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IRONMAN70.3 Vineman

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    Julie Moss and Cherie Gruenfeld

  • At mile 18 we have the same group of Bell Don Reed Reed Millward and Matthews together.
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  • On the women's side, Kessler has a 2:40 lead over McBride at mile 18.
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  • At 3 minutes we have a groip that includes Lidbury Hauschildt McQuaid and Carvallo. We're thinking Bennett is in that group as well.
  • The men are past mile 35 and it looks like Tim Reed has just made a move and has a 30 second gap on the group
  • Bell has flatted so is now apart from that lead group.
  • Bad luck for Bell who has flatted.

  • Bad luck for Bell who has flatted.

  • We should have our next update from the infamous Chalk Hill. The sun is starting to come out here at T2.
  • Tim Reed is at the bottom of the Chalk Hill climb.

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  • The first men are up and over Chalk Hill. Tim Reed still holds the lead with a gap of 1:42 to Tim Don. Another 18 seconds back are Matthews and Millward. Another 10 seconds back is Matty Reed.
  • The gap to Rapp and Thomas is 6:10.
  • Reed is on Old Redwood Hwy and has a gap of 1:32 over Don. Another 30 seconds back are Matthews and Millward.
  • Tim Reed is about three minutes from T2.
  • The gap back to Don is 2:07. Another 40 seconds back are Matthews Millward and Matty Reed
  • And here comes Tim Reed into transition.
  • And into transition is Tim Don just as Tom Reed heads out on the run.

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    Tim Reed out of T2 in first place, by a goodly margin.

  • Unfortunately Don has a four minute penalty. He sits there while Matthews, Matty Reed and Millward arrive into T2 and head out on the run.
  • Rapp and Thomas into T2 together.
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    Matt Reed in second.

  • On Chalk Hill, Kesdler continues to grow her lead. She is currenly 2:55 ahead of McBride and Carvallo.
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    Tim Dorn out of the penalty box

  • Another 15 seconds back is Hauschildt, followed closly by Lidbury.
  • Luke Bell has arrived into T2 in 8th place and is heading out on the run.
  • Kessler is at mile 52 and we should see her shortly in T2. She is going for the three-peat today!
  • At 2:45 to Kessler are McQuaid and McBride.
  • At 3:30 is Mel Hauschildt.
  • Tim Reed is through mile 2. Three minutes back is Callum Millward.
  • Matthews and Matty Reed are 10 seconds behind Millward.
  • And Kessler is into T2 and starts the run....right as McQuaid McBride and Hauschildt enter T2.

  • So we got word that our second place male was actually Matty Reed at that mile 2 update.
  • Our top five women are out on the run course. We've got Kessler, McBride,McQuaid, Hauschildt and Lidbury.
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    At mile 4.5, Tim Reed in first place by several minutes

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    In second

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    First into the La Crema winery: Tim Reed!
    Will have his exact lead in a few minutes.

  • Our first age groupers are into transition and heading onto the run course. Meanwhile, Tim Reed has already hit the La Crema winery, mile 6
  • At mile 6 Reed holds his lead with Millward at 3:16, Matthews at 3:44 and Matty Reed at 4 minutes.
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    Tim's lead is three minutes over second place, Callum Millward

  • Tim Don is on a mission. He has run himself up to those top guys and is currently 15 seconds behind Matty Reed.
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