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Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3

  • Dibens is now 3:50 behind Swallow, but she remains in second. Cave is gaining time on Dibens and is now 4:30 out of the lead. Stevens is in fourth, 4:50 behind Swallow.
  • Magali Tisseyre continues to gain time - she's now in fifth place at 5:30. It looks like she's going to run her way past the three women ahead of her - the only question is whether or not Swallow will falter at all.
  • Michael Raelert has had a few long looks behind over the last mile or so. It doesn't look like he's in trouble at all - he's just making sure he's got this race in control.
  • Prob too late for anyone to catch Raelert at this point #IMClearwater
  • Michael RAELERT (#1) continues to lead through 11 miles and is breaking away.

    Behind him are:
    * Filip Ospaly (#37) at 52 seconds
    * Timothy ODONNELL (#10) at 2:20
    * Joe GAMBLES (#5) at 3 minutes
    * Richie Cunningham (#13) at 3:45
  • Raelert has such a great run. But, being vertically challenged, I think I like watching @joegambles run better! #imclearwater
  • Jodie Swallow is putting on the pressure now through 7 miles. Dibens is 5 minutes back, followed by Cave at 5:34 and Stevens at 6:21.
  • Jodie Swallow just took her second Timex prime - another $2,500 for leading the way through 8 miles of the run.
  • Raelert's lead is up to a minute through 12 miles. O'Donnell is 2:36 behind, Gambles is at 3:16 and Cunningham is at 4 minutes behind.
  • Raelert is heading to the win! He's about to become the first person to defend the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3!
  • Ospaly gets second. The man we expected to challenge Raelert for the title today came through with an impressive performance.
  • Germany's Michael Raelert defends title and wins the Foster Grant IM WC 70.3 today! Filip Osplay takes 2nd place. #IMCLEARWATER
  • Tim O'Donnell ran through the line in third.
  • Leanda Cave has passed Julie Dibens and is now in second place.
  • Richie Cunningham just crossed the line in fifth. His record here in Clearwater includes two thirds and two fifths.
  • "I couldn't believe it until the end," Michael Raelert just told Chris McDonald. "I had so many tears in my eyes, I couldn't hold them back."
  • Jodie Swallow is now 5:56 up on Leanda Cave through 9 miles.
  • The top ten men's splits:
    1 RAELERT, Michael 15/2/1 30/MPRO 00:24:16 02:03:58 01:09:57 03:41:19
    2 Ospaly, Filip 6/7/2 34/MPRO 00:23:19 02:04:56 01:11:24 03:42:56
    3 ODONNELL, Timothy 10/4/3 30/MPRO 00:23:20 02:04:52 01:12:43 03:44:18
    4 GAMBLES, Joe 20/1/4 28/MPRO 00:24:18 02:02:24 01:14:39 03:44:48
    5 Cunningham, Richie 13/6/5 37/MPRO 00:23:54 02:04:17 01:13:58 03:45:33
    6 Amorelli, Igor 14/8/6 26/MPRO 00:24:14 02:03:58 01:13:58 03:45:46
    7 FONTANA, Daniel 8/19/7 35/MPRO 00:23:19 02:08:12 01:12:24 03:47:15
    8 COLLINGTON, Kevin 17/23/8 26/MPRO 00:24:16 02:07:03 01:12:32 03:47:32
    9 REED, Matty 11/3/9 35/MPRO 00:23:25 02:04:24 01:16:37 03:48:13
    10 Legh, Christopher 33/20/10 38/MPRO 00:25:37 02:05:45 01:13:33 03:48:33
  • Jodie Swallow continues to lead the way and appears to be on track to take the world title today. She won Ironman 70.3 Singapore in 2009, finished second there this year, then started working with Team TBB's Brett Sutton in May. Ever since she's been on fire...
  • Swallow's lead is now up to almost a mile, it would appear. Our spotters are having a rough time waiting for the top three women and then getting back in front of the women's leader. She continues to power away in the lead - as she has done virtually since the cannon went off at 6:48 this morning.
  • "It was very painful for me, but I am very happy that finished on the podium," Filip Ospaly, our second place finisher just said in an interview. "Michael Raelert is the best 70.3 athlete in the world. The end was very, very tough for me."
  • Was it worth getting up at 4:30 to watch #imclearwater? Definitely! Love this @ironmantri coverage. #coffeemakesithappen
  • Jodie Swallow has opened up a gap of 6 minutes now on second place runner, Leanda Cave.
