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Ford Ironman World Championship

  • Lew Hollander finishes! The incredible 80-year-old just came across the line in under 16 hours. Think that story's going to make the NBC show? Unbelievable! His splits:

    1 15:48:40 180 Hollander, Lew 80 Bend OR USA 1:50:11 7:14:10 6:34:15
  • Harriet Anderson finishes again! So much for our report that she hadn't made the bike cut off! The 75-year-old finished this race last year despite a dislocated shoulder. Today it looks like she got through the race relatively unscathed, and with over 40 minutes to spare!

    Her splits: 1 16:20:30 190 Anderson, Harriet 75 San Carlos CA USA 1:48:25 7:34:53 6:39:00
  • The winner of the first Ironman, Gordon Haller, just finished the race. The 60-year-old will forever hold an important part in the history of both this race and Ironman racing.
  • 66-year-old Kathryn Curl was our last official finisher - the 66-year-old from Idaho Falls, Idaho, got to the line in 16:59:13. 247 Curl, Kathryn 66 Idaho Falls ID
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