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IRONMAN70.3 Vineman

  • Pro start list
    1 Bevan Docherty
    2 Tim Reed
    3 Tim Don
    4 Luke Bell
    5 Paul Matthews
    6 Matt Reed
    7 Jesse Thomas
    9 Jordan Rapp
    10 Tim Berkel
    11 Callum Millward
    12 Ian Mikelson
    13 Andrew Bauer
    14 Owen Cummins
    15 Lachlan Kerin
    16 Yu Hsiao
    17 Keith Butsko
    19 Nicholas Chase
    20 Jason Smith
    21 Damon Barnett
    22 Karl Schultz
    23 Nathan Dressel
    24 Travis Hawkins
    25 Meredith Kessler
    26 Mel Hauschildt
    28 Emma-Kate Lidbury
    29 Emily Cocks
    30 Laura Bennett
    31 Sara Gross
    33 Rachel McBride
    34 Melanie McQuaid
    35 Valentina Carvallo
    38 Michelle Mighdoll
    39 Caroline Gregory
    40 Adrienne Smith
    41 Erika Erickson
    42 Anna Russell
    43 Kara LaPoint
    44 Elizabeth Noey
    45 Brittany Whitelock
    46 Kelsey Withrow
    47 Christina Jackson
    48 Laura Siddall
    49 Trish Deim
    50 Hana Sykorova
    51 Sarah Graves
  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Practice day at the beautiful Russian River start site.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Aida and Ron, from Orange County

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Pastor Dan Perkins, formerly of the Palm Springs area, now the Bay Area.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - This spot is called Johnson's Beach.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - It's this little dam that makes the swim possible here.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) -

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Can't imagine a more idyllic spot for an Ironman 70.3 swim start.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - The Team in Training team from Los Angeles

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Eric Gilsenan on the mic, presiding over the Expo festivities.

  • #IM703Vineman (lee gruenfeld) - Biggest expo in 24 years of Vineman

  • Packet pick up is done and everyone is locked and loaded for tomorrow.

  • Which pro will be putting on their runing shoes first? Twelve hours from now we'll be crowning the 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman Champions!

  • #IM703Vineman
    O. M. G.

  • #IM703Vineman Marching in at oh-dar- 30

  • #IM703Vineman Perennial Ironman favorite Charlie Brockus

  • #IM703Vineman Diego and Kevin from Los Angeles

  • #IM703Vineman Pro Emily Cocks

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman Pro Matt Reed

  • #IM703Vineman Race kahuna Dave Latourette

  • #IM703Vineman Danielle Winkler of Tri La Vie, with Coach Cherie (caught mid-blink)

  • Good morning from Guerneville. It's s foggy morning at the swim start. This will keep things cool for the early part of the day.
  • Fifteen minutes until the pro men start. Pro women will start two minutes later.
  • #IM703Vineman Pros finishing their warm-up

  • The pro men are off.
  • And now the pro women. Next up
    is the start of many age group swim waves, starting with women 30-34.
  • Quite a crowd here at the swim start this morning.

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman Pros finishing their warm-up

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman

  • Vn

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman

  • #IM703Vineman Amy Latourette

  • #IM703Vineman

  • First group of men out of the water that includes Matty Reed, Tim Reed, Tim Don, Paul Matthews and Callum Millward.
  • #IM703Vineman First out

  • Meredith Kessler out of the water first out of the water with Laura Bennett.

  • #IM703Vineman Laura Bennett heading out of T1 just seconds ahead of Meredith Kessler

  • Jesse Thomas was hot on the heals of that first group of five men.
  • At 9.5 miles we've got Matthews and Don with a 22 second lead over Matty Reed, Tim Reed, Luke Bell and Callum Millward. At 1:30 is Jesse Thomas
  • On the women's side at mile 9.5, Kessler has opened up a gap of 2:10 over Bennett.
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