  • Stevens remains in third - she's 6:55 behind Swallow. Just 17 seconds behind her, though, is Magali Tisseyre, who is running in fourth. Both Stevens and Tisseyre are LifeSport athletes - it's turning into a battle of teammates here!
  • Wow! Jodie Swallow has led from the swim and now has a 6:00 lead coming into the final miles of the run. That's domination! #imclearwater
  • Swallow takes the title! After leading the swim, she never looked back as she took her first world title.
  • "I was happy for the last 10 km of the run," she just said at the finish line. You think? How much fun was that - a resounding win here at the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3.
  • The women's race through 11 miles remains pretty exciting behind the winner, Jodie Swallow: Jodie Swallow (#81) currently leads the women, she's being pursued by:
    * Leanda CAVE (#84) at 6 minutes
    * Amanda Stevens (#57) at 6:55
    * Magali Tisseyre (#53) at 7:12
    * Lesley Paterson (#77) at 10:33
    * Julie Dibens (#51) at 12:30
  • Congrats to Jodie Swallow for capturing the women's title at the Foster Grant IM WC 70.3, great job! #IMCLEARWATER
  • Magali Tisseyre has moved past Amanda Stevens and is now in third place.
  • Aaron Scheides just crossed the line. The visually impaired athlete flew through this course again, it would appear.
  • Cave crossed the line in second, followed quickly by Tisseyre and then Stevens.
  • Heather Jackson just crossed the line in fifth place.
  • The top women's splits:
    1 Swallow, Jodie 1/1/1 29/WPRO 00:24:20 02:16:37 01:21:59 04:06:28
    2 CAVE, Leanda 5/4/2 32/WPRO 00:25:56 02:18:57 01:23:15 04:12:34
    3 Tisseyre, Magali 12/6/3 29/WPRO 00:27:22 02:19:25 01:22:28 04:13:04
    4 Stevens, Amanda 2/3/4 33/WPRO 00:25:13 02:19:43 01:24:47 04:13:32
  • "Sometimes I think my body's had enough," Leanda Cave just told Chris McDonald at the finish line. She finished 10th in Kona, won Ironman 70.3 Miami, then finished second here today. Now she's got one more long distance race to get done in 2010: Ford Ironman Arizona next week.
  • "I had a better bike ride than I expected," Magali Tisseyre just told Chris McDonald at the finish line. Turns out Tisseyre struggled at the start of the swim today, so she was happy to ride as well as she did. She also saw that Heather Jackson was flying through the run, which provided some impetus for the Canadian to push through the run here today.
  • The top 10 women's pro splits:
    1 Swallow, Jodie 1/1/1 29/WPRO 00:24:20 02:16:37 01:21:59 04:06:28
    2 CAVE, Leanda 5/4/2 32/WPRO 00:25:56 02:18:57 01:23:15 04:12:34
    3 Tisseyre, Magali 12/6/3 29/WPRO 00:27:22 02:19:25 01:22:28 04:13:04
    4 Stevens, Amanda 2/3/4 33/WPRO 00:25:13 02:19:43 01:24:47 04:13:32
    5 Jackson, Heather 21/8/5 26/WPRO 00:31:51 02:16:03 01:25:02 04:17:08
    6 Paterson, Lesley 16/10/6 30/WPRO 00:30:23 02:18:19 01:25:07 04:18:01
    7 NAETH, Angela 18/9/7 28/WPRO 00:30:30 02:17:41 01:26:22 04:18:40
    8 Dibens, Julie 3/2/8 35/WPRO 00:25:16 02:16:19 01:35:03 04:20:55
    9 KRAFT, Nina 6/15/9 42/WPRO 00:26:33 02:26:20 01:23:57 04:21:18
    10 Lidbury, Emma-Kate 10/7/10 30/WPRO 00:27:21 02:20:10 01:31:04 04:22:55
  • How impressive was this? Competing in the physically challenged category, Aaron Scheidies put together an incredible race. Here were his splits: 1 Scheidies, Aaron 1/1/1 28/PC 00:29:30 02:06:28 01:28:24 04:09:26
  • Speaking of physically challenged athletes, Jason Gunter has made it through the swim and bike portions of today's race. The former firefighter lost his leg and arm in a boating accident in 1992. He is using this race as a first step back to competing in Kona again - we all got to see Gunter's gallant effort in the Ford Ironman World Championship last year where he collapsed at 22 miles of the marathon. You can read more about him here
  • The battle of the IndyCar stars is looking interesting. Vitor Meira swam four minutes faster than Tony Kanaan (33 minutes to 37), but the two rode virtually the same bike split - 2:24. Should be fun!
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