICE Clark
    17 MPRO A HULTGREN Marcus
    18 MPRO A MCNEICE Dylan
    19 MPRO A MILLWARD Callum
    21 MPRO A READ Carl
    22 MPRO A RIX Josh
    23 MPRO A SMITH Reilly
    24 MPRO A STABRYLA Leigh
  • Female Professional Athletes

    31 FPRO B LUXFORD Annabel
    32 FPRO B KESSLER Meredith
    35 FPRO B WATKINSON Amelia
    36 FPRO B BOHLIN Amanda
    37 FPRO B BURKE Melanie
    39 FPRO B COOGAN Kym
    41 FPRO B GRANT Julia
    42 FPRO B HALLETT Kristy
    44 FPRO B RUSSELL Anna
  • Illness Forces Top Seed Out in Auckland

    IRONMAN.comThe Asia-Pacific Championship is wide open after the top seed withdrew today.
  • Superstar Targets Asia Pacific Title

    IRONMAN.comA new year but an old story as a champion looks to settle the score for the 40-somethings in Auckland.
  • Bozzone Makes Fast Start at Home

    IRONMAN.comOut of adversity comes opportunity for Kiwi star Terenzo Bozzone.
  • @crowiealexander hatching his plot to steal the #IM703auckland title away from the New Zealanders. He joins a host of top professionals this Sunday for the last running of the race in Auckland before it moves to Taupo. #triathlon #ironman703 #ironman #auckland #crowie #sansego #newzealand

  • Welcome to IRONMAN 70.3 Auckland. The elites are due to start at 6.15am local time. Current temperature in Auckland 19c rising to 28c later today.
  • Women's elites start at 6.18am. Meredith Kessler of the USA, the 2014 IRONMAN NZ champ, will be a key name to watch out for.
  • The men's elite race looks like a fascinating Trans-Tasman battle between New Zealand and Australia. Watch out for IRONMAN legends Kiwi Cameron Brown and Aussie Craig Alexander - flying the flag for the 40-somethings.
  • The first age groups (male 30-34) will be off at 6.25am with the final group away the Teams beginning their 70.3 quest at 7.25am.
  • A gloriously sunny day predicted in Auckland (28c). So reach for the sunblock.
  • Only a few minutes now to the start of the men's elite race at IRONMAN 70.3 Auckland
  • Men's elite field is underway for what should be a cracking @IM703AUCKLAND #im703Auckland
  • Other names to look out for in the men's elite race; Local boy Terenzo Bozzone and Aussie duo Tim Reed and Tim van Berkel
  • Meredith Kessler - an outstanding swimmer - is believed to have already opened a significant early lead in the women's race
  • Lead men have already rounded the fourth buoy with Dylan McNeice and Joe Lampe believed to be prominent.
  • The women's elite field is already massively splintered.
  • Kessler has already caught and passed some of the male elite stragglers.
  • The elite men now entering the final phase of the swim.
  • First out of the water in men's elite @dylanmcneice from @jamesseear
  • Matt Franklin is third out and Clark Ellice fourth. with the big shot names close behind
  • Predictably @mbkessler is first out of the water in women's elite race
  • Kiwi @Gina_Crawford is now out of the water lying second in women's elite race
  • We'll be receiving the first bike splits at 13.8km - the highest point on the Constellation Station
  • Swim splits for the first four; Dylan McNeice 23:14, James Seear 23:16, Matt Franklin 23:46 and Ellice Clark 23:49
  • Craig Alexander 24:20 and Cameron Brown 24:29 out of the water
  • Women's swim splits for first three; Kessler 25:22, Crawford 26:40 and Watkinson 27:19
  • @mbkessler holds a 1:18 lead from @Gina_Crawford after the swim leg
  • At 14km mark on the bike a lead group of 12 containing @chuckibrown @CrowieAlexander #im703Auckland
  • Surprisingly not in the lead group and more than two minutes down are Tim van Berkel and Terenzo Bozzone
  • Alongside Alexander and Brown also in the lead group are Mark Bowstead, Reed, Ellice, Millward, Ambrose, McNiece, Seear, Franklin, Griffin and Lampe
  • At 14km on the bike Kessler holds an 1:18 advantage from Crawford with Watkinson 2:10 down on the leader in the women's elite race. Anna Russell (3:35) down is fourth with Bohlin (4:42) in fifth
  • Next men's bike splits at 28.2km. Will the 12-strong lead group still be in tact?
  • Stunning scene - pros out of the water with the Auckland cityscape behind. Photo Daryl Carey.

  • Reports from the course say @CrowieAlexander holds a six-second lead at 28km on the bike @CrowieAlexander
  • Meredith Kessler ont he Auckland Harbour Bridge in front of the women;s rac. Photo Daryl Carey

  • Correction. The lead is believed to be 11 seconds from a chasing pack containing Cameron Brown and at least seven riders.
  • Craig Alexander hits the lead in the men's race at 28kms. Photo Daryl Carey

  • Bozzone 5:41 and Van Berkel 5:45 back from the leader at 28km on the bike.
  • New race leader in the women's race at 28km @Gina_Crawford leads @mbkessler by two seconds
  • Third in the women's race; 1:36 back at 28km is Amelia Watkinson.
  • Mark Bowstead has pushed ahead on the bike in the men's race.
  • @MBowstead is through 44km on the bike holding a 40 second lead from a group of ten
  • Mark Bowstead out in front after the long lap on the bike. Photo Daryl Carey

  • In the chasing group Ellice, McNeice, Ambrose, Alexander, Millward, Reed, Brown, Franklin, Griffin and Seear. Joe Lampe 3:09 down is next.
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