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Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore

  • Ollie Whistler really hammering at the front of the chase pack trying to bridge the gap on the last lap.

  • Mary-Beth into transition and looking to maintain her strong lead into the run

  • It's Mary Beth and daylight right now - the USA based, inaugural Ironman 70.3 World Champ is showing Singapore how it's done - Ironman 70.3 style!
  • 11 Luke Gillmer in transition and Mary-Beth powers by onto lap one of the run
  • Josh Amberger is making a BIG bid to maintain Singapore's ability to find new stars! He's put another 35 seconds into his chasers... and now leads the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore with a solid run and he's looking even more solid right now!
  • Josh Amberger makes the turn just before the 3 km mark

  • Amberger passes transition on lap one with a solid few second lead to McNeice of NZ
  • Ollie Whistler & Alessandro Degasperi running side by side in 5th & 6th

  • Kate Bevilaqua out of transition just ahead of very strong runner Michelle Wu

  • Oh! Boy! Mary Beth may be down the road aways but the next Pro women are down and dirty into the a dog fight for second place. Kate Bevilaqua was first through T2 and onto the run with a few seconds to a flying Michele Wu and then Ali Fitch just seconds back. All three are well in sight of each other but can they drive each other to catch the flying Ms Ellis? It's going to be along 21 kms at the speed they need!
  • Amberger is forging ahead on the run with Dylan McNiece back up to second and Denis Vasiliev in third. Chris Kemp has dropped back a few hundred meteres but is showing steely resolve and is gritting his teeth as he fights back
  • Josh looking comfortable in the lead at 7km

  • Dylan McNeice in second ahead of Russian Denis Vasiliev at 7km

  • Mary Beth Ellis powering on the run! Just passing the 3km mark!

  • 5min and counting still no sight of 2nd and 3rd female at the 3km mark.
  • Allasandro looking strong ahead of Ollie in 4th and 5th at 7km
  • Michelle Wu now in 2nd over 6 1/2 mins behind Mary Beth Ellis, Michelle has opened a 100m gap on Kate Bevilaqua

  • Mary-Beth at 5km running with a water bottle in her suit

  • Josh Amberger now through 10km mark with a 2.20 lead over McNeice of NZ

  • Through 10km Amberger 1st, 2.20 back is McNeice 3.00 back is Vasiliev with no sign of Kemp yet.
  • Michelle Wu in 2nd at 5km as Kate comes through Mary-Beth passes her in the other direction at 7km

  • Elaine Brent just through 3km and she is smoking the run expect her to pick up a few spots
  • 12km mark McNeice in 2nd with Vasiliev right behind him
  • Amberger just started his third lap looking very strong
  • At start of third lap Vasiliev has run into 2nd place ahead of McNeice

  • Mary Beth Ellis looking strong through 10km

  • We've had a report that early leader, Christian Kemp is out of the Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore. The plucky Aussie gave it his all but appears to have pulled the pin into the second lap of the run. Meantime Ollie Whistler seems to be slowing after a marathon effort to pull himself back towards the front of the field. It's not so hot here in Singapore today; but it is VERY humid.
  • The run course is getting busy as more and more age groupers are now off the bike and into the final leg here on Singapore's East Coast.
  • Michelle Wu is hammering on the run picking up time with every stride

  • The weather in Singapore can make for a tough race. It was cool this morning (26C) but very very humid. Right now it's 30C, and a relative humidity of 79%. The weather bureau says that makes it feel like 37C!! So you can see why it feels so 'hot'. Add in the pace today and it's all just hot Hot HOT!
  • Mary-Beth passes transition towards the end of her second lap in first place, Michelle Wu is running her heart out... Can she close the gap over the last 9km??

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